Asian student 3rd laid (sex) under my training. 5 Pulls total

He only used Wayne 30 and Wayne Playbook. Both in the combination is powerful. He got laid again, although an older women this time. Still, he is happy about it.

than again.pngHe will use up his first Skype soon. Then get laid even more, but with hotter women. Still, he mostly bang white women, this time a Latina.

Not sure if you want to make a video testimonial, but you should. Pay it forward. I’m going to transform your fucking life. So much, but remember, most of my students who become good, tends to turn on me and value takers. I hope you won’t suffer the same fate. Turn to the dark side. I can teach you my skills, but I can’t teach character. Personality is how your mask is. A character is beyond the mask overall. You do read my blog. Look forward to your first Skype. We will discuss the video testimonial then after your next lay. Think about how many people you will inspire and help from your journey. It would suck to not have you on here, in the hall of fame for the testimonials.

Although he didn’t Skype, he did ask me questions. I fixed his hairstyle at least. Small stuff like that, having access to my brain will give students results. Products are great and some students can utilize them like this one. But train with me, whether Skype and product to get the maximum amount of results.

Other updates are, I have like 6 more video testimonials I am finally editing. I’m even going to update students testimonials when they get more results. Everyone will be updated. You should see the results in some of the other video testimonials. It would be earth-shattering. The amount of fuck buddy, girlfriends, sex, everything these students had. I might just post it all in the testimonial section and slowly post it here.

I also think when I have 500 testimonials, everyone will start to notice. At 300 pull/lay testimonials, they can still scam others RSD style. At 1000, the world will pay attention and I can call out every dating coach for their privileges and they no longer will have a hold on the daygame industry. Everyone will call them out for me, why they can’t even get a testimonial. They will understand LMS + Game theory. It’s both, not one or the other, it is just they happen to be their type. Playing on easy mode and pretending they are investing techniques. I mean if you happen to be her type, you play a game of compliance. Being a psychopath, or sociopath, you don’t have empathy and foist it on others. Then all the negative stereotype Asians suffers. Turns into an endangered species. In 10 years, 80% of Asians will train with me. Be stubborn now, you will see me differently after you get burned by a few more coaches. I told you so.

-John Wayne

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