Don’t like my personality? Go fuck yourself. 10 Reasons why my personailty is awesome.

  1. I don’t give a fuck what you think. I really don’t, people go around giving a shit about what others think really. I don’t want your validation and I don’t need it. But I want to make it clear I’m the worlds best dating coach. Anyone who thinks otherwise, prove it otherwise with other peoples student testimonials. If you can’t, or say they don’t want to post all of it, that’s pure bullshit. They simply didn’t get the testimonial on time during the training period. But the student got laid by chance. Of if you are a faggot, you would say my testimonials are fake grasping at straws because you can’t win the argument. Or say the other coaches don’t want to post it. They can’t post it consistently because their game only works for positive stereotypes. Negative stereotype game works for everyone and doubles the results of positive stereotype people.
  2. The people I respect the most are mostly narcissistic. Who do I look up to and who inspires me? I’ll post their youtube videos on here. But what are their common characters?

These are some of my heroes. What do they have in common? They are all the best in the world at what they do. I am exactly the sum of all 5 of these personalities. There are days when I am more one or the other. But the personality traits are nearly identical. The way I post online is similar to Trump. Trump doesn’t give a shit, narcissistic and really can get away with saying practically anything. He keeps it real. He gets lots of brainwashed people affect. I like that. My drive to the the best is like Michael Jordan. Will I reach his level in game one day? I don’t think so. I have limitations to my LMS. But maybe in a different country or part of B.C if I travel, I can sort of get closer to that direction. Mayweather nearly has a perfect record and is narcissistic. I’m the same way with all my bootcamp students this year. They all pulled except one, so nearly perfect record. Eminem is the ultimate underdog. He is purely about skills. I identify with that. Gordon Ramsay has 16 Michellin stars. It isn’t from his teaching ability, but his cooking game is on point. I yell at students the same way like Hells Kitchen if they don’t listen. Its called maintaining the standards. I have my achievements with my testimonials of students pulling and getting laid. Gordon Ramsay keeps it real too.

For me, I have the most student results. Am I the best PUA in the world? No. I am still a 5’7 skinny Asian at the end of the day. I do better than these white PUAs sure. But I still think Justin Wayne is better than me. I’m just a better teacher. This is my first year, I have 12 same day lay infields to post. Some girls are in the 8.5/10, 9/10 range and some are like 7.5/10, some are 8.0/10. But its still above my 6.5/10 looks scale. Its still light years ahead of every other Asian daygamer. I want to create a style that works for people like me, disadvantaged or unprivledged. So far none of the other dating coaches knows what it is like to be unprivledged. I mean by that is, they have reached the top of the industry in terms of getting student results. I think in terms of student results, I’m in the top 3, most likely first place. I’m more impressed with a person in one year who achieved greatness than a person who took a decade or more of the same results. You can learn more from people like this. You can learn more from Second they all talk shit to other people.

Michael Phelps is the best swimmer, privledged. But this Asian guy created a style and later in his life became Olympic level. He is more efficient and can do more with less. Who would I want to learn how to swim from? If you chose Michael Phelps, you are pretty fucking stupid. The idea someone is the best doesn’t mean they are the best teachers.

3. Only dark tetrad gets triggered by my comments. Meaning sadistic, sociopath (opinions as facts), narcissistic, Machiavelli manipulators.

#1) Sociopaths are charming.

#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people.

#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse.

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences.

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs.

#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent,

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love

#8) Sociopaths speak poetically.

#9) Sociopaths never apologize.

#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth

Imagine talking to someone like this. Someone who is delusional, intense, never says sorry, no empathy, win at all cost. Its annoying as fuck. Most haters are dark tetrad. Remember most people hates on people who are better than them. But I’m the opposite, I hate on people I can beat at something. In case of student success for daygame, I earned my right to call it out. Its not bashing, its saying the truth. Even Todd Valentine called out RSD, its the truth. If you aren’t getting results as an Asian or East Indian at other companies. Too fucking bad. Most dating coaches have these qualities. Dark tetrad or dark triad, which is psychopath, narcissistic and Machiavelli manipulator. Don’t think I don’t know. If I walk across you and you see me looking at you as if I know you are a dark traid psychopath. You know I already know. Nothing needs to be said. I can empathize with my fellow Asians and my students. I can feel love, I can feel guilt. I don’t associate with people like this. I block them immediately. I think sociopaths are the cancer of society. They need to be cut out of your life. If I want to talk to mental patients or criminals type of mentality, I wouldn’t bother to. These people can go fuck themselves. If you have this fucking vibe and try to condemn me. Most girls can also sense this sociopathic vibe. I alway get a negative gut reaction from these types of people. Always trust your gut instinct. They simply can’t hide this vibe while blaming you. Everyone else can sense it.

