I have zero refunds in the last 3.5 years as a dating coach

update: Oct 25th 2019, still the best courses ever. More students laid than ever, now at 408 laid/pull, mostly laid this year. Still going strong. All these people can’t be wrong

Why go with the rest? Stop being fanboys for sweet-talking, not offending dating coaches. Just because they can do it, doesn’t mean you can if they are positive stereotypes.

This video explains why they are not getting results. If comfort got the job done, I wouldn’t be here.

Obviously, comfort doesn’t do shit. You need to be brutally honest with yourself. You have low self-esteem, you need to dress better, you need to learn social skills and you need to start believing in yourself that you can do it. There is no worshipping policy here on my blog. None, don’t worship me. Just get the results and enjoy your life.

He said it best

He is the best high performance coach in the world for people making money. I am the worlds best daygame coach. Why do you think I got over 30x the laid/pull testimonials ro even more than your favorite hero coach.


I have no refunds whatsoever. I heard another dating coach claim he has no refunds on bootcamps in the last two years. He bragged about it saying no other dating company has achieved this. That’s great but I never had a refund on my bootcamps for more than 3.5 years or my entire career. Know your role and shut your mouth. Products I never had a refund. I don’t need a refund policy. One time this Asian dude got his email wrong and tried to request a refund. But after work, he found he used the wrong email. He declined. Another black dude, tried to pirate my program. He deemed it unworthy in 30 seconds of viewing it. I think his intention was to steal it. He lost on Paypal, delusional sociopath impossible case. He bragged about two lays. But I didn’t want to put him in the hall of shame. He once posted about me in a forum group. I showed him all the students who got laid with Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and he stfu and never bothered me again. Another dude tried to pirate my program after I called him out for doing so. He threatened to request a refund even if I showed he tried to pirate it or started it up. Either than that, I never had a refund in my life. Any attempts didn’t work. I will disable your product if you hurt our company. But this is my policy, I don’t have a refund policy but I never had a refund. One time I kicked out a 3MP sociopath delusional student who was so deluded, he made Charles Manson look sane. I sent him his money back and told him to fuck off. Then I got another older student Jan Lifestyle stole his deposit from. If you don’t like how I do business. For the worlds best daygame coach, please fuck off and go to another company to fail. But I have no refunds and no one disliking my products. Well with the exception of maybe 2 sociopaths who has no empathy. I have a ton of student success. I have the most testimonials in the world for students pulling and getting laid. I never once posted a student testimonial that didn’t pull or get laid. I might decide to post one. In fact bootcamp students have 10X the amount of skills compared to before. I nearly had every single student pull a girl to their hostel and hotel, or her place on bootcamps. Except for one dude, who is borderline autistic. This year I am not expecting it. I taught several students in the cold, Asian guys. Its okay this year if you didn’t pull in the initial boot camp. Don’t feel pressured to live up to 2017’s nearly clean sweep.

The cool thing was how much I get to change people’s lives. I have a lot of loyal fans who love my coaching style and concepts. It simply works. Some might find me too harsh and too military discipline. Other students call it the best thing since sliced bread. They want results and no-nonsense.

The only accomplishment I didn’t achieve was to get a student married. I’m sure one day that may happen. It seems to be the thing these days. If you get married to my training one day, then invite me to your wedding. Let us see what 2018 brings. Once it stops snowing.

-John Wayne Elite


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