Is daygame an art or a science?

It is purely a science. I’ll explain my reasoning behind it. You can be scientific about your art. Our system breaks down to 8 inner game mindsets, 10 stages, 5 escalation ladder, 5 vibes or emotions. One of the vibes has 50-100 accurate emotions. It is all layered on top of each other. Where I know how to deal with resistance from a girl and adapt. So everything is included. I have even broken down emotions into a science. You will see in my next infield, a perfection of hitting every note. First approach in the bootcamp, I pull and same day lay again 2 other girls who are even hotter than the last. Our students, some has girlfriends who are HB 9/10. Which is odd because if it was an art, they would get their equal, which is much lower. Sometimes you have to fuck her first before she emotionally invest. Imagine, if you fingered her, you hop over the border and hop back. You got a blow job, you live there illegally. You fucked her twice or more, now you have citizenship to her vagina. For Asian guys, I am teaching in 3MP. Their value is so low, girls don’t even see them as romantic partners or boyfriend material. So they have to get it in twice or more. Yes, this world isn’t fair. Deal with it. I sometimes forget I’m Asian, since I never seen any Asian daygamers being able to do what I can do. With hotter women in the 8.5/10 or 9/10, or way taller or younger. Most they can get is like 7/10. Mostly 6/10 and 4.5/10 Jan Lifestyle quality censoring their faces. I hate to say it, but social skills or calibrations is also part of a science. Writing has grammatical structure. There is a natural structure to everything. I don’t mean a rigid structure. Science is something you can field test that gives you a repeatable result. Art can’t, it’s a numbers game. I don’t believe in a numbers game. Like sales, which is not an art, but a science. I have a 85% – 90% sales rate if I talk to someone on the phone. Its a done deal.

Art and how it is a science

I do not own the rights to these art images. Its purely for educational purposes only. No profit is made from it. But to demonstrate a point. Yada yada ya.


Lets look at a concept art. It can evoke feelings. You can see how it is built into stages. First you have the sketch, then values and lighting. Then colors are overlayed on top of it and textures.

Lets take a look at a second example, lines, values or grey scale, lighting, anatomy, colors overlay and textures. Wait that is the same thing. What is going on here?


Even if you take illustrations. It is the same process. Once again, lines, values, lighting and colors overlayed.


Art can be very scientific. That means all the other abstract shit like natural and direct game is bullshit. If you were cooking, or if you were doing design work like this. You just painted with your feelings. Have you seen anyone from natural and direct in daygame get a girl hotter than them before? I haven’t. Hell, I never even seen Asians do good in daygame without some type of height or muscle advantage. Seems like I am the only one who can do it. Most have no facial expressions or just gets girls way below their looks scale. You can’t take away the social skills or expressively accurate emotions away from the game. Until Asians stop being faggots and think you can use this white privileged shit, the faster they will get laid with my system. I will talk about all the white privledged linage systems in the world and how they all fucked you over. How it robbed you minorities of results.

Martial Arts


You hear the word arts in it. I’m a MMA/Krav Maga fighter. I got injured so I had to stop during a MMA match getting scratched in the eye. Is this really an art or science?

Gun disarm.

1. Get out of the line of fire 2. Control the Weapon 3. attack the attacker 4. disarm

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Is there lesser steps? Sure.

1. Get out of the line of fire 2. Control the Weapon 3. disarm

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I have another gun disarm that is one in one move. Same principles. But you get the point, it is a replicable science. You can do this over and over again. But what if you tried to be artistic and tried to kick the gun out of the hand like Bruce Lee? You will be outright killed. Its the same with daygame.

How does this idea transfer to other areas of martial arts? lets talk about a knife.

Knife disarm.

  1. block and hit at the same time 2. Control the knife arm so it immoblized 3. attack the attacker 4. disarm

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Other knife attacks. Does it work the same way? Of course. But what if you tried to be artistic? You would be dead. Or rejected in daygame. You can only defeat an opponent who is weaker than you who can’t hurt you. Or going for girls below your looks scale.

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Okay John, good point, maybe martial arts isn’t an art, but a science. But can this work for self defense getting out of choke holds? Yep.

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Does it work with every attack the same?

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Isn’t it weird how some moves are being reused over and over again? The pluck is being reused and so are the attack and defend at the same time. Also, the ultra combo at the end. Also, you can strike at the groin too. Its a self defense system for the Israeli military and I spent 5 years learning this.

Okay, but how does this apply to hand to hand fighting?

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I’m not trying to show off. I am teaching my 3 months to proficiency a new style. For the 82% of my students that pulled. I taught them a MMA like style or ninjutsu ground dominance style that Deepak Wayne uses. But for the 2 Asians who are hardcases/impossible cases. I’m cutting out all the vibes, only down talk and dominance. Excessive frame control, strong connection and making them walk with her until they see a coffee or instadate or pull location. Since they don’t have the value or social skills to play the game like the other 82% of students who pulled. I created a Krav Maga or fire version of our system. There are 5 elements for ninja. Fire has been created.

