Jan Lifestyle steals $500 deposit from a 40 year old Asian. Wtf?


I’m going to write one of the toughest articles I ever wrote in my life. In fact it is so tough and emotional to write, I delayed it by a few days. I don’t know how to begin so I’m just going to write it. I think it would help a lot of Asian guys, especially Chinese people. The long list of them that were screwed over by Jan the scam Lifestyle. If you are Chinese, want to get into daygame and want to choose Jan Lifestyle, you should listen. Remember I am not saying you should choose me or anyone else. I’m just telling you the brutal honest truth.

How I met him

I met a guy, when I had a business meeting. I was at a different mall I don’t go to very often. The first day I brought my cameraman there and the second day I went by myself. The first day I thought I saw someone say whoa, John Wayne. We weren’t sure if he said John Wayne or was that guy crazy and mumbling random stuff. The second day, I dismissed it, but it was an Asian guy this time when I heard, “hey, you are John Wayne. This guy I thought he was like 45 years old. I told him I was extremely busy but he has a few minutes. I won’t give any identifying information of this guy and keep it vague. But he started to talk about other PUAs. He asked me why doesn’t daygame work for Asian guys? I told him the truth. I even told him his fashion was shit. It looked old fashion. He critiqued my clothing and said it wasn’t all that. I told him at least I fit into her tribe. She doesn’t know how expensive your clothing is. He started to tell me about Jan Lifestyle or Jan the Scam Lifestyle as I call him. I knew this would be good, dude loves scamming people. He then proceeded to tell me Jan stole his deposit money. It’s not the first time I heard this, I heard this a dozen times before and most Asians won’t fight back. They just love being bullied and take it up the rear. They are so beta they tell me the story so I’m posting about it on their behalf. Jans reason for stealing his deposit was he told him to switch to his newer program. If he didn’t switch programs to the newer one, Jan will keep his deposit. Okay, I heard this too many times, but what makes this so different?

He number closed me later on after asking me why do Asians have it so hard for daygame. I told him fashion, also direct game doesn’t work. It’s like a swipe left or right game. Since they dress like shit, most Asians are like 4/10 by default due to their fashion. Jan is taller than me and better looking than most of us Asian guys. He has more muscles so the game only works for his configuration. Since his game is from Julien Blanc, or ripped directly since Julien was his teacher.

Jans teacher. No wonder his game doesn’t work. Its RSD first of all, their daygame rarely works for minorities like Asians. Also, it’s a complete ripoff, word for word. You are literally learning Julien Blancs psychopath game or the instructor who taught Jan. It’s the main reason why there are zero daygame testimonials. This white privileged game isn’t compatible with you.



Dude is kicked out of every mall, out of his own school. I mean, honestly I didn’t think this was even possible. I never even got kicked out of any malls and none of my students have. I mean you have to be so socially unintellegent, creepy to. I didn’t even know this was possible you can even get kicked out. But the creepiest Asian PUAs often do as I heard.

He foisted RSD concepts on negative stereotype Asians which destroyed them all here. So this game isn’t transferable. Asians are into RSD shit because they didn’t have any experience in daygame and what Jan shows them with number closes looks good on paper to them. But I told him the reality is, a lot of those numbers will flake. Even if you have a few dates, you won’t pull or even get laid from it. Asians want to think looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter. I mean I have a few more Jan students now because they all got screwed over. They are coming to me now for training. I’ll tell you all the other stories this week. I have too many testimonials and student results to post, but I’ll try to mix the two.


Why give a shit? Jan scams others all the time. To me, most Asians are stubborn and love taking it up the ass by Jan. 

I normally think 1 in 5 Asians won’t get married. 51% of Asian women will marry a non Asian or white guy. Our species are doomed. So I kind of wrote off Vancouver Chinese. Yes its always the Chinese it seems in most cases. You read countless articles, but you didn’t listen to me. But ripping off a 45 year old looking man who is 40 years old is a new low. Not only is it heartless, psychopathic. It’s like stealing candy from a baby and having no empathy. I thought to myself, what if this guy was me and the situations were reversed. I normally wanted to turn him down and say whatever, Chinese people are this dumb. They need to be burned fire and come to me. They are now. But, this was different. This guy was very desperate and I didn’t think he would stand a chance in Vancouver. He is going to get destroyed. As I went to the Skytrain later to go home, I heard a ring on my phone. He told me everything.

Personality vs character. What is the difference? 

What is the difference between the two? It sounds like the same thing.

