Raised price of the playbook. New Wayne 30 and Playbook bundle, 4 Skypes.


wayne wayne


Wayne 30 has been very successful in getting people hook points, instadates, hook points, pulls and even lays. I never intended it to be a program to get people laid. But somehow once again I have struck gold with my programs and it worked just like the playbook. I will not raise the price of the product. But I will, however, raise the price of the Playbook. The Wayne Playbook is now $450. Most other PUA products are notorious for not working. But mind are known to work. If it works, I can even raise it further.

I’m selling a new bundle. Wayne 30 and Wayne playbook for $600. Instead of 3 Skypes, one of the Skypes is for Wayne 30. Its a good deal since it cost $200USD to Skype with me. You save $50 but get two problems. One is more newbie, beginners and one foot in intermediate. The other is more of an intermediate, one foot in advanced program. Would I release an advanced level program? Maybe a few years from now. You can Skype me for the details, but it’s not necessary. I’m going to change the prices now to reflect the changes. Also, there is a new option to buy both Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and the Wayne Playbook.

3 MONTHS TO PROFICIENCY might have a significant price increase to $10,000. Deepak knows a program like this is specialized and stressful. For the amount of work, he doesn’t want me to burn out. Nearly over 90 days of work. He also only wants the program to teach Asians and East Indians, not positive stereotypes. If he wants to charge these prices, then I welcome it. Honestly, most people only have a 6 months to mastery program once a week. But its 3 grand lately since its cheaper for early adopters and still in the field testing phase.

There be will be more testimonials soon. But I want to talk about personality for my blog post. People who inspire me, even if they have an arrogant side. I also might talk about other popular privileged daygame systems and why it won’t work for short skinny Asian guys specifically. I taught them all in the first year as a dating coach for free to field test. I want to finally cover race and dating. Remember race is only a small part of it, but its something that is really real. Other dating coaches, if a student pulls on the bootcamp, or gets laid. Of course, they will brag on social media as if they are the best. Its rare but it happens for them. I get like so many testimonials a week. You don’t see testimonials from them because they play a direct game numbers game. It takes a long time for their students to even pull. It takes like 6-8 months. So during that time period, their students get results due to a numbers game. So, they don’t give a testimonial. So dating coaches says fuck it, i’m just not going to update it. I mean if they do get testimonials often, they would keep it updated. Its a red flag that the coach is extremely priveldged.

If the other dating coaches aren’t getting you results. Who gives a shit about what they think or how they teach. You aren’t getting results and mentally masturbating. Wasting time and energy for privileged deluded daygame systems that aren’t built for negative stereotypes. If you want to get the programs here, even if it’s not the cheapest around, but they work. You save a lot of time and money in the long run. Go to the online product page yourself. I am tired of linking to it.

-John Wayne

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