4. You don’t know better than me. If I act like I know what the fuck I am talking about, it is because I do. I have the least going for me. A fucking 5’7 Asian dating coach who teaches daygame? Who has the most student success in the world? You might think wtf. A lot of people make excuses, the bullshit excuse button. You are not a daygame coach. You wouldn’t be able to teach a dozen student and they won’t get any results if you do. Ever considered that? Maybe your game is so botched, if you taught it to others, you would harm them with half truths.


If XYZ happens I would get laid non-stop. Ummm, okay? The biggest bullshit I hear from people or deluded people was if I had more time I would get laid. Umm, I knew a guy in Vancouver who makes like 2-3 thousand approaches a month. Approaches every girl 10x and remembers them. He has a superpower, turning off the entire Vancouver. When he is there, we just go to a different place like mall. We know its game over, girls are turned off. So he had more time? But he was deluded and stubborn, RSD victim. Jan student in the past and the only real life mentorship student I kicked out early. Most of these people have comorbidity. Its a combination of a sociopath, Aspergers, depression, anxiety. The kind of shit RSD Tyler has. Most of these people, like clones of each other, or tumors. It feels like talking to a mental patient. I refuse to teach them. When I deny them the further training they go off at you. For some fucking reason, if you swear, they don’t like it. Or if you bash other coaches, it triggers them. But guess what, if they aren’t sociopaths, it doesn’t trigger them. Most normal people are like oh John is making fun of another coach. Okay, yeah he does have a point. The difference is they don’t have a large dildo up their ass like you. You can say I don’t understand other coaches materials even if I taught it for my entire first year for free as a dating coach for reference experience, eyerolls. Maybe you don’t. These coaches have dark triad personality and most of the industry has some form of narcissism at least. Most are dark triad personality, so their game is based on their delusions based off their privileges. That is why you don’t get results. Just because they can do it, doesn’t mean you can. Just because I can coach to this degree doesn’t mean others can. I’m gifted as a coach, a god given talent. I acknowledge my privileges, other dating coaches has a blindspot. It’s always the comorbidity sociopaths who hates on you who gets triggered if you bash RSD or someone else. Its always them who tells you that you can’t brag either. Fuck em.

I hate it when people have aspie traits and they talk shit. They can’t make eye contact, or even keep their body still. People with every mental illness in one. Why did you think I made Wayne 30. How did I design Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero? This chart. I countered everything. It’s like you are trying to tell an alien they don’t have social skills or calibrations. But they dismiss it. To most sociopathic aspies, they are right. Umm, okay. Deluded. Make some fucking eye contact for a change and stop sounding monotone. Aspies are either high pitched or monotone. asperger_symptoms.jpg

Also, I hate it when people say oh you must be a good dating coach. Or good at teaching as if my game didn’t matter because I was good at coaching. Okay? Lots of people are pulling and getting laid without a Skype coaching but using my products. So, its the game that is transferable. Its not so much of being a good teacher. I know I am, but my game is very calibrated in a different way for Asians and East Indians.

5. I’m not the only dating coach with this personality. There are half a dozen others in the world. Most much bigger than me and are considered alpha. Instead of expecting me to act like a model citizen like most Asians. I tell you to go fuck yourself. Stop acting a brainwashed faggot circle jerker. Does it affect my business with potential clients? Nope. Those who are offended, most likely aren’t my clients. I would require an open mind, not a closed off one.

