Middle Eastern student in his 40’s, in Europe pulls a hot girl back to his room

iranian pulled

He owns the Wayne 30 and Wayne Playbook. He was not getting much results with other London style dating coaches. He was taught by Street Attraction. Not much happened, the results were rare. Same with Simple Pickup. He pulled in 1.5 weeks from watching my products. While he didn’t get it in, she was significantly younger than him and a white girl. It goes to show with the right training, age doesn’t really matter that much.

If you want to know what Deepak Wayne thinks about Street Attraction. Watch this video if you are a minority and aren’t easily triggered. It is the cold hard honest truth.

Of course, there are more testimonials, a lot more. This is just the beginning. I decided not to talk about my training methods because I think a ton of big-name dating coaches are starting to know who I am. That there is an anomaly out there who can outdo the entire world. Most of my techniques you were seen are so cutting edge. Even if I never Skyped this student. Everything I do works. I have 82% of all my students pulling and 70% getting laid. I wouldn’t want any other coaches to know my secret training methods. I only finally a few weeks ago told Deepak what they are. Since we are designing a month-long immersion program together. For the first time ever, I will bring my methods outside of Vancouver physically. Most of the time I teach online through Skype through my products like Wayne Playbook. No there is not going to be a sale, just like last year in December. Although I do think Wayne 30 should be the newbie and beginner course. Wayne Playbook is the Intermediate and one foot in advanced. Maybe I should sell a package together that comes with 4 Skypes instead of 3. I don’t know. One of the Skypes can go for Wayne 30. But I’ll consider that next year.

The industry is run by a bunch of delusional sociopaths or psychopaths who thinks their body, their race, their circumstances are transferable for their privileges. It is why it doesn’t work. Since I am shorter and skinnier, also Asian. Whatever works for me works for everyone else with higher LMS. No it’s not all about race. Looks, money, status/ethnicty and game matters. What you don’t have you compensate in other areas.

uar 2

There is a line of fuckability and most Asians in Vancouver sadly dressing like shit saying looks don’t matter. They won’t get any results. Dumb RSD nation sheeps or faggots. If people don’t like my personality? They can go fuck themselves. Its always like I only listen to you because of your testimonials. Umm, why not listen to the theories because what do you think causes these testimonials? Cause and effect, the cause or my game, the effect is endless student success. Other dating coaches cause is botched because they project their deluded opinions of game. Imagine this, I combined the best of everyone’s game. People can say I learned from these 5 coaches who are the best. So you put everything they say on the pedestal. I believe in absorbing what is useful, discarding what is not. I have discarded concepts like selling too much romance. I have discarded the 4-7 hour Mystery Method theory. I have discarded teasing non stop like mystery said, build attraction. I combined it with social comfort and spiced it. That is why I am succeeding and my students are. I never say this is how the game works because 5 coaches said so. If they are the best, why can’t they even get more laid/pull testimonials compared to me? I don’t give a shit about night game. Lets look at one fact, why do I have so much student success. If you have all these theories, but no results. You’re deluded and emotional. This is a fucking science. Every word, every tonality, every stage, every step is a science. But adaptive.

I have also decided to never reveal a single thing about my training tactics. Perhaps when I teach internationally, i’ll make people sign a non disclosure agreement. Its too powerful. I even kicked out a student who wanted one day of training, he had two with Deepak because I don’t want to tarnish my nearly perfect record on bootcamps. Every student has pulled, except one guys. I might not teach delusional people ever again. They always bring a lot of trouble. If XYZ happens I would get results. I’m tired of bullshit excuses. I often just post a bullshit excuse button to them.

I have decided to raise the price of the Wayne Playbook right now. It is $450 now. I’m sorry. But, something so valuable should be worth more. It’s too effective and too technical. But it should be combined with the Wayne 30. One is social calibrations and the other is layered on top. I’m going to sell both of them for $600 here. Wayne 30 is for newbies and beginners, even intermediates who aren’t getting consistent results. Playbook is the more how to close the deal and get laid product. As a package with 4 Skype coaching. I suppose you can use the forth Skype for Wayne 30 then. That would work better. 

-John Wayne


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