(Real Self Development) Are you her type? Will you date yourself if you were a girl?

This is the toughest question to really ask yourself. In most cases if you were a girl, would you date yourself? In most cases my potential students all say no. Then they come up with a list of things they would need to fix. They would start to be aware how their hair and fashion can use a lot of work. They would say they can lose weight, or even gain weight, muscles. They would need to flirt more, escalate, touch more in daygame. They would need to be more confident and stop sounding so beta. For some people they realize they need to move to a better part of the city to game and make more money.

This is a tough question, isn’t it? It cuts through all the unnecessary bullshit self-development shit that isn’t necessary. The high vibration shit, more like high sociopathy shit, cough RSD. In fact, there are cults in Hollywood a lot of actors goes to that is related to bullshit self-development. How do we tell the difference between the two?

Bad self-development: High vibration shit. Just focusing on making more money and making more money. For some fucking reason some of my beta students can’t wait to be a better beta provider. When they game for a bit, they can’t wait to say I am focusing on making more money. While that is important, but do you have enough to make a living? If you do, then wtf are you doing more of the same? You should reinvest the time into learning pickup. Even something like Wayne 30 can help you with your social skills. I believe being proficient in game is worth it. Learn how to get laid first. When you get your dick wet, then you can feel less depressed and focus better on work. Do you get it now? Its the other way around. I’ll tell you why. Let me tell you a typical story most Asians and East Indian guys can relate to, tiger parents. They force you to get good grades in school. They believe that lands you a good job, you get a car, house then a women falls on your lap out of the sky and you get married. But there is a problem with this formula, it takes social skills completely off the equation. Your parents were focusing on their survival as immigrants. At the expense of yours, since you are their retirement plan. In fact this sabotaged so many Asian guys.

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She bangs, she bangs…

How many rich 40 year old Asians are there with absolutely no love life? When they try to natural game it, with their asperger like traits. Even if they are not, but they do act like it, if they are forced to be socially impaired. They don’t realize they will just end up like most 40 year old Asians who are taking MMA, trying to keep in shape, then having a good job. But with no dating options. Money only gets you 5 points on this scale Asian guys. Your ethnicity is only 1/10, accent or no accent in North America. Your game is practically 1/10 in most cases. You have an Asian poker face, Asian poker tonality, Asian poker emotional impact. All this self-development in your job is just a total waste of time. You will never get your time back. Learn to get laid first and go back to use that energy to make money.



Good self-development: Good self-development is everything that is related to the first question. If you were a girl, would you date yourself? A better question is if you were your ideal girl, would you date yourself, or will she date you? That is even more of a tougher question. Of course, I am not saying you have to build your life around her. But it points out a lot of your weaknesses. Start focusing on working on the things on your list. Maybe you need to work out more. Maybe your fashion is terrible, go to Zara for fuck sakes. Stop buying H&M hoodies like RSD Nation faggots. Also, stop listening to Tony Robbins bullshit or read a trillion books or meditate for hours because it seems like the trendy RSD thing to do. Would books or video courses on sales, marketing and stuff help you in your niche? Maybe because it is relevant. I suggest everyone learn some sales. I have a world class level close rate. Easier because I am selling the best products in the world that works universally. Regardless, it still takes some skills. I invested in Udemy courses on subjects I don’t understand. Like video editing, sales, marketing. You get a good return on investment. It only cost like $10 per course USD and if something works for your life, you get the return on investment. I think the better term is called “necessary self developement.”

Pareto principle

I operate under the pareto principle. It suggest 20% of your focus gives you 80% of the results. You don’t need to focus on 80% of things to get 80% of the results. You just have to focus on a small percentage. Like languages, do you have to learn every word? Of course not, it is too much to learn. Its the same with daygame. You don’t have to learn every fucking daygame system and field test it. I already broke down the pareto principle. The 20% that gives you 82% of the student pulling girls home. Lol, pretty similar percentages too when you think about it.