6. Personality vs character. My personality depends on you. If you are RSD and hurting my fellow Asians, I will not be kind. If you are a dating coach who doesn’t get Asian guys results and take away their future. The 1 in 5 who won’t get married or procreate. You will answer to me sometime in the future. People like Jan Lifestyle might have a good persona, but his character is one of a scammer. So far he never received a single testimonial for daygame for students pulling and getting laid. Yet I have every student pulling in my bootcamp this year except one. I have it all recorded and documented. You have to be so deluded to not realize what this means. I have a game that consistently works. Its almost impossible for most people to do this. If they get one student pulling, its all over their facebook and youtube. My character is I gave negative stereotypes the ability to pull and get laid. I care for my fellow students. I have done a lot of good for the Asian community and giving the underdog a chance. Other dating coaches scams them. Most of my students have like 2-5 coaches before coming to me. My personality attracts sociopaths or haters. If I bash RSD, its like they have a free pass to scam. Todd Valentine exposed them and it turns out he agrees with everything I ever said. He was now finally telling the truth. The truth hurts.

7. I’m a narcissist, a megalomaniac and I love it. I myself am very comfortable with my personality. I think some level of narcissism is healthy. I think it would be great if more people kept it real. If someone is good at something, they brag. I say okay, its true, its proven this person is good and earned the right. I don’t give a shit, i’m not triggerd. I’m not a fan, but this guy swears a lot. He is pretty alpha and he doesn’t like bullshit. Maybe people needs a kick in the ass. Maybe this is the best personality because he is called the 50 billion dollar man. He got his students over 50 billion dollars with his coaching.

Bruce Lee is too. But he wanted to create a MMA. If you put the Mystery Method on the pedastal, or London Daygame or Justin Wayne or RSD. Now you have separate systems. You need to discard pieces that don’t work for you. I used to teach Justin Wayne’s system in late 2015, never worked for my Asian students. They got rejected because they didn’t fit into the boyfriend provider or that romantic frame. They fit into the quick sex frame. But as soon as he starts to catch the feelings, she is gone. Or they get friendzoned. At the same time, a lot of students did like how confident I am in my coaching programs and student results. They want a coach who isn’t afraid to toot their own horn. People want to get laid and their dick wet. If you aren’t getting consistent results, something is socially uncalibrated. Every girl can tell. Who cares if others tell you that you are not. How do you know if they don’t have comorbidity, dark triad with Aspergers, anxiety, and depression? I can tell, a lot of dating coaches has it. They take years to calibrate until they reach a level of social calibration. If you really think personality enhancements without social calibrations works. Let’s see you get more results day game. If you can’t, I was right. People overrate their own social skills. Even I use Wayne 30 sometimes to improve pieces. I’m only human. I never met a dating coach who mastered all 30 pieces. Not even naturals. I released Wayne 30 before Justin Wayne released Pickup Mastery. I can see it a good program, but mine is similar. Except I have 30 pieces, not outer game or social skills related pieces. We both released the program at the same time. If he is the best MPUA in the world if he is real. Then I just came up with a more robust course with more components. Great minds think alike, but I have my differences. We both have the name Waynes. I just have more student results. You have to ask yourself why. I do think he is good, I have some respect for him. But I’m also good at something too, teaching. I have discovered a style that’s designed for negative stereotypes. You have to ask yourself, how do the naturals get so many results? Social calibrations. If you don’t have their social calibrations, you are just going to suffer. Why do all my bootcamp students pulls, many on the first day? It’s social calibrations? Game is only like 40% to be honest and social calibrations is 60%. It’s called social intelligence. You can’t teach a deluded sociopathic aspie that 60%. He would be too busy arguing with you.


8. Be a truth/results seeker. If you are a truth seeker, but not getting results. Its proof based but not results based or student results based. Who cares then because it is half truths. People want the cold hard truth. Other dating coaches thinks people loves them. They fucking despise you. They don’t want to hear the RSD Max level shit that is feel good half-truths, motivational advice. A lot of my students are fucking sick of this. You wouldn’t believe what they say to the big name coaches that burns them.

truth seeker.png


My 3 months to proficiency students loves it when I yell. It discliplines them and they do exactly what I tell them. Hell even my latest bootcamp student pulled 2 hot girls with me. He didn’t mind I punched him in the arm when he screwed up. You might think, why the fuck did you punch your student? I say its not that hard. But it works. I teach students how to fight in bootcamps to be more alpha. If that is what is necessary and they are too fucking mentally weak. Mental toughness is important. One of the most successful traits you can have according to scientist or psychologist is grit. The ability to push further though the pain. 5 years of Krav Maga, was a ton of grit for me.

