You are on a need to know basis with my game

Sorry if I haven’t been updating. I was working on editing a few more video testimonials. If you want to see them, go to the testimonial page. There are now 20 video testimonials but they aren’t done yet. I still have to combine it with their bootcamp clips. I also have to update most of the testimonials because the students got way more results than the original video testimonials. Click here to see newest testimonials. 

However, I want to talk about a topic that is on my mind lately. You are on a need to know basis. I’ll use an example. Israeli Krav Maga, a martial art I have trained in. There is a civilian version which is suitable for most people since it gets the job done. You will most likely get laid with it or at least pull a girl back to the bedroom. It is the version I have taught in the Wayne Playbook and Wayne 30. But there is also the version for the police, army and special forces. I really don’t teach that. Only Deepak and I know the top version. You also don’t need it. There is a level of game that is overkill.


The best way to understand this is, imagine 50 years ago, when people didn’t have cellphones. But to them a television is already more advanced than 50 years before that. Imagine 50 years from now, we might have flying cars. My game is like 50 years ahead of everyone else. It is why I am consistently able to get so many students getting laid and even pulling. Most of the industry is so behind us, we are light years ahead of them. Our game is so tight, it works exactly from point A to B. You do it our way, you get this result faster.

Imagine if some entities had alien technology that was light years ahead. Stuff that should be released in 50 to 100 years from now. We have that. The Wayne 5 Styles I am talking about is one of them.


Only one student, used the wind style or sneaky game, knowing when to strike. I never taught it to anyone else in the world. He got a HB 9/10 Latina girlfriend with it. No one ever used this style of game yet. I only taught it to one student. I teach the earth style or domiance with higher level of social calibrations. I have taught the fire style for Asians. The cut down, stronger, hyper masculine version of our game. Ninjas has 5 styles or stances before they attack. I decided to teach him that style along with Wayne 30 until he became a natural. I’ll repost it with some commentary in a future post. But his results are insane, especially in 3 weeks without any bootcamps. Just by being around me, his entire game opened up. Even though he was trained by 12 famous London dating coaches. I’m sure they know who he is. But you guys never got him much results if any. Fuck your theories.


The other thing is, we have a new escalation ladder. It has never been taught to anyone, but field tested on an Asian 3MP student. Before I roll it out in 2019, yes my game changes every 6 months. If we don’t change it, Vancouver would get too hard. Hardly anyone is getting results here with direct game. Most PUAS who goes to Jan usually doesn’t get laid in daygame. Zero testimonials for daygame. You can’t transfer over your looks, muscles, height to other beta fobby, nerdy, stubborn, dressed like homeless looking Asians.

My camera man said stop giving so much advice on the blog. Jan Lifestyle will keep stealing the ideas. He already stole the fashion idea but doesn’t know how to make it work. He figured if he got his girlfriend or some women to give fashion advice, it would work. But that is copied directly from my concepts. So every time I release an advice video, it gets copied. Now he is copying an escalation ladder. He denied looks mattered but is now rolling out fashion. Also, he claimed there was no escalation ladder, just to use an escalation ladder. He claimed you can’t kiss the girl and pull her or she gets buyers remorse. Even though there are a ton of steps he missed or can’t figure out to close the deal. He has no game, just privileges going for girls half his looks scale in daygame. His hotter girls are all from night game. I’m sure he will start to copy same day lay concepts eventually. He even copied my 45 degree stances or is taught that way. Deepak Wayne said even if Jan tries to steal concepts, he can’t do it because he is a light weight PUA. Meaning its all looks and he never faced resistance. So even if he tried to copy it, he doesn’t know the kind of resistance we face. Its impossible to reverse engineer and make it work. I think it is like copying Gordon Ramsay dishes and not getting the same results. You won’t win any Michelin stars because you don’t understand why the ingredients works together. Or the subtle calibrations necessary, that only his close chefs are able to recreate.

