Second former RSD instructor called RSD Tyler a cult leader. Validates what I said.








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One of my students is the biggest fan of this guys work. This student of mine had 7 lays in a row in less than 2 months in daygame with hot blondes after one Skype. So I learned a few tactics about objections dealing from this guy above. I remixed it and updated it further to improve upon it. This guy used a Jordan Belfort system to deal with objections. I have a 85% – 90% close rate in sales over the phone and now through text in the last few months. I’m pretty fucking skilled and persuasive. Also what helps is my testimonials, people trust me and I have 82% of students pulling and 70% getting laid. Its unheard of in the PUA industry. Every student pulled this year in my bootcamp except one impossible case. I never had sales training in my life before and wasn’t good at it. But when I learned it, my PUA background kicked in. I started to study sales like two months ago or three. Yes, I have made a lot of money in the last few months. I reinvested it into objections dealing courses. But at the same time, students are pulling and also getting laid. So its a win/win situation. If someone has a golden nugget better than my daygame systems. Like seeding the pull, then objections dealing which I done with the 2 blonde girl infields. Objections dealing, of course, I would fucking steal and remix it. Do you think I’m fucking stupid for not doing that? I don’t take entire systems and put it on the pedestal. I only steal the best pieces or nuggets in the industry and discard the rest. I found there are four main types of responses that can answer just about any objections without a big list. But I am keeping this tactic a secret. I have no ego about game, if someone has a golden nugget. I’m going to incorporate it. When I trained in Israeli Krav Maga for 5 years. They would incorporate any martial art technique that worked for even the lowest common denominator. Also, discards what was privileged and only worked for the bigger guys. I think the same way if something is effective. I couldn’t get over a lot of objections, I tried it over and over. I remember trying it on a 18 year old girl who was a model during my students bootcamp. I tried to pass 50 objections. She was higher value than me, I stood my ground and tried to wear her down. I almost pulled her, she changed her mind the last second. This was during a bootcamp. I couldn’t over come the value system because you need some form of attraction from the girl or value/privledge for that. So I reworked it for my body type and now it works pretty well. I found agreeing first then dealing with it works better as I have learned in some of the courses on objection dealing. Regardless, mixing this with my escalation ladder makes things easier to over come the objections. Even the phrases I use all the time over comes objections too or resistance in certain stages or pre-emptive some of them. Its not about whether or not it works perfectly. What was important was, it gave me a brand new direction to think in, a new perspective. Then its field tested through my 5’7 Asian body on hot girls. For me, since I have some of the least privileged in game, I really need to optimize my game to the max. Its open heart surgery, one mistake I’m rejected. I have no second chances. Welcome to nightmare difficulty. You won’t be forgiven and easily stereotyped.

There are no golden nuggets from RSD. Like I said I study everyone’s system before and field tested it. I remix it until it works for my 5’7 skinny Asian frame. If it doesn’t work, I discard it. I used the term seeding the pull in my infield. But the rest of the escalation ladder was mine. I update the system every 6 months.


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Golden nuggets. I don’t use other peoples entire daygame systems. But I take golden nuggets from others. Only if their system has any. Most doesn’t.


This guy through night game has the highest laycount in the industry. I have the highest student pull and laid testimonials in daygame. I am a daygame coach and don’t do night game. Also, I have the exact same personality as him. But since he called RSD out as a cult, he validates everything I said about calling them a cult. I do want to keep my distance of course, since he acts like me or I act like him. But when he said Tyler is running an RSD cult, he validates everything I said. I just saw this video pop up today on Dec 11th. So I thought it was something I wanted to share. What I like about him is he is also a very technical guy like myself and Deepak. An engineering and scientific brain. There are only a small amount of people in the industry who talks about RSD in a bad way. Maybe less than a handful. But they should be commended and respected. Only the best in the dating industry at something. For him laycounts are willing to talk badly about RSD. This guy said he studied all the cults and he knows how they work. I have studied the same cults as him too and more.


Tbh, we both had the same guy who also defected from RSD working for me and him in Vancouver. Or a short time he worked for us both. He said to me you two are the best at what you do, I want to work for you guys. He said I should meet this guy above, he is actually a really cool guy in real life. He told me my testimonials was not typical and RSD gets barely any student results in daygame. He showed me the entire forum and what he had access to. I won’t mention him or say his name. He showed me how hardly anyone got results in Vancouver. That is private, but it why I know so much about RSD and how he also validates its a money making self-development cult. He said once RSD went into the self-development direction, it became a cult with more brainwashed followers. He daygamed with every member of RSD, they are total shit. He told me they don’t pull when they travel. So it’s all advice videos mostly and number closes. (Deepak pulls whenever he travels actually) He said Tyler has no empathy or guilt. He told me everything I ever said about RSD is spot on. Also, the reason people didn’t listen was because it is like insulting their god. He said people are emotional, you have to explain it in an emotional way. Just like Todd, he lost all access once he left. The company is toxic and people are brainwashed. We parted ways because I didn’t need an affiliate for my products. He didn’t take my bootcamp, so whatever. He just wanted to get laid and thought RSD had all the answers. Must be tough working for them all these years.