9. You enjoy spending money on things that don’t give you results because you are brainwashed. You would give RSD anything they ask. I always hear, John I like your student testimonials. That is the reason I listen to you and train with you. Umm, how about you train with me because I am telling the truth and you were butthurt. Former RSD Todd told the truth. Read the blog post by clicking here. He validates everything I ever said about RSD. It’s okay when he does it, but not me? I also tell people not to worship me. Don’t treat me like a guru. I’m just an exceptional 5’7 Chinese guy who just happens to field test everything. Most Asians on youtube won’t last more than a year. They have washed out if they aren’t world class or the best at what they do. Most Asians has no game and compliance. No facial expressions and depends purely on emotional impact.

10. My opinions aren’t opinions as facts. I have field tested this with every type of students and it works. I spend a year teaching for free just to gain reference experience. Yes I have tried every fucking system. I even mention it here when I was talking to Deepak. I have talked about it here. I criticized the same systems and calling it out for not working. I was actually a dating coach for years. I just didn’t tell anyone. I was already teaching the domino effect and every other system. I taught natural and direct, only the tallest East Indian guy got laid. So fuck natural and direct. It doesn’t work in Vancouver. I taught indirect, Neil Strauss system, simple pickup. Its how I created this race theory, looks and game.

I honestly don’t think Deepak Wayne actually reads my blog. I said I wrote RSD are faggots, he said the same thing. Then Deepak said of course, RSD are a bunch of faggots. He lets me. Is this the best persona to have? No. But its the real me. I’d rather be myself 150% then worry about job security like RSD Max. I’m not in it for the money. Its helpful to make a living. A person who wants your money will act nice to you, but behind the scenes acts like total sociopathic. Someone real with you will act the same because I don’t wear a mask. But I still have to help the 1 in 5 Asian guys who are never going to procreate. The 51% of Asian women who will marry white guys and my race is suffering and nobody cares. We aren’t even treated like human being by Asian women. No one cares when white people are too busy dominating our race. I guess sociopaths has no empathy. I bet most of you sociopaths can’t empathize. Sure some places like Cali and Toronto this is turning around. But its the opposite in Vancouver. I come from one of the most merciless places for daygame. But it shaped me into someone who is allergic to bullshit. I make one mistake, its game over like open heart surgery. So I want to end this blog post with saying go fuck yourself. Go fuck your theories. For my potential students, think for yourself. Imagine if I get so much student results. Most likely I am more right about the game than most dating coaches are. 82% right at least. If you say I am right, i’ll put my ego aside and listen to John Wayne. You would get good results quickly. If you are resistant, fight with me non stop. Opinions as facts, I think X + Y = my deluded Z. Well, this hinders your results. Only the most deluded argues with me. Everyone else who is objective listens and says yeah I know you are right.

If you don’t like it, go train somewhere else. Go with Mystery, Justin Wayne, RSD, London Daygame, whatever. If you don’t get results, well, too bad. I’m going to recommend all future deluded potential students to these guys. In the past when some cheap Chinese faggot in Vancouver wants to act stubborn, looks don’t matter. I think my hair is fine, but auto rejected non stop. They act stubborn, I used to send them to Jan Lifestyle so they can fail. I am not going to send shitty students to other dating coaches so they can lose their money if they are deluded. I will announce a new policy I won’t train deluded people. They are always offended when I tell them that. So I don’t have to deal with them. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Also, no I am never going to change my personality. It has always been this way from day one. I’m not going to RSD Max it and comfort your ego with motivational bullshit.


