Middle Eastern 3 Months to Proficiency student gets laid 4X and approach to fuck buddy


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Out did his old instructor Willy Beck. Who took 100 approaches to get a date. He got laid in less than 40 approaches. Now he is vindicated for the last 2 years of number flakes and one date out of white privileged training. The girl was a hot blonde. Fuck direct game. A game for the privileged. You know as a minority, you stand no chance with it. Or get 4/10 you brag about. This guy got a 7.5/10 blonde girl. Not bad for his first daygame lay.

Might start to edit some video testimonials and post it secretly in the testimonial section. I have like 5-6 of them and will upload it to blog post later. I don’t have time.


3 Months, 3 grand, 3 months to proficiency

Maybe buy a product, take some coaching, do something instead of letting time go to waste. Go with what works, consistently over and over and over and over again. You might think, wtf another testimonial. White privledged game never works for you minorities for daygame. Unless you like getting 4/10. Yeah, I can post a new testimonial everyday of this month if I wanted to. I have that many. But will write some topics that can help you. We will have an immersion program in the future. I’m the one designing it. Deepak gave me permission to design it. It’s going to be epic, when almost every student pulls. But we will see. For now consider taking 3MP.

I know its freaky how many testimonials I posted. It almost seems impossible. Once you figure out the game for negative stereotypes, it is transferable. You can’t reverse engineer my game. The secret sauce is my brain. It is like a quantum computer with an A.I simulation program on top of field testing. Its a science, its field tested. Originally this student wanted to reverse engineer my game. But he never understood it. He said I can’t get your opener to work. Then I told him on the phone he sounded like his cat died yesterday, depressed. I deconstructed everything and he was impressed. Signed up right away. Now, look what happened.

Narcissism aside. I don’t feel like updating the testimonial page. There are just too many. A great problem to have most other dating coaches doesn’t have to struggle with.

-John Wayne

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