Cold honest brutal truth about text game, flakes and how it works.

I have a text game system. For my 6’0 tall students and above who has good social skills. They have close to a 40% success to 50% success the girl will come out on a date with them rate. These guys aren’t Asians because white girls flakes on some of them. But after my training they get some dates and replies on text. Some gets dates finally. A lot of people talks about flakes and issues relating to it. Some Asians in Asia gets higher since they are the same race as the girl.

I wrote this article in September.

East Indian bootcamp student dated 4 girls a week. Some 8/10 and above. He is 6’2, pretty sure that helps to some degree and his fashion change. Be her type.


For the first time ever, you get to peer into my mind and my thinking process of designing training programs. Never has this been disclosed.

I have decided to scrap my text game product and rework it. I built it with some influences from Todd Valentine and Matt Artisan. Remixed with our daygame system as a format. Meaning multiple openers depending on the girl. Also spicing the conversation. Sweet spot to ask her out. We even had an escalation ladder. It didn’t work for every student because this text game is too white privileged. It worked for the positive stereotype ones, but not all negative stereotype ones. I could release this product and make some money. But it has to be John Wayne field tested and battle approved. That means I will begin a huge field test. I’m not afraid to throw away everything and restart, or field test everything again. I’m the meticulous and am a perfectionist.

The 6 real reasons why girls flakes on you. The secrets the industry doesn’t want to tell you due to marketing you motivational bullshit. Here is the cold hard brutal honest truth. 

  1. You are not her type. You dress like a fucking slob and a broke ass college student. A worthless piece of shit who shop at winners, or the Gap. You can’t stop wearing hoodies. Your hair is shit, you don’t fit into any areas of her life. Are you her ideal type? We all have an ideal type. If you aren’t then you get flaked on. This is the cold hard honest truth. If she saw the value in you, she will show up. Of course sometimes it can be other reasons, like she is on her period, she is sucking someone elses dick. Your daygame sucks. You bought into the RSD bullshit that looks don’t matter, so dress like shit and get flaked on non stop. You dropped out of game in Vancouver or other places? Serves you right.
  2. You never built attraction by spicing up the conversation. Or you over spiced it being too gamey like a direct game circle jerker RSD victim. Being creepy as fuck.
  3. You didn’t build a solid connection. You are dead on the inside emotionally. We have a social comfort stage for that. You are either a sociopath or narcissistic with depress and anxiety. You can’t feel anything.
  4. You didn’t establish a man to women vibe or frame because you are a platonic fuck who has no facial expressions. With an Asian poker face and Asian poker tonality, also Asian poker emotional impact, or the lack thereof. Doesn’t mean you are Asian, but none of them has facial expressions.
  5. You didn’t established a romantic/sexual connection. It is impossible to when you are a tall good looking white guy. They don’t flirt, just be platonic and natural. We establish this during the escalation ladder phase and some times before.
  6. You didn’t touch her because you a privledged white guy. You have touch anxiety or escalation anxiety due to your privledges. So you feel you don’t have to. Yet my white London bootcamp student touches all the time and he gets 3-4 dates a week. He also had 2 girlfriends and 4 fuck buddy in 3 months. So fuck your whole number games theory. He can outright destroy most dating coaches in a short time.

Now that you know the reasons, only our daygame system works to address all of these 6 points. I never wanted to release them, keep you in the dark. Also, Wayne 30 helps you with social calibrations. If you aren’t calibrated, she starts to auto reject you as creepy. Which can hurt your results too.

Fuck number closes videos in daygame. Instadate, pull or f-close or bust. 

Fuck these white dating coaches with their stupid number close videos or Jan Lifestyle number close or dry pulling bullshit. You have to be stupid faggots to even believe in this shit. Just go for same day lays. If you didn’t get it in, you set the frame for next time. Since you at least tried, you will hit more of the 6 points above. Just don’t go past the point of no return. Also, narcissistic students in general in my experience, tends to get more flakes. They are emotionally detached. I do teach them how to fake feelings so she can’t tell. I know its manipulative, but game is all about manipulation. You would only get women who are equal or below your looks scale with direct game. You didn’t come join game to get below your looks scale.

In this video I yell at two of my 6’2 students. These guys went direct or switched to direct looking for positive reactions. Or what I call P.O.S reactions or piece of shit reactions. Kept getting flaked on. You can’t do direct in Vancouver that easily. There is no path to victory unless you are getting equal or below your looks scale. When I yelled at them and told them to go back to their training. That was when they kept getting dates non stop, 3-4 a week. I solved the day 2 issues for taller guys. But, not for some Asians who are shorter. So I solved half the worlds problem, but I am not here to create a privledged text game system.

I’m restarting from scratch for text game.