Do you even testimonial bro? (pull/laid daygame)

Also, fuck Mystery Method. I can combine the steps and overlap it. I’m going to write the John Wayne method to replace the Mystery Method. It’s not the end all be all book. Things evolve. It’s a daygame book. The book will be written in 5 years after more field testing. I expect in the future, I’ll be the best in the world as a MPUA. I want the whole world to read it and create an evolution as Bruce Lee did with MMA. You can call Bruce Lee narcissistic, but you don’t see the big picture. Like Bruce Lee I am going to change the whole fucking daygame world. I still have a lot of work to go for a short skinny Asian guy. But the first year has a been a good one as a Wayne. I have established myself as a dating coach. In one short year, I have surpassed everyone in terms of student results. I don’t care how many students you have. I’ll still beat you and everyone else combined.

I still have 12 same day lay infields from last year. Two was released. I’m tasked with improving our daygame system. It’s no secret that my system isn’t the same as other Wayne systems. Deepak and my daygame system aren’t identical, but similar. I’m the third daygame Wayne and I am my own Wayne. But my daygame system is the closest to Deepaks I suppose. But having studied every other daygame system and field testing it. I have made a lot of tweaks to it. Since I am more active in the field, I am the one discovering new things and updating Deepak. We update each other. John Wayne has been updating our daygame system to the point where it is producing so much results. There are times when I didn’t even have to teach a student and they get results anyways from the products. Judge me after all my infields are released. I’m a PUA first and formost.

I am going to write an upcoming product on the online program page. The John Wayne Method. Its time to get the concept out there to the real world. I’m sure a lot of dating coaches and others will want to read the methods that derived all the testimonials. Maybe no one will buy it, but I should write it one day. Its time for an update. I am one of the worlds first daygamers.

Update: Interesting post. This guy talked about how looks mattered and should be handled before approaching. I told him all my bootcamp students are required to fix their hair and fashion at the beginning of my bootcamp. They all pulled except one guy.


non deluded.png
A real truth/results seeker. Much respect.


For deluded people, I am calling them the brainwashed sheeps. For people who are truth seekers, I tell them the cold hard brutal honest truth. I am not coining the term, not truth seekers/results seekers. But the intuitives. It means they can see somehing is wrong with the picture and wants to wake up.


Knowing the world is pure bullshit. These intutive type of people always wants to wake up from the bullshit illusion other dating coaches tells you. Its not all game.


They love it. You wouldn’t believe how many people love the truth. These are real truth seekers and people I continue to appeal to. So if you are sociopathic and resistant to learning, deluded. I say to go another coach. I personally respect people like these. I have a lot of students who know what is the truth and when other people are bullshitting you. People aren’t stupid, they know what the truth is. Its about time we expose it and in the future i’m going to release Fashion Domination for Game. I might even get Deepak to post a work out routine to improve long-term aesthetics. Deepak is even now asking me for fashion advice. He is open minded and saw a few more of my newer same day lay infields. He liked my fashion sense and want to explore this new area. Even if he open minded and intutitive.

uar 2

If you don’t like my blog, then fuck off. Stop getting triggered. Go fail somewhere else. In the end these people always come back to me and say in a year I was right all along. I get that a lot. If i’m always right, maybe put your ego aside and fucking listen.


Remember when Gordon Ramsay taught two deluded fucks who kept resisting. Opinions as facts, like a bunch of sociopaths? Who somehow can do no wrong in their eyes. Yeah, I’m going to announce the same. If I find deluded fucks who says if XYZ happens I would. Or some bullshit excuse. Or they are like talking to Charles Manson. I’m not teaching you. Go to Justin Wayne or something. Give him the business. Go fuck yourselves. Whether or not you get results from other daygame coaches I recommend. It’s not my fault. You didn’t realize you were going to be trained by the best. Let’s be real honest here, there is no second or third place or forth. It’s a big distance. Why does a 5’7 Chinese guy in a year have more testimonials than the entire industry in such a short time? Maybe I know something you don’t. You have a privileged deluded blindspot. I don’t.

Having said that, it wouldn’t hurt to learn some anger management course or maybe some meditation or yoga. I don’t know if I give a shit about these self development bullshit. But I figured why not. At least field test it. I always have room to grow. I’ll talk about how too much self development is bullshit in the future.

-John Wayne

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