Human nature, people takes you for granted

Looking over the holidays and all the people I helped get laid. All the people who I helped pulled. The amount of help you gave them and transformation. Most people I now realized, don’t give a shit about me. Some people are value taking snakes. During the Christmas season, only two guys said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I realized now I am like their dentist or their chiropractor, or their doctor. I solve issues in their lives. Most people come to me as uncool, value takers, no dates, no social life, nothing. But they get transformed. But their personality is the same. Some people just takes value. I have trained people who really needed help. But when they succeed, they take you for granted.

I have trained psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissist, aspergers. I have the most student testimonials in the world. But at the same time, in reality, most of these guys can’t wait to ask you for free advice. You ask them for a favor back. They don’t reciprocate. They are such vampires, you call them out, they still don’t get it. Yes, at one point, a lot of PUAs are creepy uncool people. But even after their training, they get laid a lot. The are the same uncool person with my abilities.


I get it. John Wayne is the 5’7 Asian guy who can same day lay a lot. My low LMS and my extreme results and my student results are what they like. They don’t care about me, or my scientific field test data. I’m the doctor or dentist, I solve your problems when you are in pain. But sometimes, outside my abilities and my 82% student pulling and 70% getting laid. Does anyone really give a shit about me? Do they appreciate that I changed their life? Luckily I don’t post my entire game on products. Just 60%. You still need to train with me for the last 40%. Of course, I teach you enough to get laid. But you get better with a Skype or bootcamp or 3MP. People don’t really understand game without me. They can see it and say oh yeah that makes sense. But can they really apply it or adapt to it? Or adapt to it without me? Some can, most can’t. I am not going to add Skype Sessions to my product anymore. If you want Skype, go ask me on our forum group. Contact me and ask me for the Wayne Playbook. I might add 4 Skypes as a fan appreciation.

One thing you have to learn in this world is most people don’t care about you. It’s only when it is convenient for them and a win/win. A lot of people drift apart. I want to say to my camera man, he has been a very good friend. Deepak Wayne is another good friend of mine, even if we work together.

A lot of people in life, really doesn’t care about you until it is convenient. You have to learn to love yourself. People respect me, like me for my student results and outstanding teaching abilities. My game, my teaching ability and my student results. Its clear to me now.

How can you tell you have a good friend? They will help you asking nothing in return. You can tell a fake friend when you ask for help, they have nothing to gain. But they still take more value and ask for free advice. I am not going to let people monopolize my time. I get a lot of people asking for non stop free advice. Also, the more you give to people who are value takers, the more they will stab you in the back and resent you.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPlAAAAJDI5MjliNGE0LTBlOGQtNDhmNi1iN2ViLTZlZTJhYzBlNGI3OA.jpgWhat does this have to do with women though? Its simple, learn to connect properly. I noticed with my 3MP students. If they don’t connect well with the girl, she goes on an instadate, but she makes a bullshit excuse she has to leave. In reality, she has to reject or eject, not leave. Also, its all about value. If you want women above your looks scale? What kind of value do you bring to the table? You better bring emotions or accurate emotions. If she can feel you, she will like you.

I’m a good friend to all of you. I tell you how the daygame industry is really like and how they brainwash you. I am willing to offend you. If I was a snake, I would be like RSD Max, comforting you with lies and feel good bullshit. Regardless, this is my rant. Watch out for guys with intense eyes, or one eye off center, or pointing in both direction or a lazy eye. Or the predatory death stare. These guys will stab you in the back. You can avoid all of these types of people by identifying them early.

I just have to accept this is reality. Why you need to have a lot of self-esteem and like yourself. At the end of the day, no one care about you. Learn to care for yourself and then you can give value to others. But always cut off people from your life who leeches value offering nothing in return. If you guys want my results, or student results? Just follow what I tell you exactly in my products. Just don’t deviate from it, just apply.

I am statistically the worlds best dating coach for student success so far. But sometimes its pretty lonely on the top as they say. No one understands it, no one can relate. Most of the other dating coaches are too busy bragging about how god like their game is with zero student results. Most of you are dazzled by the testimonials. But in reality, you don’t know the blood, sweat and tears it took to get here. You never seen the days when I tried out every fucking system so you don’t have to. Giving up almost half my life to the game. The ability I needed to bring you this content, people don’t always appreciate it. When I tell you all the truth of the truth nature of game. I think I am going to update my me vs other dating coach page. I am going to put almost everyone up there. I don’t care who you are, but we will compare testimonials. No one if immuned, i’ll do that this week.

Update, I asked a few old students or acquaintances to fill out some forms. One wanted to help but said ask someone else. You really see who your real friends are. One guy was preaching to me my other mentor in the past will he be there for you? Then years go by, the mentor dude, asked to fill out this form, got paranoid, blamed it on me. This guy ask you to hang out, help you give you game advice. You ask for help, favors, they don’t reciprocate. My camera man helped me. You see who your real friends are in times of need. I had students who got laid, who won’t even make a video testimonial and keeps delaying it. I just texted a student who pulled many times, didn’t get laid. I told him to sexually spice up the instadate. He wouldn’t and he started to act disrespectful when I’m around like he is going to stab me in the back. He left the game. You want to help him but he keeps acting disrespectful. You transform these guys lives forever, but they are ungrateful. Of course his eyes were pointing in two different directions. I knew I would be backstabbed one day. I can tell. I think when people contact me and ask for advice sometimes, they improve. When I cut off the lifeline, they start to fail without me. I have seen it all. I think this is part of the reason why I don’t like to hang out with PUAs in real life. I keep a small group of inner circles. Like I said, people don’t give a fuck about me, they just care about my world-class teaching abilities and how it can transfer over to them.