Personality: is what you portray, the mask. Since I don’t wear a mask, my personality is brutally honest Gordan Ramsay, Dan Pena, Donald Trump style. I have a personality of a narcissistic, egotistical. I’m very comfortable with my personality and I repurposed it to get me great results in daygame. With excessive self-esteem and value in my personality. There is no mask just the brutally honest truth no one wants to hear. Jan Lifestyle’s personality is he tries to be professional. He does everything RSD Max does. He tries to be charismatic.

vancouver-dating-coach-janlifestyle123 (1).jpg
Great personality, character a total scammer, villain. Just only cares about money. He has the predatory death stare I talked about. Julien blanc has it, psychopaths all have it. Its nothing you can hide. I can spot this a mile away. You can’t fool me if you have this stare.


Character: What in the world is a character? A character is someone people knows beyond the mask or the first impression. It is the overall impression. I might be known as arrogant, boastful, saying I am the worlds best dating coach. Actually, I am for daygame statistically, if you see the testimonial section. My game is transferable. There is no second place or even third place or fourth. I’m that far ahead. My character is an honest one. I am brutally honest and when you get fucked in the ass by Jan Lifestyle after he rips you off. Or takes your money and doesn’t train you. I have many of those stories. Who the fuck takes deposit money from people? I never seen this in all my years of coaching. This is just the first of many stories to come. He is known as a guy who only cares about money, rarely even teaches. Sometimes he just sits in a chair outside of Nordstrom and in-ear coaching. Which he copied my ideas. I’ll explain how he copies me all the time even if he denies it. But he doesn’t care if his Julien Blanc game only works for him. He can’t get hot girls daygame with natural and direct. If he is with a hot girl, almost always it’s from night game. He gets it in first, or laid, then she emotionally invest. Regardless, Jan Lifestyle has zero testimonials so far for daygame. He has it for night game and online game, but not daygame. He is known to have zero empathy. He is known to be a very aweful teaching. Almost like a scammer, money collector who shows up if Asians are dumb enough to train with them. I never seen a person with less empathy who just can’t stop scamming before. Well only one other dating coach is like this.

My character. People who meets me in real life really see I care about my fellow Asians as I am trying to save them from being extinct. My students see me as compassionate and gives value. They see me as someone who loves to teach and cares about their results. As they get screwed over by Jan, they realized finally, it hits them. Oh my god, John Wayne was right all this time. He tried to warn me but I didn’t listen. I thought I knew better and I know he is telling the truth. It happens when they get screwed over. They begin to wake up.

You will see two version of me. Before you got screwed over and after. The one before is Jan acts more professional and John acts less. But after you get screwed over, its John is telling the truth, he tried to warn me. Why didn’t I listen, i’m so sorry. We really need someone like you, us Asians etc.

I helped this Asian guy, giving value

I normally don’t give free advice. I gave him gold bars. When Deepak heard this he was upset. But he might want to be my student. The reason he wrote Jan stole $500 CAD and I gave him back was I gave him 2 hours of my advice. But he might be a 3MP student. I told him he wouldn’t stand a chance here. In fact most of you wouldn’t, just get a few dates and wither away. But being a 45 year old looking man is just going to be a total uphill battle. I have a ton of 40+ year old students. But most of them are somewhat financially stable. They take martial arts and they keep in shape. They are tall too and takes care of themselves. This guy didn’t, due to medical reasons I won’t disclose and bad circumstances that he couldn’t control. He talked like a 20 year old guy who likes to party. But I told him reality now catches up to you, your mind is 20 but your body is 45. You have to play a different style of game and it will be super tough.

I honestly didn’t want to take him on as a student. Jan just though, well take his money and he wouldn’t complain. Then when I heard he wanted to go back to Jan since he invested some money already. I knew this guy was going to be the 1 in 5. He was on a one way ticket to hell. No future and ripped off. I told him once he finishes training with me in 3MP, he gets out of Vancouver and goes to Europe in places that are easier. He will use my game there. Vancouver is a shallow city. You have to be all that here. The survival value is the highest in the world. Or the highest cost of living in the world for median income. If everything is survival and replication value, then the higher the survival value, the more you have to bring to the table of replication value. Its is why Asians here don’t get results. They have bad hairstyles, baggy clothing because they say it is good enough. Plus their natural and direct, or direct nonsense didn’t work.

