(Daygame) What you feel ur projecting on inside isn’t what she sees on the outside

Tall white natural and direct coaches screwed you up

A lot of people says stupid shit. Like if the girl gives me a kiss or I am getting positive reactions, or what I call P.O.S, or piece of shit reactions. Or they claim their daygame is very good. Like white people with so much fucking value, or even black guys. They just happen to have protector status and preselection. They are exactly her type. They can’t even vocally project, keep saying oh nice, oh wow, I love Russian girls, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. They have no fucking facial expressions or tonality. Imagine an unattractive East Indian guy or a 5’7 Chinese guy saying cool, cool, cool, cool cool. I love Russian girls. That comes across like a fucking homeless low-value person giving validation or compliments. You would often see tall strong high-value SMV black dating coaches saying offer her the validation. Wtf. I digress, but the bigger point is, what you feel you are doing that seems like you are a good daygamer. In reality, you might just be another guy, for example, a black dating coach with no expressions whatsoever. No matter what you do, you are preselected by blonde women. So you project your delusions onto the world, while playing on easy mode. Or a tall good looking white guy with no expressions being cocky funny. The reason they teach you to have no expressions and be natural is that they have so much value.  Or how to tease and be cocky funny, gamey. When you learn from these faggots, as a negative stereotype minority, you simply don’t have results. If these tall white faggots who are good looking had an Asian friend who is short and skinny. They tried to field test their game with someone without any sort of value, then it all falls apart. That is the best litmus test to game. Most of the time for those who self-proclaim they are gurus and good at daygame. You see they have no fucking expression and women thinks with feelings. Look at Todd Valentine giving non-stop validation, calling himself a cute boy approaching her. Then he has an Asian poker face. Would this work for a short skinny Asian guy? If a tall pretty supermodel girl compliments you on your nice clothing, is that high value? Yes, but if a short Asian guy or nerdy East Indian guy gives compliments or validation. With no sense of fashion, is this considered high value to the girl?

You feel you are cool on the inside, day gaming well. But when you record yourself its cringe-worthy. 

You don’t really know how you come across until you record an infield. It is my job and while nerve racking sometimes, I am constantly being recorded doing infields. I have to stand correctly, move my face unlike other Asian dating coaches and apply the fundamentals of social skills and game. Even among my 3 months to proficiency students, I see a lot of mistakes that everyone makes. I am coining the term, Asian Poker Face, Asian poker tonality and Asian poker emotions. What I mean by that is, it almost seems like you are deliberately hiding any expressions. Even if you flirt or tease, it sounds neutral. You can thank natural and direct tall good looking faggots for this phenomenon. What are some of the things I noticed….

Slow the fuck down. When you record yourself, one of the biggest universal issues is how fast people talks. When you aren’t socially calibrated, you talk at a rapid-fire pace. Or it sounds like machine gun burst of fire. The it stops, then you go fast again, then it stops. Slow the fuck down. When I make advice videos, I don’t talk in rapid-fire pace. The reason is, the girls can’t digest what you are saying. Then again I don’t deliberately talk super slow like London daygame faggots. That sounds gamey as shit. You thought you were cool and collected. But you are a nervous wreck.

Your body moves around weird like an aspie fuck. Call it body rocking or whatever weird fucking gestures that are unnecessary.


Not only that, you square off to her. If you didn’t give a compliment, you won’t get IOIs or positive reactions. Or what I call P.O.S reactions, piece of shit reactions. So standing shoulder to shoulder scares the living shit out of her. This destroyed Vancouver. In my bootcamps since we don’t give compliments or validation, we never found an instance where the students hooked. In fact, this is a perfect example of where you think you are cool, but in reality, repelling women away.

Only works on deformed Asian girls who are 4/10
Only works for trannies who are 3.5/10. Scammiest product alive, doesn’t work. Missing last module you pay double for. Everything he does is a scam. It will catch up to him eventually.

If you did this to hotter girls squaring off, its practically game over. Or you get cool number close videos that looks good getting a number of a hotter girl. Or ugly girls with hot bodies and censoring their faces. In reality, they are all 4-6/10. But you are much taller and way stronger, better looking than the girl. But to me or another pro, looks like the entire list of Aspergers syndrome. Does it pass the short Asian guy test? Nope, that is why this scammy mother fucker has no daygame testimonials for pulls and lays. It only works for taller, stronger handsome guys. Its really Julien Blancs game, that killed all the other Asians. RSD shit won’t work in Vancouver. They all tried and all failed. Whoever thinks RSD or Julien Blanc style game will work in Vancouver is deluded or doesn’t have daygame skills. I can see your infields for other dating coaches. You don’t think I can see how fucking weak and cringe worthy your game is? You just happen to be her type. Why my students are getting results. Also, notice Jan only has two expressions, the Asian poker face and the smile. That’s it. All Asian daygamers except myself, they all have only poker face and smile. They try to create an emotional impact with a poker face. It is why most Asians can’t daygame, they are the definition of Aspergers syndrome. So some try to get taller with growth hormones or some type of steroids. They figured if they are stronger, it attracts more women. But once again does this pass the transfer to short skinny Asian guy test? Nope. Unless they go after Asian women only. My Asian students like white girls.

Aspies don’t make eye contact. Most deluded impossible cases tend to have one thing in common. There is no fucking eye contact. Their eyes move left to right. I might update Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero showing this. They move it left to right as if they were a malfunctioning android robot.

Everyone is monotoned. What the fuck is this shit? When I deal with deluded impossible cases, they all seem to have a monotone voice for some fucking reason. Cough, aspergers. Learn how to change it up once in a while.

Image result for wtf is this shit?

