5’4 Student, same day lay, 2 fuck buddy under my training

I’m going to create a new series called the updated video testimonial series. A lot of students do have updated testimonials or results. But I never had the time to add it to the videos. If you thought the video testimonials were impressive, the updated ones are even more impressive. I’ll write the word (updated) at the end of it.

This student took 3 months, just didn’t get results. Until one day he posted a pledge if he didn’t pull in these two weeks, he will donate his money to a charity he hates. He asked me to sign the pledge to referee it. I told him, just spend the money on clothing. I’ll choose which one will work for you. Get rid of that brokeback mountain style jean jacket. He thought his fashion was good, but I said its shit. Sometimes what you think works, doesn’t mean girls will think it works. I do field test everything. In two days he got laid. Yes I did yell at him a lot before he really gets it. Gordon Ramsay style, I yelled until he woke up and put his ego aside. He stopped arguing and started to listen. We created a game plan for him to get laid before the pledge was over. Since my name is on the line.

If you want to see the newest version of it, go skip to 4 minutes and 15 seconds. You will see him in this baseball t design shirt. I picked out the first outfit that got him laid. Obviously it isn’t just the fashion that helps. But everything helps since you want to master every area of looks, money, status and game. His game was tight now after yelling at him. I had to teach him the concepts too in more detail. He now has two fuck buddies. His friend now wants to join and get coaching. He told me that he knows this guy and they were wingman before. But now he seems to have transformed. Well, I look forward to training his friend. If you want the Wayne Playbook with Skype coaching, then join our forum group. He bought Wayne 30 and the wayne playbook together. He was just on the verge of giving up and doesn’t trust any dating coaches. You can hear the list of dating companies he fell for their bullshit. Deepak referred him to me I think. I told him I am confident I can change his life and fuck other white privileged dating coaches. He trusted me and here we are today. He fits under the hardcase category. But when he stopped arguing and listened, he went from hardcase to normal case. You can always jump one step by listening. No matter what privileged daygame system products people releases as the next best thing since slice bread. That has almost no testimonials behind it of students pulling and getting laid. My programs just gets people results. Remember, the students who are closer to me and can ask quick questions tends to get way more results. He is in constant contact with me before.

While there are a lot of bullshit theories and people who think they know better than me about game. Without any results to show for it. I have something called the Asian 5’4 test. If you can’t get your Asian 5’4 friend laid from daygame. Your game isn’t transferable. This is a tough circumstance and I have a lot of short Asian students who gets laid with my game. But they can’t with any other white privileged game. White dating coaches just play on easy mode and pretend they are inventing new techniques. Black dating coaches have it so easy, they happen to be her type. In terms of preselection and protector status, they don’t even need any game. Just to be her type and trying to not scare her. Your theories are just theories. Idealistic thinking means it sounds good but doesn’t bring results. Much like white privileged RSD shit or Jan the scamLifestyle shit. Which is RSD shit repackaged and plagiarized from Julien Blanc psychopath game. Just as he is trying to copy some of my concepts now without any success. You can copy Gordon Ramsay’s dish. But you don’t understand it, you just half-ass it and it won’t earn you any Michelin stars. Can anyone in the industry pass the Asian 5’4 test? Of course not, you don’t have any game. You can’t pass off your race, height, muscles to these type of students. Nope.

Fuck your theories. I’m a scientist. You press this button and do it in this sequence, it just works. You will never figure it out anyways because you are too privileged and depends on girls forgiving you. Also, you don’t have my brain which is like a quantum computer figuring out game. Its not what you know, or what you apply. Even with my world-class Michael Jordan teaching ability. I wouldn’t be able to get anyone results if I used Jan Lifestyle’s Julien blanc’s psychopath white privileged game. I would have to be taller, strong and better looking to get it to work on any level. Maybe go for girls half my looks scale.

Material beats method. The right material can beat any of these marketing bullshit systems. Wait for future videos on Wayne Dating Lifestyle. In the coming month, we will be dissembling and destroying white privilege daygame concepts. You will see, the war has begun. You will no longer enslave my fellow Asian brothers with your bullshit marketing. You will see even more amazing video testimonials soon. Stuff you never thought was possible.


Image result for the matrix neo vs agent smith
John Vs White privledged daygame systems. Free your mind from their bullshit game and control. Stop being a sheep. Think for yourself.


I was never a good marketer. Sometimes I think its unfair some Asians here are dumb as sheeps. Its easy to market to them and burn them. Like endangered species panda bears. They can’t stop self sabotaging. One way ticket to the 1 in 5 Asian guys who won’t procreate. White Asian women are marrying creepy white guys or 51% of them. They have no idea their genetics are no longer passed on. Maybe its not a bad thing, but an auto evolution. Remember there were Jewish people. During the Nazi regime, some were dumb as fuck. They all got wiped out. They were dumb and dimiss things. Go with Jan for a one way ticket to failure or extinction. While the other guys who are intuitive, who knows what I am saying is true. What happened afterwas was an evolution. Jewish people were billionares and among the smartest in the world. They have higher I.Q than us Asians and even influenced movies and all forms of entertainment. Its weird how they are so anti-Asian men in the media. I guess we are the new jews. Even if its hard to admit at first. Asian guys come to me for training. I do know this topic, I am trained in Israeli Krav Maga. But I work for a German company. But Asian guys are the new jews and you are next on the chopping board. I hate to say it. Just keep going to RSD or white dating coaches like London shit. You will not survive. 50 years from now, you will see a lot of half Asians everywhere. When their mother is an Asian women white worshipping person going after creepy tall receding hairline white men. Their sons will look Asian, while the mother will be upset. The son won’t understand his identity because he will be full of mental illnesses. He won’t pass as white but Asian looking. Their daughters will marry a white guy again. Our race will decline in 10 years. But only one dating coach for daygame stands in the way. That’s me, like Neo, I’m trying to rescue you from white privledged game. You don’t know how important your future is. There are others profiting from your misery. If you heard this message, you are the resistance.

-John (Conner) Wayne

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