The ignorance of how day game works for Vancouver Chinese people. Vs the reality of day game

game wrks.png
In this video, I yell at my students for switching back to direct after their bootcamps. They had non stop number flakes and positive reactions. They dated 2-4 hot girls a week after they switched back. These guys were 6’2 and 6’5. Don’t be stupid, if it rarely works for them, what chance do you have in Vancouver? It gets tougher every 6 months. These students was a year ago. Jan goes for 3.5 -6/10 daygame and censors their face. All his hotter girls are night game.

If you really want to watch me chewing out my students and telling them stop fucking around with direct game. I put a time stamp. It will play exactly on the right spot. Look these guys are way taller than you, aren’t Asians. They can out do other dating coaches here. Even in London.

I’m not joking here, these students will eat your fucking heart out of your fucking chest in game and shit down your throats in Vancouver.

Then reality kicks in, you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. These guys could literally destroy you all in game in Vancouver. Now you are saying holy shit, no way. But that’s even during their bootcamp. They get better later on. Yes, every student pulled on my bootcamp except one guy. Even Asian guys pulled girls back home. Although they were beta as fuck, they didn’t know how to bedroom escalate well. They still did the best they could.

Jan Lifestyle’s bullshit

game wrks.png

He claims he is sold out for December and January. But he isn’t even here. He is on vacation overseas. He doesn’t like the cold. Even for me, its hard to teach bootcamps in the rain, snow and sub zero freezing temperatures. Unless you don’t mind getting soaked and all your equipment destroyed. I call bullshit.

The student becomes the master, the master becomes the student

-Jan now tries to incorporate fashion into his bootcamps. But that is purely ripping me off. I took two years and more to figure out fashion down to a science. Just by getting a girl to give fashion advice is inane. A fish doesn’t know how to fish like a fisherman. Its like asking girls game advice. They give bullshit advice. Maybe you want more testimonials, but copying me since i’m that PUA who brought this innovative concept to game. In another video, he said looks don’t matter. He took it down, then said there is no progressive ladder. Its like trying to copy Gordon Ramsay’s recipes, when you don’t even know how to cook it. Or understand why the ingredients works together. Another student you screwed over told me. You can deny you are copying me, but I know you want to reverse engineer how I get so much student success when you have none.

-He is copying my advice for standing at 45 degrees. Another student was taught that. Jan used to square off, shoulder to shoulder. But for my students no one has got any results without using a compliment, it almost seems impossible. I put a time stamp on the video, so if you click on it, you will see my advice standing 45 degrees. Hell I even talk about fashion. Stop copying my shit. I have to becareful what I release from now on.

-He claims there is no escalation ladder and it didn’t exist in a youtube live video. Now he claims it exist. I keep preaching of an escalation ladder, now he tries to incorporate it? Lol, its like trying to copy gordon Ramsay. He once again makes a bullshit claim. He claims you can’t just kiss the girl and pull her and have sex with her or she gets buyers remorse. I’m sure in the future, if he even has a future. He should quit. He is going to make the same claims as me. In the past, said no escalation ladder. Now there is one? Looks don’t matter, but now you boost their looks with fashion?

game wrksas.png
The problem with him claiming there is no escalation ladder in daygame. Then now there is one, copying me. He doesn’t realize there are 7 additional steps I use from touching her hand to kissing her. If you cook a frog jumping tempertures too high, it jumps out of the boiling pot. Unless you look like this. It is why this is a 99% failure for you. It only works for him and Julien Blanc. No one else. You try this, you would get punched in the face by the girl. He actually got punched in the face before by a girl.

Shes not bad looking, I would say 7.9/10. Maybe with makeup, she can look like a 8/10. Jan is more of a 8.4/10. So he is still dating down. But when he gets a girl like this, its usually night game. He gets laid at night, she emotionally invest. That is the reality. It isn’t daygame. In daygame, he gets this.

scammer I
Asian, with deformed jawline
scammer F
She looks like a dude, 4/10
scammer C
3.5/10, tranny. Censorship went upwards by accident

His product doesn’t even have the bonus advanced stuff in it. Its purely bullshit. Also, the girls he gets, he just dry pulls. He doesn’t know how to use the escalation ladder. In that video above, Jan said you hold her hands, or do it walking, then you kiss her right afterwards. I’ll explain the logic why this doesn’t work. Its like cooking a frog. You turn up the temperature too high, the frog or she jumps out.

My other 3mp student was dating this hot girl who is attractive too. He is like 3.5/10 and Jan is like 8.4/10. He is twice as good looking, but this dude was trying to pull this girl but fucked up with my escalation ladder. Listen I censored some of the escalation ladder because its top secret. Also, i’m re-doing it for the Wayne fire style i’m teaching them. I’m taking away things and adding things to it. I think my 70% student getting laid percentage is capped off due to the escalation ladder. It can be optimized. Like I said, every 6 months I no problems discarding things and improving it. Otherwise I won’t survive Vancouver.


