3rd 3 Months to proficiency student finally pulled in a month and a half.




All active 3 months to proficiency students have finally pulled. This guy took almost a month and a half. The 4th student starts his first class in 2 days. At the middle of the month. But this guy was an impossible case. He took a 6mm course from some other lesser dating company that doesn’t get a lot of student results. Since he doesn’t want his face posted. I mean I had 3 Asian guys beg me for training that came from that program getting terrible results. But already all my 3MP students pulled. These guys are the worst of the worst. The type no other dating coaches will even teach. Some been with company before and realized that I am the only one who can help. I only taught 3 Months to proficiency because of these Asian guys begging me for training. I never intended to create such a program. But its different than getting a product, you have my training almost every day. I don’t mind, its raining all the time and I don’t mind teaching now at home. I still have PTSD from last year cold and snow.

This guy isn’t attractive. Out of all my 3MP students, he is the least attractive of the bunch. In the beginning, he struggled so hard to get results. He wasn’t improving at all. He was what you call an impossible case. No dating coach in the world could of taught him. So I think the 3MP program could be one of the best programs ever created for daygame. Some students can get a product and pull or get laid. While others needs my insights. Besides, I am not here to put a bandaid over your wound. I’m here to cut out the tumor and then patch it on the outside. This is a total transformation. He had a change of fashion, he went to Zara. He has a new jacket I selected. Everything matters, it works time and time again. I might have a 5th 3MP student. If he is reading this, then yes, even the most impossible cases will get results.

Is this amazing? Insert, John Wayne Narcissism here. Yeah, I’m amazing. You all know it, I know it, I don’t mean to be narcissistic. But no one in the daygame industry will fuck with me. If they do, I will squash you like a bug. I’m ruthless. I want to talk about my potential 3MP student I would love to train next. Jan the scam Lifestyle screwed him over. I’ll talk about it in my next post. In fact a day before that I got another bootcamp student Jan screwed over. If 1 in 5 Asian guys won’t procreate or get married. They are wiped out of existence. Or 51% of Asian women marry a white guy. Our race will be an endangered species. In a decade, I’ll be at the forefront of this battle and every Asian guy will train under me for daygame. I am the solution. We finally have a field-tested solution once and for all. Remember my products only has 50% of what I know. You can’t get some of the info unless you take a bootcamp of take 3MP. You see how different my playbook is from Deepaks Ultimate Seduction Model or Conversation Domination. It shows a bit more of what we know you don’t. Even if that was more of my 2016-2017 game. You don’t know what I teach in 2018 because it has to keep getting updated, or I can’t survive Vancouver. Vancouver has become so hard, I think in 10 years from now, I’ll be the only dating coach left standing. Survival of the fittest, most adaptive. I’m planning on world domination, so i’m thinking beyond Vancouver. This is just the first year, one month and 13 days so far as a Wayne. It’s been amazing.

If anyone hurts my fellow Asians, you will answer to me. You know you can’t fuck with the dating coach who is statistically the best dating coach in terms of student results in the world. Jan is gone and I am partially responsible. I’m extremely ruthless. No matter how alpha someone thinks they are, I am a lot more heartless towards my enemies. Once I come after you, you can do nothing. I am not someone to be trifled with. Only the biggest psychopaths, sociopaths dares even wrongly stare in my direction, no one else.

In Vancouver, this place is getting from hard to impossible. I have to update my game every 6 months. All the field testing is happening and the new data is creating Wayne Fire style. This fire style is working for the Asian students. Its now field tested. Deepak Wayne told me he liked it and he is okay of creating the Wayne 5 styles. A decade from now I think I will have more than 1000 pull, laid testimonials. I have no theories, or opinions as facts. I’m just telling you the cold hard brutal field testing. Its impossible for a privileged dating coach to transfer their game to you. They have SMV or UAR universal attractive rating scale, preselection, protector status advantage. They pretend they are inventing new techniques when they play in easy mode. Then you try it, being a short Asian, playing it at very hard or nightmare. Then those easy mode techniques don’t work for you. No matter how technical, logical or scientific they are. I’m the most scientific dating coach in the world. People think Deepak is very technical and he is. He is the most technical tactical PUA I know. But I’m more technical from what I have seen in my opinion. Even too much so Deepak told me emotions are just as important. I agree. It goes borderline obsessive where I can turn emotions into a manipulatable science. These white dating coaches who pretend to be technical isn’t anywhere near our level of perfection. Even black dating coaches, I still think a lot of them has it easier. No one talks about it.

All of you students are statues to me, that needs to be sculpted, chiseled and refined to perfection. Instead of a band-aid solution. I like to work with you over time and transform you. I think in the future 3 Months to proficiency will be a super popular program. Check it out in the online products section. Also, don’t forget to check out my testimonials. The page has so many, it is even hard to update it all the time. There are too many. I might not have time to update it all. Yes its insane how more and more testimonials show up. But, I’m not typical. Other so-called gurus, who talk a good game. Saying they are the best because of their results. But absolutely no student results. Even if they released their amazing products. Hmmmmm are you really a truth seeker? Or results seeker? Where are the results? Should have shown up in their forums by now. But none. You aren’t here to worship PUAs, but to get your dick wet. You will be happier when that happens, instead of vicariously living through us. Don’t worship me. I just know if I am not a dating coach, my entire race might be an endangered species. Its my motivation, I don’t give a fuck about money. But money shows up as I solve the worlds biggest daygame problems.

Remember this was the same unattractive student who dated this girl in the first month. Dude is only like 3-4/10 the most. It’s not the same girl he pulled. But at least he instadated her, then went on a day 2. Then he fucked it up. Regardless, he pulled now.



This student was using the Wayne grounded Earth style before without much results. But now he switched to Wayne fire style. He can pull now. Not sure if the girl will come back out, but as an Asian, its same day lay or bust. Always have a closer mentality. Like sales, you have to convert and close the deal.

Update: I saw his infield, the first 60% seems pretty fucking good. He still has some rough edges later after that. But the first part seems almost pro level. I posted some screenshots related to his pull afterwards when I saw the infield. These guys are improving dramatically.

John (the solution) Wayne




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