Middle Eastern European 3MP student second pull. She touched his dick


For the other dating gurus out there. Where the fuck is your student success or testimonials? You talk a good game. You say I get results you should do. Then ignore how your privileges or LMS mattered. You can’t transfer your game to your students. Getting no results even after your so called amazing products or bullshit. Its just a matter of time until you realized negative stereotype game beats your game every time. Where is your god now?

Why is my game producing results? The best way to understand it is playing a video game. Imagine playing it at the highest difficulty level. There are only really one or two ways of completing the level. You have to adapt to one specific way or it won’t work. That is how my game is like, I know what to focus on. The 80/20 rule. 20% of my focus gives my students 80% of the results. When white or black guys who are tall and strong play the game. They usually play it on easy mode. So they feel they are getting more results. So their so called tactics, since these are narcissistic psychopaths believes everyone else can use it too. They don’t know what to focus on. They think everyone has the same LMS as them and plays on easy. No dude, some people who are not white or black do play it at a nightmare difficulty like I do. I’m used to it because Vancouver has no mercy. I call Grandville killzone. I don’t go for 4.5/10 and censor their faces like Jan the scam Lifestyle while he is double her score. Most of the Asian guys here doesn’t exceed 5/10 for their looks. They think their hair is good enough and fashion. They are not only socially retarded. But that transfer to their fashion sense. A social intelligence issue too. I go for the big game hunting, not low hanging fruits. For me its do or die for me. I don’t use online dating or any night game as crutches.

Having said that, congrats on the student’s success. But he still needs to get it in. Yes I have quite a few middle eastern students. The thing about them is they are preselected a bit, or neutral stereotypes in Europe. They tend to have a real don’t give a shit attitude about women that women there finds attractive. Some european women doesn’t even want to date their own kind.

Regardless, I just wanted to make an update. Been busy lately. My other Asian 3 MP students are struggling. I never seen anything like this before. I have to reinvent our system for them, an Asian version for hardcases or impossible cases. They need to get in touch with their emotions and sound more natural. They are playing it on nightmare difficulty and making a lot of mistakes. I’m going to start to build the Wayne 5 styles. I’m going to teach Asians the dominance or fire game. Void is an almost invisible game, wind is natural and light escalation. Water is Justin Wayne style, act beta but touch a lot. I’m was teaching earth, which works for most. A dominant game. But I’m going to teach my other two Asian 3MP students earth and fire. This will be a more aggressive dominant game. It will be borderline psychopathic because girls might not take them seriously. Its all downtalk, inner game, high escalation and just all sexual. No romance will be added. Some Asians aren’t seen as the boyfriend type. It will be purely pulling and same day lay. Today is the day I am going to solidify one of the new elements of Wayne style. This chart is used by Ninjas. So I’ll continue to teach earth to the middle eastern student. But fire and earth to the Asians. This game will be highly manipulative and the dark side of the game.


If something isn’t working for impossible cases, we adapt. I’m adaptive as fuck. I don’t know if this style will be in an unethical territory. If your Asian, who is less attractive than me, shorter than me or whatever. It’s not time to be asymmetric like a Samurai. Like white or black dating coaches. It’s time to be a ninja. It’s time to fight asymmetrically. It’s time to fight unethnicially. Today on January 4th, 2018. Wayne, fire method is born. Due to the Asian guys struggling in 3MP. I use this style with taller women already. Hell even with women giving me bullshit.

I have this technique called the sledgehammer. I taught it to a bootcamp student. I told a girl she was a 6 but acting like a 10. I pulled my student out of the set. He was too nice, but was rapport seeking at the bootcamp. Even some sociopath came to his hostel and pretended he lost his luggage. He let him in then this guy tried to fuck my students blonde girl cockblocking my student for being too beta or nice. I think there is an image problem. For me, I am alpha or dominant. But my Asian students, although a lot gets laid. Some aren’t dominant enough. They don’t have my mindset, I need to give them my mindset. Sometimes I don’t know why my stuff works so well for me. I look at some of my infields I haven’t posted yet. I see I really don’t give a shit in set. I am more dominant than the 50 shades of grey guy. When I was teaching my students how to set the frame progressively. I didn’t know I was doing that in my infields. I’m not a natural who was born good at this. I worked hard at it, but I wasn’t always aware of why it worked. I just know it works for so many students. But now I have to dissect my own game further and see why it worked for me. A 5’7 Chinese guy.

I decided i’m only going to teach this forbidden style to these two Asian guys. No one else unless you take 3MP. Its better such a style doesn’t exist. It’s going to be aggressive. More aggressive for the mindset than anyone else in the industry. I classify them as impossible cases. But I will adapt my training to them.

-John Wayne



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