I’ll break it down for you so the dumb RSD sheeps understand. Even their tiny sheep brains can comprehend this. If you are spam approaching with a system that doesn’t work for daygame. You have to ask yourself. Are you sure they are teaching you the paraeto principle? Nope, you are not efficient and wasting your energy. Especially in Vancouver where these dumb mofo sheeps think they are what they call taking action. Or in reality, taking dumb action. So you quit to night game, where you also quit in game in general. Congratulations you dumb stupid mother fuckers. I guess it started with Jan the scam Lifestyles Julien Blanc RSD bullshit natural game. This was not the parato principle or anything else they teach in Vancouver. The blind leading the blind.




RSD is a cult, a self-development cultpar2004091816764

I won’t mention which cult I think they are like. But when they started to introduce all this self-development shit. When they started to introduce this self development thing, people fell victim to mind control. Why were these dumb RSD Nation faggot sheeples manipulated so much? It is because we all have 6 human needs. For me as a dating coach, I have met all my human needs. For these people, RSD Nation forum, other induction meetings, it is a way to have significance, connection with your fellow brainwash brother. To have certainty to bullshit mind control like looks don’t matter, be in the moment, freedom from outcome, all these things to limit your thinking ability. The self-development is about growth. You have no contribution, you only made the daygame world a worse place. In Vancouver, you turn off all the women for no reason except to approach and take action. Get the fuck off the field. See Pareto principle above, you are not using that.



todd 1
Don’t give a shit what Todds solutions are to the game. He doesn’t have the answers. But he points things out correctly. He said don’t drink the Koolaid. Meaning Jim Jones, cult leader who poisoned his people when he spiked their koolaid.

When you leave a cult, you get excommunicated from other members and gets attacked. Happened with Todd and other people. This is the reason why a church is not a cult. If you leave there are no consequences. I left my church, the pasture just prayed for me on the phone or something. Lol, ummm okay. Cults will actually excommunicate you and attack you. I mean, Todd is getting take down notice on his youtube channel. RSD will attack people that worked for them in the past because their cult is about making money.


You ever fasted before? Where you didn’t eat anything for 24 hours? People also intermittent fast now. To get out of a cult, sometimes people get deprogrammed. In fact this entire blog is a way to help you deprogram and question your belief. They usually separate you from the cult first and try to ask questions getting you back to your rational mind. To think outside of the B.I.T.E model above. My solution is to stop going to RSD Nation for a month and stop watching their videos. Since you love free advice, intermittent it a bit. Go take another month fast. That is one way. You will find what I am saying finally makes sense once you break the programming. You wonder why you ever believed that RSD bullshit in the first place. You start to feel yourself again. Don’t be so easily swayed because you want to meet your human needs. You give up the ability to get your dick wet from banging a hot girl in daygame. Unless you’re priveldged, then you wouldn’t understand. I’m talking to the negative stereotypes. You have to wonder why RSD stuff doesn’t work for daygame and works for night game. Well, night game you don’t need social intelligence or to Wayne 30 it. Can you log out of RSD Nation? Can you unsubscribe to all their shit on youtube? you can re-subscribe. But every time you do this, when you think rationally again. Would you really want to? Unplug from the RSD Matrix. When they tell you to unplug from the Matrix, they are replugging you back into their matrix.

Remember, I won’t ever use any sort of their tactics on you. I’m always here to wake you up. You can spot it a mile away now if I do. I am teaching you how cults work. Second, never worship me. I’m just human with some extraordinary abilities and a scientific field tested understanding of the game. If you dislike what I am saying, you are a deluded sociopath who thinks your opinions is facts. I won’t train you. Stop reading my blog, fuck off. Remember I am not here to tell you how to think. I’m just posting my field testing results. I do have the most student success in the world for daygame for pulls and lays combined. Meaning if you go look at pull/laid testimonials from every daygame company, I have many times more. Maybe I am telling you something that is so scientific, rooted in reality, it works. Think for yourself, is the best advice I can give you. Also, Merry Christmas Eve.

-John Wayne


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