When you saw the UFC, you see most of the art, fall apart. Brazilian Ju Jitsu succeeded and everyone learned it. They mixed it and called it a mixed martial art. Do you get why I have mixed my daygame system? The evolution is always the best, not the deriviatives. You will see in it a future post why the Mystery Method and its linage has hurt other people. But I digress.

You probably see that I have a no-nonsense mentality. I can get girls much higher than my looks scale, taller, younger, prettier. My students get girlfriends, multiple, fuck buddies, laid, pulls. There is no such thing as art. Women as long as they think with feelings, they can be manipulated. I even made these students do over 30-40 times recording themselves perfecting their facial expressions, tonality, and emotional impact or accurate vibes. I have done so. Even the feelings or the abstract becomes a science that students can replicate over and over again. Some of my students are either Asians, or psychopaths who has no emotions. But I can teach them scientifically how to fake emotions. I know that sounds aweful, but I can do that.

Fuck your art, I believe daygame is a science. It will always be a science, psychology, stats. My stats are 82% of my students have pulled. I have a lot of students too. 70% of all my students already got laid. All my bootcamp students as a Wayne, except one aspie all pulled on the bootcamp. Many of them got girlfriends, fuck buddies, laid, or pulled a lot. Regardless, like sales, like science, like Krav Maga, like MMA, like poker. It is a game of chance, but to me, it is a game of conversions. Its so field tested, it’s down to a science. Just like concept art that evokes a feeling. There is even a science behind this LMS thing plus game. Since I am technically the worlds best dating coach for student success. I can say it is a science and art will never get there.

If you were scientific, direct doesn’t actually work well in Vancouver. You can field test it a ton as I have and my students. But when they go back to our style, even if they tried direct for a week and got non stop flakes. They kept getting laid with our game. Natural and direct, it is not scientific. It is like learning how to play basketball or cook or rally car driving with feelings. You will fail. Listen, it isn’t even about structure or any of that concepts. Its about being natural, but tactical and adaptive. Or better yet, socially intelligent. No black or white dating coach knows what the fuck they are talking about. You have to ask them, do you even testimonial bro? If so, where are your students pulling or getting laid or getting fuck buddies or a girlfriend or multiple? Where? There is none because most of you guys don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. You are deluded, psychopathic and privileged. It doesn’t pass the 5’4 Asian test. Can someone like him use it? If not, then try again. When I learned Krav Maga, I had to learn how to defend and attack from the worst position. Also, it had to work for the oldest, shortest most frail person. I have taken this concept and brought it to the daygame world. So far my 2 3MP students are improving with the newer version of our system. No romance, more sexual. All downtalk, it sounds just as aggressive and dominant as me. I’m creating clones and its starting to work. I nearly figured out exactly what will work for all Asians who are hardcases/impossible cases. I will once again solve the super problem for all impossible cases/hardcase Asians for the world. I’m field testing everything scientifically.

Let us be totally honest here without any nonsense. Animalistic attraction is great. But if her conscious brain is against you but her subconscious brain is against you. It is still a conflict and it will fuck things up. You need her totally aligned. That might work for girls who are your looks scale or below who will connect. But I don’t always have that luxury, I have to create conversions. I don’t mean samepagology or whatever bullshit, sell her romance. Some girls don’t see you sexually for Asian guys. You are worthless to her where she will friendzone you. You have to play the game from the lover frame. Not the boyfriend provider or friendzoned. You might disagree all you want, but I see daily infields from my 3MP students and I know. You probably think by now, I am ruthless, cold, scientific, calculating, manipulative. You are asking me to teach you how to get laid. I’m not saying it is like asking the devil for a favor. I am just saying if you fully commit and transform. You did everything I told you to. You will pull or get laid in a week or less. Just be careful what you wish for. There is no guaranty if you get what you want out of my training. This doesn’t bring happiness. Just a temporary high like antidepressants. But try to make it into a win/win situation for her. Get her logical side and emotional side working for you, not against you. With the progressive escalation ladder, progressive framing, objections dealing, you can overcome resistance. Sexual spicing too, none of that romantic shit. Of course, my other students who have higher value, like white guys and stuff, they can use romance or black guys. Look, I will teach every race a different Wayne style out of the 5 elements. If you guys wanted feel good marketing theories. Sorry I don’t have any, I’m not RSD Max. All I have is a field-tested science that is transferable.

Emotions and tactics are just as important. It isn’t all emotions or all tactics. It is a combination of both. Natural and direct, they are all emotions without principles, conversational structure or tactics. They can’t transfer their game. It doesn’t work most of the time except to girls way below their looks scale. However if you are too scientific, but you don’t have an emotional range or accuracy. In the next few post, i’ll talk about the linage of daygame and how white privledged destroyed your daygame. I will also give you step by step. I don’t always give away golden nuggets or this time a gold bar. But I will soon. I will talk about wayne technologies and in detail how you can practice with a camera. I have done so for years. Even in the playbook I talk about drills. But I will teach you for free how to take it to the next level.

-John Wayne




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