Some products I recommend that will improve your life

To make your life easier, I will recommend some products that can help my students or future students.


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What the fuck is this John? St. John’s Wort? Basically, it is for mildly depressed people out there. It is a flower type of thing. It has been put through studies that help with mild depressions. Never take antidepressants. While I myself am rarely depressed if ever. I don’t take this stuff. But I tried this once before when I had depression many years ago, it worked. Some of my students use this and I recommended some of my students to take it. Don’t be stubborn, when have I ever been wrong about anything? For a measly $6 or whatever it cost, the return on investment is huge. Not only will this fix your vibe a bit, its safer than SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. In other words, antidepressants are dangerous as fuck. I highly don’t recommend you go that route. A lot of my Chinese students are depressed. No I don’t hate Chinese people, even if I sound like I do sometimes. It is just they are stubborn and really have a big blindspot. But I have a ton of Chinese students lately, even if I think you’re all clones of each other. I get it, I don’t really act that Asian at all. But people forget i’m also Chinese too.


Image result for active charcoal toothpaste before and after

I always had yellowish teeth because I am either older now or I drink a fuck ton of coffee. I mean I drink a pot of coffee a day. It stains the teeth. But one time I bought this as a joke and think it wouldn’t do shit. Turns out the joke is on me, it did work like those pictures. My teeth was white for the first time in a decade. I did only used it once, but I kept repeating whatever powder I had over and over again brushing my teeth. I simulated a week of tooth brushing. It fucking worked.





I used to own the one on the left for $6.99 right now, its a fucking steal. It works extremely well to exfoliate your face. The one on the right is now $10. I bought the last one at a store. I like the one on the left more to be honest. Why bother to take care of your skin? If you are on youtube or make advice videos. You could use a lot of great lighting. Or you can photoshop your pics to make it brighter and clearer. Even if you have an instagram. But get one of these instead. It solves a lot of problems. It also attract hotter women who are in the 8-9/10 for some odd reason. Usually they are healthy and have good skin. Maybe these are indicators or health. A lot of times people have redish skin or dead cell skin. I often have a bit of that teaching bootcamps outside since I don’t wear sunscreen. This like the toothpaste gives you a few more notches brighter skin. Combine this with an oil of Olay moisturizer. When you get older, even as a dating coach. You have to maintain and take care of your appearance. Wrinkles can sneak up on you and rob you of your youth, faster than a bullshit RSD advice video can.



A lot of my students have grey hair. I myself have a lot of white hairs on the side. It doesn’t remove those. But it removes the stuff on top. I myself had white hairs since I was 22. I didn’t know where it came from, since some of my family members doesn’t have it. Maybe I got shitty genes when it comes to hair because a ton of my hair now is white. This takes a week but will cover the top part, not the side. But I do recommend my students to use it. Or I will recommend this miracle product. No more constant bleaching and dying. Why the fuck do you think I am blonde or brunette? You think I am trying to be a trendy K-Pop artist? Yeah right. It is to hide the fucking white hairs. I don’t even get grey, it just goes white completely.


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This pink shit is tasty and has 84 or something trace minerals. Bottom line is, it is really good for you. I myself eat more vitamins and minerals a day than most people. Maybe 5X more. So far it didn’t hurt my health. I sometimes wondered if it helped with my longevity. I have to maintain my looks because I never plan to ever stop being a dating coach. As you age, you will just become a creepy old man with a white beard who gets number close videos that goes nowhere. I want to thank my 3MP student who is also a nutritionalist and my chiropractor for this advice. I suggest you get this pink salt. It was a brilliant suggestion.


Creepy old man with a white beard who gets number close videos that goes nowhere.




A lot of my students owns this particular shoe. Brown is the new black shoe. I actually own the black and brown version of this shoe. It might seem weird, but all girls seems to know what shoe you wear. Its like they have a third eye maybe near their crotch or something because I don’t see them looking down. But they know what shoes you wear. If that is true, wouldn’t it make sense to wear something decent? At first I hated this particular design. It was suggested by a friend. Also, the brown shoe was suggested by a former mentor. What I know is that it works. It offsets my black colored outfits. I don’t give fashion advice on my blog, most of them are trade secrets or top secret. Until I release Fashion Domination sometime this year. But I will launch Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero launch sometime in the future or make an official launch.


I just bought a portable steamer. When I want to clean my clothing from Zara, I don’t want to put things into the washer. I don’t want to damage the clothing at all. Steam can disinfect things and remove wrinkles. It works on my extentive blazer collection. I’ll be honest, I don’t even like blazers but I have one of every kind. I collect them as unique items. Even if you don’t see me wearing all of them all the time. Of course a few wrinkles wouldn’t hurt. But for a measily $30-$40, its cheaper than the dry cleaners. You get your return on investment. Ironing takes a lot of time and this way is faster. It won’t remove all the wrinkles from creases. But it gets rid of the major wrinkles just fine.

Image result for steamer portable


My students wears heel lifts. I myself am only 5’7. Its considered very short for daygamers. You see most daygame coaches are like nearly 6’0 or way over it. There is a reason for that, protector status. Of course it fucking helps. I do have students that are 5’4. Obviously, I recommend them to get some heel lifts so they can match my meager height. For guys who are my height, it is good to be the national average in North America of 5’9. I think the average height is 5’9 in the U.S. I’m sorry to tell you the world is so fucking shallow, but I don’t control how evolutionary psychology works. You can put these in your brown shoes. I could tell you height doesn’t matter, it is your vibe. But to some degree it does. Unless you want to play a setup game where you funnel girls to your social media. Height does matter a lot. Height and some width too. Don’t be so fucking tall and skinny either, that won’t help.


I experience a ton of stress teaching impossible cases. When I teach normal cases which is rare nowdays. Most of my students are hardcases. When I teach students who are pussy dyers and socially uncalibrated, cough aspergers, cough. My back gets really stress and I start to yell Gordon Ramsay style. I figured I get some courses on mindful meditation or some courses on yoga or stretching. Then again I don’t believe in that sort of bullshit. I got this chair and it really works. Best $200 I ever spent. These things actually move up and down. It has a heating element and also vibrates. But one thing I noticed was my camera man tried it in the store. Being 6’5 he is too fucking tall to use it. It works better for someone my height or 5’9ish. But its worth its weight in gold. Stress isn’t good for you. I feel much more calm physically now. My back always knots the muscles. I remember when I had a car accident before. I went to the chiropractor and massage therapist. It took a while to get the knots out of my back. They wondered what is wrong with me. I’m saying the return on investment is great. I am able to focus better now. Don’t over do it, deep tissue massage can have side effects such as soreness. Can affect lactic acid buildup and cause nervous system damage. Use it in moderation like everything else. For me I do feel a lot better.


I know a lot about aesthetics. Everything I do is down to a science and split tested all across the world. People can bulk up and exercise for caveman. Some of us aren’t so fortunate to have height or muscles. Even if you had muscles, you had to eat a lot and some takes steroids to gain it. That cost a lot of money. I build a wardrobe to compensate, that also cost money too. If my looks are just not high enough. I have to make my fashion a few notches above everyone elses. But fashion in itself, I have students who looks like clones of me. Sure they hook better, but they need to fully be able to adapt or apply my game. Which means my vibe and expressions. Aesthetics do help, but the game is the best part of our company that we can do better than other people. Still, check out our products page. A product can give you some new perspectives in game.

-John Wayne







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