The taller, stronger and more handsome you are. You can act natural, cool, cold and devoid of emotions like James Bond. But for shorter minorities, who are lower value. I don’t mean black dudes who are tall, strong and preselected types with confidence. I mean like Asians and East Indians without muscles or fashion. You can’t play the game the same way as these taller guys.

Deepak Wayne said the reason why tall white guys plays the game this way trying to be alpha and showing no emotions is because of women these days. Entitled ones with their belief system. So these faggots are so beta and feminine with no balls. They will do whatever they can to retain their balls acting cool or tough.

He also said white guys don’t have to connect because if they are tall and good looking. They just have to tell a girl to suck his dick and she will be happy to. There is no need for social comfort or social connection. When you’re trying to act too cool and cocky funny. You might not be aware you come across as a try hard trying to be overly cool.

james bond.png


You are beta as fuck and turning off all girls. 

Image result for asian nerd

The rapport seeking, uptalking tonality. Putting white women on a pedastal. The name of the game for expressions is emotionally accuracy. Are you portraying what you want to show to the girl? There is a try hard trying to be cool natural and direct style. But then again when you see other short Asians doing daygame, its totally beta. I myself don’t even treat white girls with any value. I don’t even treat taller women with any value. I think they are beneath me in my mentality. I have an entire different mindset. Sometimes people forgets i’m Asian or they think I am not the typical Asian guy. Learn some dominance, but social intellegence that Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero teaches you. That solves 60% of the problem. For intermediates that turns them into a natural with perfect social skills. The other half or 40% is game. You will see this is why most white dating coaches has no game. Even most of the black ones, they are so privledged. It is the exact reason why some students learns every style of game just to fail in it making excuses. They are learning only 40% of game. But that isn’t even good enough game to pass the 5’4 short Asian student applying it litmus test. Sometimes it seems only our style works because I am a short Asian who has no privileges. When people apply it, they get results. Deepak and I believe there are a lot of people unqualified to teach daygame. They think oh because I get this results, others will. But the better question instead of worshipping singular cult figures. Are you getting your dick wet? If not, who the fuck cares. You are just wasting your time and energy with nonsense. You know a system is bullshit when they have no student pull or laid testimonials. I’ll post more testimonials from the biggest scammiest companies in the world and update my sub section, me vs other dating coaches. I’ll educate you.

uar 2
This is the secret no other dating coaches wants to tell you, or their bullshit privledges falls apart. Knowing you can’t learn their privledges if your body isn’t the same configuration. White coaches or black coaches will say race doesn’t matter. Do they want to be truthful? Or make more money from it? Why is this fact hidden? It serves them.


But the name of the game is LMS + Game value/compliance and emotional accuracy. It’s like sales really or persuasion. I can even sell ice cubes to Eskimos if you wanted me to. I have an 85% – 90% close rate in sales for the last two months. I’m so good I can even do it through text now. I sell the best products and services in the world for daygame. Also, another important point is I am not deluded and project my opinions as facts. 3 Months of Proficiency is the actual field test data I am sharing with you. I have 4 students, that I got though my sales abilities. If you want to be a 3 months to proficiency student, join up now. But this is a giant field test and why its cheaper this month was because I’m field testing it. In the future, it will be 10 grand and only for Asians and East Indians according to Deepak as the solution to all their daygame problems. My time is money and valuable, or my mentorship and expertise. I hope you learned a lot because the data I posted here isn’t my opinion. Its field tested from many 3 months to proficiency students so I can make this post. Remember, John Wayne has no opinions as facts. Its always field tested and this time in great detail. If you disagree with the dating coach with the highest student success rate in the world, you are a deluded sociopathic aspie with other mental illness called comorbidity and I won’t train you. It’s my new policy.

Remember I once told you RSD is a cult. Now its validated among ex RSD coaches. I told you fashion mattered if you didn’t have muscles. I told you don’t go direct, don’t square off, I told you many things that were correct, time and time again. Vancouver didn’t listen and all the PUAs dissapeared. Only my students are killing it in the field. It’s not about recording yourself and seeing what works and doesn’t for stats. That is important, but if a big tall strong black dating coach or white does that. He can only teach you what works for positive stereotypes like himself. My game is translating that and recalibrating it for negative stereotypes. If you use a negative stereotype game, you also boost your LMS. Meaning my game the 8.5 or 9/10 game can be the battery that charges your LMS. It just makes it easier combining both together. A force multiplier. Even if you don’t have it, you still will get results. Just fix your fucking hair and fashion. It all helps even if you aren’t white. The less you are on the SMV chart, the more accurately expressive you have to be. The better you have to compensate for muscles or fashion. What you feel on the inside, like a cool guy is different when you record it. I screenshot people on Skype and show them how they have no facial expressions. Time and time again, I get student results for pulling and getting laid because I have no privileges. I have a fashion sense to compensate and I have more game than most of these dating coaches. The higher value students who are positive stereotypes tend to get girlfriends easier. Or if the same race. But, there is a value chart. Be accurate with your emotions as if you were playing a symphony and everything is congruent with what you want to show. Not too fast, not to slow, but hitting the right notes. Even Bruce Lees is very expressive and accurate with his emotions. But over exaggerates, but one of the very few Asians who can.

If anyone tells you anything differently, it’s marketing or delusions. Evolutionary psychology happened for millions of years. It doesn’t change because the cult RSD said looks don’t matter. People have been daygaming incidentally forever being born naturals. Not fake naturals. Fuck your theories and deluded marketing bullshit. The truth is the best marketing. If what I say is consistently correct, then fucking listen. I don’t like repeating myself, but sometimes it gets through your delusions eventually when you fail over and over with other companies. You eventually wake up. The longer you learn bullshit, the longer you will develop a bad habit. We are all a creature of habits. The reason why your game sucks is that it is an unconscious habit. Excellence is a habit.

-John Wayne







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