Can’t miss if ur Chinese, Brainwashed by RSD and direct game. Resistant to taking my bootcamp cause of my behavior


This bootcamp student wanted to tell you guys a message. Dude took a bootcamp in the fucking snow but insist on it. Same with a rainstorm. Its still going to snow in for the next few days.

But he has a message as I will write out again in a future post called dear Asians. This bootcamp student knew my entire story of 16 fucking years of game. He knew why I treat Asians as I do. Why I say Asians dress like shit. Why I talk about white privilege. He even got scammed by Jan Lifestyle. He even tells his story incase you want Jan to pump and dump scheme you out of your money like Jordan Belfort did to others.


Long story short, I am teaching a lot of Chinese students. They seem to have it harder than the Filipinos or Vietnamese students. Maybe they are expected to do better in school and financially. My other theory is 65% of the Chinese people have the warrior gene. It makes it harder for them to connect. I rarely see Chinese students able to connect or able to express their emotions.

No I don’t hate Asians even if it seems like that. After you see what I see, you start to pity them. I myself am Chinese. I think they need to reconnect with their roots. Before Asians were very alpha. In terms of the battlefields during the old days. Something has changed. They need to reconnect with their alpha roots. They tend to be overly beta and timid. I think the best solution is for them to take acting lessons. They can’t emote, they might as well try to fake it with good body language, facial expressions and fake emotions. They are really disconnected from their emotions. Even if they are nice people, the girls won’t know that if they don’t express themselves.

MAOA-3R — the “original warrior gene” — was the first gene linked with antisocial characteristics. But Maori were not the only ethnic group with a high frequency of this variant. It turned out that while 3R was found in 56% of Maori males, it occurred in 58% of African American males and 34% of European males [2]. Misinterpreted by the media, the 3R variant quickly became a lead character in a pop science narrative intended to explain why certain racial groups appear to have increased tendencies toward violence. When a disproportionately high number of males of an ethnic group carries a less common gene linked with aggressive behaviors, the discussion about that gene immediately takes on racial overtones [3, 14]. (Interestingly, the press ignored studies indicating that the 3R variant occurred in 61% of Taiwanese males [15] and 56% of Chinese males [16]).

This is part of the reason why some of your parents are so controlling. The idea is for you to live at home forever. Then when you get older, you take care of your parents. You are the sacrificial lamb. Since your immigrant parents thinks only of survival. They didn’t realize their warrior gene or lack of emotions, total control grid is hurting your futures. The very thinks they think, if you get good grades, a good job. Then you get a nice car, then a nice house. A women will fall on your lap and you would get married. But it takes social skills. Something these controlling parents don’t realize. Asian women don’t appreciate this shit either. They go after white guys. Its a way to rebel in some ways. Other ways its hypergamy. Unless we as a race admit we have a problem, we won’t ever find a solution. I have the solution, but I have to get through to the Chinese. I understand you guys a lot better than you understand yourselves. I don’t hate you, but if you seen what I seen teaching for almost 4 years now. You would adopt my entire views on Chinese people. You would see I was right. Please don’t forget,  I myself am chinese too. I am Asian even if I don’t behave like one.

-John Wayne



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