Asian Wayne 30/Playbook student gets laid again. 2nd time, 4 pulls total.


Congrats on your lay again. As long as you are happy. I’m here to elevate your game.

I’m going to do a case study among my students who can get laid vs the ones who only pulls. I think there is a contrast in their behavior. I’ll do so in the next post. Seems like the students who get laid sets a better man to women frame. Also, they aren’t afraid to show their sexuality. For them, it is the romantic/sexual connection. For the student who don’t, it is the natural/romantic connection. They can romanticize it but can’t flirt in a sexual way. Our system is the romantic/sexual connection. There is a ratio system. We can adapt it to every girl. I’ll be totally harsh in the next post. I believe the reason purely is not because they aren’t going more sexual. Although that is a symptom. I think it goes deeper than that. They tend to have a value taker personality trait. They don’t really think win/win. Only Win/lose or Lose/lose. When you try to explain it to them because they are such value takers, they almost keep biting the hand that feeds them. I’ll call it the pulling purgatory.

-John Wayne

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