Asian 3mp student 3.5/10 in looks, keeps dating hotter girls. He tried to pull he,r fucked up escalation ladder. He is introduced to it.

He was the same dude who dated her. Dude is dating girls double of his looks scale. He obviously now, even though was an impossible case before. He obviously has some game. His daygame was the worst, to now top notch. But the escalation ladder is almost a second game stitched together.



My camera man, the guy above in that video interviewing me got a girl who is HB 9/10 Latina. He is the same height as Jan, same squared jaw and muscles. He only filmed Wayne 30 and I never gave him a bootcamp. Look what happened. Of course its easier for him. He can take shortcuts. His girl at HB 9/10 is higher than Jan’s 7.9/10 girlfriend. I’ve banged 8.5/10 and 9/10. Even much younger girls too. Even some taller ones too. My game has increased and my score of girls has raised a lot last year. Night game for Jan and most Asians. Since most Asian dating coaches depends on night game is just a cheat code. Since most Asians have no facial expressions, poker faces and are socially retarded. No social skills or calibrations, they tend to use night game because the girl is more dtf. In daygame they would be torn to pieces by the girls. It doesn’t stop me because I also teach social skills and a level of game higher than anyone.

He even made bullshit claims there is no such thing as text game. He is so privledged and unrelatable, he lives in his own world. The only reason he strugged with game was because he has comorbidity, anxiety, depression, aspergers, sadism, psychopathy, narcisissm, machevelli manipulator to the max. All in one basically but he eventually got enough muscles and a lower level of game on easier mode. You guys don’t even have his looks, you have no chance.

Jan Lifestyle also claimed a 99% success rate with his opening sets with his technique. Tapping her inside the arm then opening. 

Its funny because he got kicked out of 99% of the malls. Even his own university campus UBC. So you might think something looks cool, but in reality it doesn’t work when you try it. In fact, none of his techniques actually work. Even my other 6’4 camera man tried every single one of them. None works, not even for a tall good looking white guy. You guys are so fucked if you believe in this shit.

Why are Chinese Asian guys so gullible and easy to fool? Ignorance

Why is it so easy to fool you guys? Number close videos, looking for positive reactions. Here I get number closes and I try to imitate Jan. But all the numbers flaked. Even if my camera man claims he might get a date, she flaked on him after seeing him approach other girls. Its a low yields, girls below your looks scale type of game. Go watch the video, I took can make 100 number close videos. This older guy said Jan can get a number in 3 minutes. So can I. I actually try to imiatate Jan in this video. But i’m not autistic so I can’t fully do it. I posted this, someone actually said it was a good approach. If you knew how daygame really work, I would say this is garbage. I am just doing my impression of direct nonsense game. But you Asians with no experience with game would look at this and say oh wow, he is very good. Ummmmm, idiots. Prepare to be destroyed in Vancouver for daygame. This is the fastest way to fail or to get yes girls way below your looks scale.

I put a time stamp. But if you watch this video from Deepak Wayne. He told me he was frustrated because when the student said I got the number. He said what number, fuck numbers, pussy, pussy. Then he said numbers will flake. He knows, looking like a 3rd world immigrant. Most people watching the video was stunned. I put a time stamp.

I once asked Deepak if I can put number close videos. He said no one is impressed by number closes, even the London faggots can get number closes. I said how about instadates. He said that doesn’t impress anyone. You have to get same day lays or we won’t post your videos.

Okay, the only way I can get an infield for Wayne Dating Lifestyles is to same day lay. Lets say hypothetically, even if you pulled, you get her to your place as Jan said its impossible in his kissing advice videos to have sex with her. Even if he skipped 7 steps we have. Just to kiss. Its not all just palm reading, hand holding and kissing or whatever you see in Wayne Dating Lifestyle videos. There are more steps. There are another 4 steps to get a same day lay. He has no idea, he thinks kissing then pulling to sex doesn’t work. Even if my students didn’t f-close. They still pulled, the girl often comes back to see them again at their place. My middle eastern 3MP student did that. For me, I f-close them all. Or its automatically rejected by Wayne Dating Lifestyles. Even if you try to reverse engineer our game, you can’t. There are so much depth and complixity to it. Its more than surface level.

