New Policy, I won’t teach delusional impossible case people in the future

How do you know you are delusional? I will list some qualities that they all have.

They tell you that X + Y = Z. Meaning X = the problem Y = (their fucked up limiting belief) and Z = their shifting blame of the whole problem. They basically create this fucked up algorithm in their brain. My X + Y = Z is based on my results as a short Asian and all my student results among all races and height, age, all around the world. With my 82% of students pulling a girl home to the bedroom and 70% of them getting laid. Or its only a matter of time when they do depending on how fast they implement the advice. Its like Talking to Charles Manson, or a mental patient. No matter what you can’t get though their delusions. The biggest delusion I hear from potential students are, X= I am not getting laid in daygame because I have: Y = Approach anxiety, I don’t have enough time, I just need to apply myself.

correlation_does_not_equal_causation_greeting_card-rc38b65e106fc46c8909fd2e938165a9e_xvuak_8byvr_512.jpgIn layman terms, your X + Y is the correlation or the deluded belief you have. Z = causation or what you think is the result. The reason why Deepak Wayne and I have the same X + Y = Z is because we have a guy who is considered to be unattractive and East Indian. Also, you have an Asian guy who is average looking who is short and skinny. So two disadvantage people has to learn tighter game to get the same results or exceed the results of other white dating coaches who are tall and handsome.

1354_Janka1_1280196966Lets look at Paul Janka. He no longer teaches daygame. But his X + Y = Z might be different than ours. He has more height, privledges and genetic advantages. He only gets 11% which isn’t a game of conversions, but a lazy game of numbers. I don’t believe it is a numbers game. It is a game of skill. John Wayne can close 85% – 90% of sales over the phone for students. I even closed a sale to a black student today and he is one of the most open minded guys I ever taught. I never seen a student learn so fast because he isn’t deluded. If he was, he would be resistant. He dropped all RSD advice because now he knows its bullshit. But then again, this is where game matters. I do believe it is my duty to sell products and coaching services if you need it, if it can help and transform your life. He was very glad to get the playbook. I’m very glad to have such an awesome student. I’m going to do everything in my power to get him laid.

Lets talk about why that is pure bullshit excuses. Lets use a case study about Vancouver. We had a lot of PUAs and most of them using direct game dropped like flies, one by one. There was one guy, who was so bad who turned off the entire Vancouver himself. He would make 1000 or 2000 approaches a month. He would approach every girl 10x. He would turn off Vancouver like a light switch. He was totally deluded and the first student I ever kicked out. Who went to Jan afterwards and got no results. I’ll explain the cause.

The second case study is Vancouver PUAs are all dropping like flies. Its so hard lately, they don’t even stand a chance. So if they just applied themselves and natural and direct it. Applying themselves and the time. Natural and direct is just some stupid shit like lets go cook. But cook with your heart and vibes. Maybe you dumb mother fuckers should actually learn the fundamentals and recipes first? There are no good fundamentals I seen in most direct game systems if not all. The social skills aspect or conversational structure is shit. If you find yourself like that, for god sakes get Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero already and stop punishing yourself. Most of that shit is gamey as fuck and socially unintelligent mental masturbation of deluded privledged fucks. Who loves number close videos.

Even if you fixed your approach anxiety. Some deluded fucks thinks automatically they will just get non stop results. Once again these dumb mofos will be in for a rude awakening when they can’t even keep up a conversation. They just natural and direct it. Unless you are good looking, tall, strong, her type, don’t bother.

I released this video in June. I listed 4 traits impossible cases always tells me. They all say the exact same 4 traits. It is how I know the student is deluded.