Maybe my advice doesn’t be afraid to make non-PUA friends. But know, people are only in it for themselves when its convenient or it helps them. Trust no one. I hope you learned a lot. For those who will help you out, on your journey to the top. Help those up around you. Yes, I know even students who are listening to every word I am teaching them. I know, when they get results, as soon as they get good, they will take me for granted. This is my reality. But no other dating coaches out there actually knows what this feels like. They don’t get anyone results around them. Look at their testimonials or forum group, nothing. So you can’t relate to me. When I turn you guys into daygame gods, you only fail because your vibe sucks and you are an emotional vampire. I can’t teach good character. You just get to use my game, get results and just become more of an amplified version of yourself. If you are a value taking vampire, girls will feel it. Without my guidance, you will fall apart. Good for you, you brought it on yourselves. Hope you learned something. But yeah, its why I charge a lot more for my coaching. I get student results. Your exchange of value is just money. There is no real loyalty. I am not your friend, i’m your dating coach. I fix your problems in your life and turn you into amazing daygamers. Its how it works, you pay me I train you into a slayer. Just hope your character or value taking vibe doesn’t fuck you over and hit a plateau. You did it to yourself. I can get you so far, skyrocket your results. But don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If you do, you have to think, what a value taking piece of shit you really are. How dead on the inside you are. End of rant.

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Updates, you realized who your real friends are and who isn’t. If there was a formula you can take away.

  1. Don’t trust anyone with a lazy eye, half droopy eyelid, eyes pointing in two opposite directions, or intense eyes, or give you the predatory psychopath death stare. Since they are sociopaths.
  2. Be self-reliant, you can’t depend on others. Most people you help wouldn’t help you. Just a select few.
  3. People only use others for two things, Time or Money. If you are convenient for their time. Hanging out with friends. Or if an exchange of value, which is money. Lets say you have a cool lifestyle, party, you will get more fake friends. Even if girls has guy friends, they just got friendzoned. Its a vicious exchange of value. She won’t have sex, but will have an emotional relationship. A great deal to her.
  4. When you become valuable, people wants to use you. I have this happen a lot. Lots of people want to work for me. But when I don’t want to be an affiliate or something, they just disappear. When you become skilled, people want some of your expertise.
  5. Trust no one. You might think you have a lot of real friends. But a lot of them can be just using you giving you nothing back. Only make friends with people who are win/win. That is the most important advice. They will even help for nothing in return. But people can take advantage of it. Value sucking leeches.
  6. If you want a lot of friends, learn how to be fake and wear a mask. Be fake, not real like me. People don’t like people who keeps it real. Learn either to be that guy who everyone likes. Not the beta version, but the life of the party guy everyone wants to associate with.
  7. You can see who are your real friends or who gives a shit about you when you ask for a favor. You realized the entire world work on time and money. Social skills, even though I teach Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero is a social skills crash course. You have to always apply that to everyone you meet. That course isn’t just about game, but you can apply it in every area of your life.
  8. The world is built upon value. Everything is. My game is leveled very high. You apply it, with higher LMS you get more results. If you are black, white, tall, strong, it just works better. You are more valuable to the girl. I get hotter girls than my looks scale because my game is leveled up higher. I can get 8.5/10 and 9/10. I can bring the tactics and emotions, inner game mindsets that other people can’t. No one really knows our full game. Only 60% at most. You are on a need to know basis. But that is how the world works. Poor becomes poor, rich becomes richer. This is one of the most keeping it real, heartfelt articles I have ever written. The most truthful and brutally honest. 
  9. This is the biggest reason why some students can’t connect with a girl geniunely. They are value takers. They can pull, not f-close from it. Or some can’t get a second date, or her moving to venues to venues back to their place. She doesn’t feel them. They feel this vibe. People have no value to give because people in general are all wearing a mask and has no self esteem
  10. People who are psychopaths, with lazy eyes, droopy eye lids of intense eyes, predatory stare or whatever, will stab you in the back. It is just a matter of time. So weed them out quickly. They are just waiting for the right time. Trust no one. The world is full of fake people, just as fake the PUA industry is. No one keeps it real, they tell you bullshit and you buy into it. You love how comforting it is. When I keep it real, people don’t like it. You lose friends quickly. I’m very cautious about making friends. Also, PUA lairs or those fuckers are usually sociopaths. I avoid them. The mistake is only making PUA friends. I avoid them. Sometimes after so many approaches and living on the edge. You find it harder to relate to normal people. Even if you have the social skills for social circle game. I just don’t have the energy for fake people. I realized no one really gives a fuck about you. You are their doctor. My students usually has been to every single dating coach in the world and i’m the last solution so they get results. Its kind of unfair that RSD makes the money, screws over Asians and East Indian guys and everyone eles. Then they go to these great marketing shit companies. Then they go to more white privledged systems. Then they try one more, then they come to me. I John Wayne am the last solution when they failed with everyone else. Its not fair to me, its a lot more work and repair work, working with hardcases. But this is my reality. For keeping it real. 

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-John (I can say anything I want) Wayne



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