Middle eastern student second pull. He invited her 3x to his place. So its not a bad idea to pull. Once you pull a girl, she is more comfortable and you should spend your comfort there. She will come back to your place. Not some white prilvedged mystery method shit of 7 hour facetime out on a traditional date. We know with all our steps, we can speed up the process.


He got laid, or first lay in daygame. No results with Willy beck shit or simple pickup bullshit. She is his fuck buddy now, i’ll post it in my next post. From approach to pulls, to sex to fuck buddy. Maybe i’ll turn her into a girlfriend with the girlfriend process. But getting laid first makes that process easier, by getting it in twice. He fucked her 4x already. Its the same way Jan got his girlfriend though night game. I know how game works. But most people are ignorant. They see number close videos. The reality of game is different.


No one knows my entire game. Only two people on this planet earth does. Deepak Wayne and John Wayne are the only two people who knows. Imagine Krav Maga, Israeli army martial arts. There is a civilian version which I teach. A version for the police, a version for the military and one for special forces. Only Deepak and I know the special forces version. You don’t need it. Imagine our stuff is like technology that is hidden from the public for 50 years or 100 years that isn’t released yet. You are on a need to know basis. But I want to learn everything. Umm, we need to keep some things to ourselves to maintain the edge over the entire world. I’m planning an entire world domination for our daygame system. I’ll be teaching all over the world this year too in immersion programs. I’m designing it. Since all my students except one pulled, I have a nearly perfect clean sweep. I’m the one to design it. So join that if you can, details will be revealed in a future time. Most of my bootcamp students flies in half way across the world or from other countries just to be able to train with me. While you are local Chinese stubborn people with no appreciation. I tend to have students of all races, all ages, all circumstances. I even taught a 40+ student to pull last year. This student is over 40 years old. I made him look 27.

What now? 

It really depends. In a decade, I will train 80% of all Asian PUAs in the world and there will be no other Asian daygame coach. So most likely you would train under me one day. But for now, as I said, you see me from two perspectives. Before when you are a newbie to game and think, I am an arrogant asshole who likes to talk shit. But then after you get burnt, you are like John Wayne, you are the most brutally honest, caring, accurate dating coach in the world. I’m so sorry. Please teach me I beg you. I’m going to put my ego aside. Before you will think, looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter. After you will think, it all matters. I better step up in every category.

You think I’m arrogant, right now you Vancouver Chinese who goes to Jan are more arrogant. My hair is okay, my fashion is okay I think when it is 4/10. You are easily butthurt until you get burnt. You will say my site looks kind of sketchy at first, but later you say I get it now. You are the best in the world at teaching daygame. You have endless testimonials. Your pride and arrogance is the reason why you fail. You don’t understand the reality.

Idealistic thinking (marketing) vs proof based/results based thinking (endless testimonials)

This video shows idealistic thinking, looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter, it is all your game. That’s not reality, but to you it sounds so sexy, so sugar coated, so comforting. Like how RSD Max and Jan wants to tell you lies. But proof based thinking, like my testimonials are proof. I am showing you the reality in every single one of my post. It might seem too brually honest. But if you look at my testimonials, its not idealistic at all. Its all scientific and truthful. I’m sorry, this is how the game really works. The world isn’t fair. You can’t learn from someone who is taller, stronger and better looking than you. Unless you want to pull Asian girls or 4/10 white girls. I know that won’t make you happy. You trust Jan and other guys like Max because you are ignorant and full of pride. You get stubborn easily, especially the Chinese. I am calling you guys out.

For me, until March, bootcamps are nearly full. I’ll be training a lot non stop. I only have like a few slots. Yes now I am getting Jan Lifestyle students.

Even this dude was a Jan student. Jan decided to steal his money. He learned night game but his daygame was cancelled. He decided afterwards to train with me online. After 3 Skypes, he banged a doctor/fitness model who was 5’11 in the bathroom. He was beta as fuck, but I turned him extremely alpha. But even years ago, Jan’s character really shows a pattern of stealing money. Jan doesn’t like to teach hardcases for some reason. Just takes their money or gives them to his assistant to teach. I’ll show you in a future post.

facial expressions

This is the secret behind his company. He is saying you probably won’t get any results and it isn’t his fault. He is even saying, go see a doctor or get a mental assessment first. So even if he has zero testimonials, his disclaimer suggest it doesn’t even matter. Its not his fault. I say blame the coach. Most Asians are so fucking beta, they blame themselves for choosing him and say they should of been more confident. Dude, I get so much student results, you can only blame yourself if you have aspergers. But they still pull and get laid from my coaching. Learn how to teach. Julien Blancs game is shit for minorities. Instead of learning from Jan, why not go to the source. Go train with Julien or aquire his DVD set of bullshit. Its cheaper than $2000. Or better yet, train with me. If you are going to get fucked over, either go to Julien. Or at least pay me what I am worth. Its pretty cheap what you are getting. Which is likely a lot of results you never would of get.