  1. They always shift blame why its not their fault. They lose all personal power making excuses and won’t change. Look, LMS + Game is a valid argument and its not shifting blame. There is a value system. But if they say their face isn’t symmetrical, or its women here only wants rich guys, or some deluded shit. Once you make an excuse, you shift blame, you simply don’t do it. I show my potential students this big red bullshit excuses button I have created. I keep posting it and show them how many times they have pressed it. They are shocked.
  2. They will argue with you and get resistant over everything you say. Even if you are statistically the worlds best dating coach field testing everything. I only speak on student scientifically field tested data. I can post testimonials until the end of the year and not run out if you want me to. I just want to make some advice post ot put it into perspective. The best students like my black student today from the United Stages just opened his mind and applied it as quick as possible. This is what separates easy cases from normal, hardcases and impossible cases. If I already have the best daygame system that produces the most results in the world. Are you so fucking dense and so fucking stupid, you will argue back with your delusions? Are you fucking insane? Oh wait, don’t answer that question.
  3. They have this deluded belief system that is Elliot Rodgers level bullshit. I mean sluthate is a site full of these faggots. They believe in crazy shit that isn’t reflective of reality. Elliot Rodgers is a deluded, narcissistic, sociopathic, machevelli, aspie, depressed, anxiety ridden fuck. In fact most of the dating coaches I see are the same. Completely deluded. The only difference with the other coaches is they spend the time to calibrate and turn it all around. Every coach has a different level of privledges. With the exception of me, I don’t have any. So these sociopaths project their opinions as facts onto the world. This is how the whole daygame industry works.
  4. They say if XYZ happened, she would of came out on a date with me, or have sex with me. But it never happened, its deluded. I’m serious, there are people out there with the exact same 4 traits I mentioned before. I hear it all the time. They always argue with me and always use one magical word. They keep arguing and use the word karma. I don’t personally believe in karma so nothing bad happens to me. I help people get laid and pull girls home. I’m good at my job, better than the whole daygame industry. You can’t argue with student results. I think bad karma happened to them. But that word comes up a lot. I personally won’t train these fucks. I will show them this article in the future. They are a liability. If 82% of my students pulled, 18% didn’t pull, get laid, or even a date. Then they are a deluded liability, I can’t teach them because its like trying to get though to Charles Manson. The crazy thing about these people are, they will think they aren’t deluded and they are right. Just block them and move on from your life.


Why are they like that? What is the cause?

#1) Sociopaths are charming.

#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people.

This rule makes them very hard to talk to. Although I write like Gordon Ramsay online, I am extremely chilled and normal in real life to my friends.

#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse.

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences.

This is part of the stubbornness of the XYZ = I would of got this results if I just did this XYZ.

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs.

Since sociopaths can’t be wrong in their own mind, you will argue with them and they will never accept defeat. Even if you have field testing data to back up everything you said. They can’t be wrong, so they will argue back.

#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent,

In my opinion, I say they are dumb like a tumor. They are all the same. Just block and move on.

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love

#8) Sociopaths speak poetically.

#9) Sociopaths never apologize.

This is a problem, they are never wrong. They feel no guilt.

#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth

This is the biggest issue. Everything I do is field tested so there are hardly any delusions. it is bringing the highest student daygame results on this planet earth. You think 7.8 billion people on this earth. One person can beat me in terms of daygame student success. But no, not even one. The more deluded a coach is, the less testimonials of students pulling and getting laid they have. You have to be deluded saying oh they just don’t post it. Or they don’t screenshot it. I say pure bullshit. If their student gets laid, it will be all over youtube and facebook because of their narcissistic traits. Testimonials = how strong and transferable your game is. LMS is not transferable. Your skin can’t turn more white, you can’t get taller, also, you can’t just gain another million dollars into your pocket out of nowhere if a tall good looking white coach trained you in daygame. This opinions as facts thing is what makes delusional people so difficult to teach. They are so resistant to learning, they slow down their results to getting laid to a year or not at all.

I’m not training people like this. This is called comorbidity or mixed mental illness. Most dating coaches are like this but over came it. But that is why the daygame industry is so full of cult level shit like RSD. Also, why so many people are sociopathic or psychopathic. If you aren’t privledged and become a dating coach. You will turn into some of the most sociopathic pieces of shit like the Vancouver PUAs here. I would literally tell you to go to another coach. I would say maybe I am not the right coach for you. Although this week I made less money and the first week I did a lot more this month. Maybe it is Christmas. Consider getting yourself the gift of real game. $600 bundle now gets you the Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero with the Wayne Playbook. I’m adding an additional Skype that adds up to 4 Skypes. Normally it cost $200 an hour to Skype with me. If I linked you to this article, then you know why I decided not to train you. I talked to Deepak about this and he is okay with it. I told him I am not going to train these impossible case fucks anymore. Not worth the effort. I will train hardcases no problem.

