Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We want to say Merry Christmas and happy new year. From Wayne Dating Lifestyles to you. We made a video because we care about our students and wish them well. The central message I wanted to convey in the video was your results are just as important as ours when we teach you. The skills has to be transferable and it is. Sometimes other daygame systems aren’t and the coach my have other advantages or privledges you might not have. Also, set some goals this year. If you knew in the last post, what to improve on. Then focus on what to fix this year. Also, we have a very powerful daygame system. I have to update our testimonial page but here it is. It is good to look at it once in a while to see what is achievable with the right tools. Hope to see you one day in the testimonial section. Into the hall of fame.

Click here for the testimonial page by clicking here.

-John Wayne

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