My message to the older Asian guy

I didn’t want to train you and Deepak thinks it will be a lot of hard work. But i’m doing this out of the kindness of my own heart. Normally others asking for free advice and taking value. You can fuck off. I know you will be the hardest student I ever trained in my entire life. You have bad fashion to girls, you look very old. But I will give you the skills so when you move to Europe and get your skills together. You may one day get a girlfriend. Remember, you aren’t 20 anymore, you are older. Its okay to compromise a bit. But you will be happy. I don’t think you will get much results, maybe a few instadates. But you might end up one day married to a decent European blonde. If that happens, invite me to your wedding. Even if you are not into marriages. I too want a student to get married and invite me to their wedding so I can add that to my accolades. I knew if you took Jan’s bootcamp. You would have no future. I told him about Jan Lifestyle 3 vibes game. Also, there is nothing Jan Lifestyle can teach me. Nothing he teaches works for anyone. In Vancouver, you have two dating coaches who are opposite in the testimonial area. One has the most testimonials for students pulling and getting laid in the entire world. The only coach out of 7 billion people in the world, who ranks number 1. You also have the worst dating coach in the world who has zero daygame testimonials for students that lives in B.C Canada.

In the future, we will challenge RSD and unbrain wash you. We will free the dumb sheeple Asians from their mind control. They are dumber than sheeps. No offense. My Asian students sees this. Then once you are freed, stop going to RSD style bullshit that has destroyed my Asians. Now you have Jan Lifestyle profiting from your misery. You sold us Asians out. They are too stupid to see it. Also, this is a future message to all of you Asian guys. You will see me in two versions. Before as a newbie. Then afterwards when they burn you. Then realized every word I have ever type was the truth. Hopefully I am not too late. 1 in 5 Asians won’t get married or procreate. 51% of Asian women will marry a white guy. You guys don’t see you are an endangered species. 50 years from now when I am probally dead, the world will be populated by half Asian half white people popping up all over. You will be replaced. White privledged dominanted the Jews, they perservered afterwards and evolved. I mean I did train under them for martial arts. Then they dominated the Native Indians. They didn’t evolve. Then they domianted the blacks. They perserved and turned it around. But we are the new jews. We are the next one of the chopping block. Jan the prilvedged lifestyle is even teaching their game. You will fail and don’t say I never told you so. So you better dress better, work out, use our style of game to boost your score or you are so fucked. I don’t even know how to explain it better to you.

text game 2text gameuar 2

I have no theories, its all a science. I hate to bring you guys bad news to my fellow Asians. But hey, even panda bears was an endangered species before. They didn’t eat meat, but bamboo. They keep self sabotaging, like you guys. But they were saved. No one will save you, only me. I will turn this around in 10 years and 80% of you Asian guys will train under me. This is my contribution to the world. Where even Asian women will get angry at us banging white girls. Lets see how they like it. When I teach others my skills. Listen no amount of watching my videos, you can’t reverse engineer my game. I don’t post that much of it and even if you did learn it. The secret sauce or ingredient is my mind. My students who are close to me and they can ask quick questions. Or even Skype with me or take bootcamps are the guys who gets more success. Yes lots of you got laid with just the products. I’m going to end it here. No matter what you think or say about me, you can’t argue with my testimonials. Testimonials = my game works. Cause and effect, the cause is creating this effect. The cause is created from field testing and zero theories. What saddens me is how beta some Asians are. So many got screwed over by Jan. Once you were warriors, you were alpha. No one would fuck with you. You were rich, you were powerful. What happened? Did you balls dropped off? Hmmm?

Why don’t you contact me, when you want to take things more seriously. Here is my bootcamp page.

Jan all you care about is money. It’s not about money, but sending a message. It’s about 1 in 5 Asians won’t procreate. 51% of Asian women will marry a white guy. Stop profiting from their misery. Just retire for good and never come back. You sold us all out. Us Asians, with a bullshit RSD style and systematically destroyed Asians.

Selling out” is a common idiomatic pejorative expression for the compromising of a person’s integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain, such as money.

Click here for Bootcamp page

-John (I told you so) Wayne







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