I studied all about cults for half a year and I even studied how to deprogram people from cults. What the fuck do you think I am trying to do with my blog? Deprogram you. Is it possible you are brainwashed? I say to anyone who trains with me in the future, please don’t ever worship me. Under any circumstances. I’m just a human being with extraordinary teaching abilities. I literally tell people on a Whatapp phone call to not worship me and talk to me normally. I taught you how cults work so it can never be used on you. I would never use these tactics. Truth is my marketing and brutal honesty.

I’ve been trying to tell you dumb mother fucking RSD circle jerkers all along. But if someone will have the balls to speak up, I’ll commend and respect them. I want to end on, fuck RSD. If I keep calling them RSD faggots. Even Deepak calls them that too. I coined the term RSD faggots. For the dumb minorities who still follows them and doesn’t get daygame results? Lol, sucks to be you. Maybe I don’t know, stop drinking the koolaid and stop being retarded. Maybe learn to be objective and stop being comforted with half truths. You faggots will train with me one day. You just watch, begging for repair work. RSD concepts taught by another tall handsome strong Asian dating coach here in Vancouver destroyed Vancouver. He got no daygame student pulling or getting laid testimonials. You destroyed not only my city, you destroyed my fellow Asians. Where 51% of Asian women will marry a white guy and 1 in 5 Asian men won’t get married or procreate. To RSD, you destroyed my race, my people on a large scale. Anyone who hurts my fellow Asians will answer to me John Wayne one of these days. Even if you are Asian. Asians make up 1/3 of all PUA students, but are the most vulnerable and the ones who are not getting daygame results. Unless they are buffed, or strong, or excessively good looking for their race. The rest is just suffering and always going to RSD since looks and race doesn’t matter as they keep reciting to me. All these guys talking about RSD who are ex RSD instructors, they are speaking the truth about RSD.

What I told you all along with the honest truth. This blog will always talk about the truth even if it hurts my business. In the last few months it has hurt my business a bit here. But not on the other side of the fence at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. People still trained with me from there and they read my blog. I never made this blog to be liked and I don’t need your validation. This is all true for this entire post, I am not spinning things. It is accurate to the best of my ability. The truth is the best marketing in the long run. It was just RSD Todd really bringing an awakening. I still think he is pointing out the right things. But not offering the right solutions. It’s just the same shit as always. He just pointed it out better. He isn’t even half as technical or scientific as this guy in the video, me or Deepak. He is just a philosopher, not a scientist. I don’t respect a lot of guys in the industry. But if there are a few, the guy in the video is one of them I do have some level of respect for. When he acted narcissistic, I never got angry or triggered like a lot of you when I do that. I thought, good for him, that’s great. He achieved something good. I always respect people who has done something better than me. I never respect people below me. I thank my student for telling me about this guy. Its been enlightening. Also, when I said I have studied and field tested everyone’s system, I really mean it. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that before in Deepaks interview with me long ago. I even saw Justin Wayne’s pickup mastery. I took two golden nuggets. Being emotionally accurate and don’t move hands as fast during seduction stage or escalation ladder phase. Yeah two golden nuggets, that’s it? Wayne 30 was better tbh as a course and has more components for 30 separate days. Its similar except mine is more robust. These small golden nuggets can help. I released it first, but I do learn from people and field test everything. If I wasn’t a short 5’7 skinny Asian guy. I wouldn’t be able to figure out if something works or not. It is part of my secret why I get so much testimonials or student results. Every system has to be field tested on me and my Asian students first. The lowest common denominator. Even my 5’4 student got two same day lays in a row for the last testimonial. If it works for someone that short, it works for everyone. Look I’m a scientist of game. Outside of my opinions, I have no opinions. Its all derived from field testing data. My students are the most successful in the world for daygame if you looked at the metrics. 82% pulled, 70% laid.

He also said some of the Mystery Method is good and some of it is really bad. Validates my claims too. Some of it works, the protector status and preselection theory is from Mystery. His long ass DHV stories, I do short detailed one picking only one attraction switch to relate to her world. Not some long story. Routines? I use short phrases. Not long as gambits, unless palm reading. 4-7 hour rule, I pulled 2 blondes in 8 minutes and banged one in 10 minutes. I think you can compress the steps and overlap it. A HB 8.5/10 for my latest infield. I have lots btw, will slow drip release them. They are all same day lays. Why same day lays? Why not. My last name Wayne suggest I do that. Its what I do, or what I specialize in. Regardless, to the guy in the video, keep up the good work. Nice to see some skilled people in the industry. I said this for years, finally to have two former RSD coaches validate the bullshit that is called RSD. It really makes me feel vindicated. I wanted to say to everyone who told me I can’t call RSD a cult for the last few years. I wanted to say after two former RSD instructor said the same thing, including Todd, indirectly. I wanted to say fuck you and go fuck yourself for projecting your brainwashing on me.

-John (Fuck RSD) Wayne



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