I’m going to field test every texting system in the world. I already own all the books and stuff and video programs. Its mostly a crock of shit, for white people. Some people say 11% is accurate for the amount of girls who comes out, according to handsome Paul Janka. Or was it 11% gets laid. The point is our game is all about conversions. That is the name of the game, not yes girls, but conversions. By adding the 6 points above, you create a conversion. I don’t care how politically incorrect my text game will become. But even the lowest common denominator, like a short skinny Asian or East Indian nerd can use it to achieve over 50% success like my taller students who happens to be her type. There is a value system, which has to be demonstrated over text.

I’ll ask people to submit their text to Wayne Dating Lifestyle side of the fence. I give tips how to fix and can field test it on a large scale. Now you know how I think when I say things are field tested. Everything I do is field tested. I spent one fucking year field testing every daygame system and teaching every type of student in the world in every configuration to see what works. I taught for free for my first year. Most of it is bullshit if a skinny Asian dude can’t use it. Yes I am willing to delay a product until its properly field tested. Since it seems like my products are the only thing that works in the daygame industry, I have to becareful of the things I release. If I released my current text game product, I will project my opinions as facts like some sociopathic fuckers. Like most of the daygame industry is full of psychopaths or sociopathic, narcissistic, machevelli manipulating fucks who projects bullshit onto people. I’m not like that, John Wayne has zero opinions. Only field tested data. I just simply present field testing data to you in this blog. If you disagree, you are simply delusional and stubborn.

Text game does exist. Its not all point A to point B bullshit unless you are tall, dark and handsome. 

Honestly, if you ask her out earlier and you didn’t have a lot of social capital, she radio silence you. Yes everything matters, including game. She is always thinking, how do you fit into her life.

infographicIf you don’t fit into her life as a boyfriend. Then texting her is a gamble. She has more time to digest the feelings you gave her during daygame and ponder where you fit into her life. Race, height, face, game, everything matters. This is why you should go for instadates. Another crutch you can do is to add her on facebook, Instagram or snapchat. Take pictures of you and other women as a DHV. But then again, if you can’t game without doing this preselection crutch, you will fuck up your daygame. You will think you are achieving something, when in reality your entire game revolves around an Instagram or facebook close. It didn’t even matter if you had game or not. It was all about the fun vibe and self amusement shit.

uar 2

This is why so many dating coaches plays a numbers game. Or they might be good at night game, but their daygame sucks. By not going for same day lays, since she doesn’t know what she wants until it is in front of her. You play a numbers game where she has an ideal of what she wants and you will get a bunch of flakes. If a dating coach said get 50 numbers then you will get a date. My second camera man on his third week pulled 5 times in a row. Then he got a girlfriend and fuck buddy soon after. You will see his testimonial. He has a HB 9/10 girlfriend, but he is attractive. He looks Latino but is East Indian. So race does matter. A lot of Asian guys will find they get flaked on. A tall guy in Vancouver who I saw trained in natural and direct. Even if super tall and buffed, with shit fashion gets flaked on non stop. Due to shitty game and being Asian. So it really depends, calculate your value and see if you pass 20/35. Even if these Asian guys did some physical touching. Doing that one thing, calibrated, not like some aspie fucks. She will at least reply to the text.

Of course the general rules of keeping your text shorter than hers. Timing all that shit applies. You have to ask yourself for every text, is it needy? Or does it DHV? or demonstrate higher value or lower value. If you send 3 big paragraphs of text, that lowers your value. The higher you have in the chart above, the more social capital you have. But you don’t get to make mistakes if you are Asian. One mistake, its game over. Learn to create conversions. Sales is a skill I am proficient in now. I never could do it before, but I am creating conversions. Even learning how to drive a race track is a skills. Even Brazilian Ju Jitsu is a skill. You can create conversions.

Once again I have to rewrite the entire fucking map. I had to rewrite daygame until we have nearly the perfect system with a few golden nuggets to improve it every 6 months. Every bootcamp student pulled except one guy. They also use my fashion tips. I have released the first social skills course for daygame that helped hardcases. People who says its all game and not social skills are RSD victims. I will release fashion domination for game to address the passive value. You have to if you are Asian and not dress like shit if you have no value in the looks area, or start pumping iron. Now I have to redefine text game. This whole industry is so fucked and so full of privileges. This privileges and delusion isn’t scientific and is just a bunch of bullshit self development philosophies.

Deepak make a video on text game and sometimes you wonder why white guys have more compliance in text game. While the minority friends gets flaked on more. Race and social value does matter. Even by the same girl.

He talks about how white guys are getting the same type of girls vs minorities.

text game.pngtext game 2.png

Tighter game helps. But try to be more of her type. If you want the women of your dreams, be the man of hers first. Also, learn some game. Our game is nearly the perfect daygame system. Lets be honest here, most dating coaches gets laid. No one really cares. At the end of the day, the student cares if they are getting results or not. You have to ask yourself is there any LMS factors the dating coach has? If so, that isn’t transferable.

-John Wayne




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