2nd Asian impossible case 3MP student pulls two middle eastern girls home

My other Asian Canadian 3MP student pulled two girls this time home. I thought why not just bring the target and obstacle. Fuck all this dating shit like going to the bar. Fuck the mystery method white privledged shit, just pull her home and drink there. Well, he will most likely day 3 her. Regardless, either same day lay, or pull her, or meet her at your place, or meet her near and pull her.

This isn’t the only testimonial, I also have another testimonial with my middle eastern student. I will post it tomorrow.

You probably are thinking what the flying fuck is going on. Well, you can try to learn my game from my products. But with Skype coaching and 3 months to proficiency. You can actually learn a lot more. I only ever released like 60% of my game to the public. Obviously, there are a lot more you don’t know. You can only learn by talking to me.

My 4th 3MP student starts tomorrow. He is Spanish. Look, maybe you are looking for a real hands on program like this. Sign up. Or take a bootcamp. I don’t want to be a band aid solution. But I want you to commit and I transform your entire life. I’m actually good at my job. One of the best if not the best in the world for teaching daygame. I come from a place that mentally destroyed other PUAs and everyone else drops like flies except me. My game gets updated every 6 months as you can see. The 3MP students are not only my students, but my scientific field testing. The data I get from it is valuable. It lays the foundation of future immersion programs that will be taught around the world with Deepak. I’m designing the program with my impossibly good track record. For the first time my training methods, which is completely not typical, innovative and even sadistic. People might find it is just as tough as the Navy Seals and just as specialized.

Update: other thoughts. Although I do try to be nice and say these guys are hardcases/impossible cases. Let us not beat around the bush, these are all impossible cases who have either tried every other famous dating coach with zero results in daygame. They know they have no on else with this much expertise to teach them. Maybe you are in the same spot. You tried everything and just are frustrated. It doesn’t have to be that way. I like to work with you one on one. No matter how difficult. I create miracles all the time. Looks like I have to update the testimonial page again. I should hire someone just to update it. There are way too many. I’m actually fucking surprised that the 3MP students are getting laid, pulling all at the same time.

You can read about the 3rd student, Asian guy who pulled. Picks of bedroom updated. 

You can read about the middle eastern 3MP student here also of his lay.

-John Wayne

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