The solution

So if they are easy cases, normal cases, hardcases and impossible cases. By learning you keep pressing the bullshit button. Being aware by pressing this button, you no longer make any progress. You have fucked yourself over.


You start to listen to me, the worlds best daygame coach statistically speaking for student results. I mean obviously, don’t fucking listen to RSD or Justin Wayne. You would get no results and more mental masturbation. But if you listen to me, you get results. If you are hardcase, you become a normal case. You are an impossible case, you become a hardcase. You are a normal case, you become an easy case. The students who gets laid put their ego aside and say fuck it, i’m just going to listen to John Wayne. The speed of implementation begins to happen and you get results. The is the cure, putting your ego aside and learn to fucking listen.

This video explains how to stop thinking and start fucking listening, then applying. Remember if I don’t want to train you, you are delusional. You can wave 100,000K in front of my face. If you are delusional, I won’t fucking train you. I would say go shove it and go fuck yourself. I’ll train hardcases of course, don’t worry. It is something I figured out with Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. But I won’t train impossible cases.

Talked to some other black dude who has a fucked up peacocking flamboyant fashion sense. He had the audacity to say put stars and patterns into your hair. My hairstyle I suggested is too plain. He projected his opinions as facts saying that is how an East Indian guy should dress because of peacock theory. That women opens him and is attracted to his ripped body. He didn’t need any game. Said he didn’t like my business casual look and said blazers looked gay? I called his stuff metrosexual to the max for his golden bling suggestions, baggy pants. None of my students wears baggy shit or skinny. I just blocked him. Its not transferable.

However, I just got my 4th, 3 Months to Proficiency student now. I closed another sale. To ask yourself if game and sales are related. If John Wayne has an 85% and 90% close rate for sales. I can do it without the phone and just text. Then do you think I am persuasive? Of course. Its all related to game. My extreme high student success rate and my non-deluded behavior play a big role in my success. Have a closer mentality. I have the best product and the highest student success rate in the world. If you count metrics of skills if I have an impossibly high student pulling on bootcamps. Student getting laid, testimonials. Also, a super high sales closing rate. Obviously, I have some skill. It speaks for itself. I can beat all coaches because I am the least deluded. Just watch out if you ever train with someone else besides me and they are deluded. They have no testimonials and no student results. Just privileges. Just see how many of the testimonials they have for students pulling and getting laid. It shows how privledged they are if they have very few and no students pulling. Also, how deluded they are. I don’t give a fuck about money, but to me, I am here to help others. I dedicate my life to finding the cure for Asian guys. In my journey, every race, every age, every country has trained with me. I’m happy to be your coach and happy about your success. 82% of you guys pulled, 70% got laid under my training. Every bootcamp student this year except one pulled. Some got laid and girlfriends, fuck buddies afterward. In the shortest amount of time, I have gone from another dating coach to being statistically the worlds best for student results. It’s only possible if you aren’t delusional or non privledged.

Update, just got this now, will post it as the next post. Its a case study of delusional people vs non deluded people. When they listen to me they get results. I haven’t Skyped him yet, he just used Wayne 30 so far and got laid from it and several pulls. Even if that black dude said my hairstyle is boring. My student got a haircut and he pulled again. He instadate and stole another girl from another Indian guy when she was about to go on a date. I told him passive value or fashion, aesthetics mattered.

hair pull 3.png

hair pull

Listen, I have field tested every aspect of daygame and I know everyones daygame system. Its total shit and they are privledged, deluded and don’t know what they are talking about. When you stop listening to me and project your opinions as facts to me, you start to fail in daygame. You don’t tell the worlds best dating coach in terms of student pulling and getting laid your sociopathic opinions as facts. Do you even testimonial bro?? Even if you aren’t a dating coach and project stupid fucking opinions. Can your stupid fucking opinions work with a dozen Asian or East Indian guys who are your friends? Nope because you would destroy their lives with your delusion. Not much different than other dating coaches.

-John Wayne



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