The playbook is mostly my 2016 version of the game and a bit of 2017. But it doesn’t cover 2018 or 2019 version of the game. Game evolves so fast like computer hardware. It never stops. Direct game doesn’t work in Vancouver for a few years already. Vancouver is a tough place and evolves so fast. I used to update the game every 6 months. But it seems I have to update it every 3 months. Don’t worry, Wayne Playbook combined with Wayne 30 is enough to get  you laid just fine. You are still taught the civilian version of the game. Bootcamp students are taught the police version. While our 3MP students are taught the army version of our game. But the special forces version is off limits. But remember, Wayne 30 and the Wayne Playbook is a good first step into a larger world.

The new escalation ladder as I said, is heavily upgraded and more robust. Its stronger and going to cut through everything, so no one gets left behind. Especially Asian guys who are perceived as less value. But like Alien technology, its too advanced right now to even talk about it. Its so top secret, it is even scary to think about this new escalation ladder. It cuts through everything. Emotionally and logically, along with disarming tactics I learned in Krav Maga. But what are we disarming mentally? you will never know. I said too much. But that’s how far our game is planned in advanced. Even up to 2020 is in the working stages. We like to keep the entire industry in the dark. We are ninjas, let them speculate and create misconceptions. It might be the holy grail of game, where are will be no further growth. Then we might branch out to other styles of game or conquer other countries with it. There will one day be a point of diminishing returns. Where we have to squeeze water out of a stone. But right now until the escalation ladder is finished. Its field tested, since I have no theories, all 3MP students are required to learn it.

Also, I studied everyone’s game before, every style for 16 years. If there are new technologies or golden nuggets, I have already stolen these small 1% pieces and put it in our game already. I know exactly what you teach, just like Bruce Lee knows what others teach. I don’t want anyone to even have a 1% advantage over my game. Personality enhancement, seeding the pull and dealing with objections, setup game using social media. I know it already. I specialize in daygame and what you will see will be light years ahead of everything else. But will take 2 years to fine tune to perfection. Our students as you can see in our new testimonials, getting HB 9/10 girlfriends.

Why not teach you the top version of our current game? it’s not us, it’s you and the entire day game industry. You guys simply aren’t ready for it yet. You will be in the future. I’d like white dating coaches or tall black dating coaches to think this is how the game works, with their direct privledged no facial expression high-value bullshit. You know someone has privileges when they have no facial expressions making youtube videos. It was more of them being her type and having confidence, than their actual game. Maybe ignorance is bliss. But this game technology will be rolled out slowly. Don’t worry about that. You just aren’t ready. Also, Jan the Scam Lifestyle has the worst game. Think about it, he has 0 daygame testimonials of students pulling or getting laid. I have 300. So am I 300X better? We both are Asians, so what is one doing better than the other? One is RSD game and the other is Wayne game. Of course you say, its okay if you don’t get results from Jan in daygame, you want to learn night game too. But isn’t that the problem with Asians in the first place? They think they can’t do daygame so they retreat to night game? But if you are here, you are interested in our ninja clan. Deepak and I are ninjas, who need more skills to operate. The rest of the positive sterotypes are samurais. We don’t fight symmetrically and our entire game is based on social stealth, spicing and our secret escalation ladder with 5 stances. Join us, take a bootcamp. Its almost filled completely until the end of march. We might have 2 spots left. Oh, right I don’t teach delusional sociopath types. I kick them out from the clan.

Update: taught 3MP student locally. I did some rehearsal drills with him. I only taught the basics and he was so shocked how technical it was. He said you got it down to a science. He said how long did it take you to figure this out? 10 years? Lol, I said 16 years. I’m only teaching him the first layer of the basic social skills, conversational skills and how to stop a girl. Jan took his deposit money, this older guy. Oh well, he is my new private chiropractor now and my nutritionist. He now looks over my posture and my health. I have also learned a lot. I’m on intermittent fasting now.

Regardless, maybe I given too much info and game tactics, social calibrations in Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and the Wayne Playbook. While it is an older version of my game and you can get the newest if you take 3 Months to proficiency or a bootcamp. Regardless, it is overkill. There is too much value given. It already exceeds every other daygame product on the market. I wonder if I have given away too much.

-John Wayne


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