Middle Eastern European 3 Months to Proficiency student gets laid


He’s fucking done it, mission accomplished. He is the first student to get laid in 3 months to proficiency. It’s not a 6 months to mastery type of program, but 3 months only. He done it in a month. Now he is going to continue month 2.

After my last post, it was very heart felt brutally honest post. Listen, this student struggled and worked very hard every single day for his first month. He was trained by Simple Pickup, Willy Beck. He had no results. He was the guy who sent me the screenshot of Willy Beck and RSD Max, who both apparently sucks at daygame. Took Willy Beck 100 tries to get a date. My student made close to like 45 approaches to get a lay. You might think it is easier for middle eastern students to get laid in Europe. Not really, you still need some type of game. Don’t dismiss it outright. He does have a beta tonality and isn’t the sterotypical alpha don’t give a shit type.

He now has 3 pulls and the first pull, he put his shirt back on due to being nervous. Second time, she touched his dick and was on her period. Third time he got laid. So learning how to pull all the time works.

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Just to let you know, other dating coaches don’t have any student results to post. They don’t have any in most cases, so they don’t bother anymore. Or their students sucks so much, they don’t get laid during the training period.

It won’t be a John Wayne post without me 1. Bragging how I’m the best in the world, superior. Wouldn’t be a post without me bashing other companies. Yeah, my 3MP program is superior to other lesser companies with hardly any student results 6mm program. You have to put that somewhere right? I mean I do have all the testimonials and student results. 3. It wouldn’t be a John Wayne post without calling other people faggots. So, yeah white privledged game doesn’t work and is for stupid faggots.

Having said that, out of the way. Look, this program was created because another 6mm program didn’t work for others and I had to create it out of demand. It took a lot of my time and energy. 2 students pulled already, one got laid out of 3. A 4th student starts in 5 days. Listen, it took a ton of work to teach this program. Its pretty stressful teaching hardcases and impossible cases. Out there, one of you or two of you might be looking for an online mentorship like program. Where you will be taught almost daily for a bit and readjusted. This might be the perfect program for you. Sign up for it in the online program part of the menu above. You want my student results, don’t hesitate to sign up. I am much nicer in real life than I am here.

Here is the keeping it real part of my post. I sometimes think it is unfair when you go to privledged dating coaches and get no results as a negative stereotype. Then you go to every white privledged coach, then to a black privledged coach. Then after you kept getting burnt, they come to John Wayne. The worlds best dating coach statistically for student pulls and lays in the world for daygame. Is it fair I have to teach students who are hardcases all the time? Not really, but it is the reality. If you stop acting like faggots and wasting your time with shitty daygame programs that is privledged. But you trained under me, you would get a lot of results. Pulls and lays. I’m the only dating coach in the world who is posting this much student results back to back. No one else is, their game is not transferable. The reason I am harping this point was that this is a bigger program. It cost more and I get to work with you over a longer period of time. This program is designed for you. It might be exactly everything you ever want in a program.


For some people, why take 3 months to proficiency? Why not just take a normal skype or get an online product? Well you do know how fast my students gets results and how often. But some students needs more work. They are really really impossible cases. There is a need for a program like this. I would honestly like to train you. Maybe you are a bit put off by my personality, or how Donald Trump I act or Gordon Ramsay. But I am here to get you results. No dating coach has so much student results like I do for daygame.

I want to train people who are committed to getting results. Not people who are half assing it and thinking they are putting a band-aid on the problem. I am more interested in your total transformation. From fashion to game, to instadates, to pulling to sex. Even text game, everything. I have the solutions, although I only released half of it on my products. There are still a lot you won’t get unless talking to me on Skype, or learning from a bootcamp.

-John Wayne

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