5’4 Asian student gets laid, Video testimonials. Fuck the other dating coaches

Watch the video, he is only 5’4 in a western country getting laid. He used Wayne 30 for a while then used the playbook. He is the ultimate underdog. I calibrated his fashion and he got laid shortly afterward. Yes, looks or calibrations matter.


Who did he train under for products? RSD, those idealistic faggots whos shit doesn’t work for 5’4 Asians. Simple Pickup or Simple Bullshit direct numbers game. Also, Justin Wayne’s products. Which selling romance won’t work if she doesn’t see you as a romantic boyfriend type. Only our stuff works at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. If it works for him, it works for anyone who isn’t stubborn.

So some faggot talked shit about my product. But now I have the attention of other dating coaches around the world. Yes, I am the worlds best, you all know it. All the testimonials are real. This guy put his name on the line too. He got results as an impossible case. I yelled at him to put his ego aside and he got laid. I think all the other dating coaches wouldn’t talk shit because they know I’m the best at getting students results. All around the world. They will kill just to have a week’s worth of my testimonials. I have more testimonials in a week than they get in a decade of students pulling or getting laid. Most of you won’t dare fuck with me. You know how superior we are. I’m contemplating putting all the testimonials on Deepak’s channel and my channel Wayne Entertainment. All the screenshots too while calling out the industry. Everyone loved my products, never had any issues until recently with a deluded fuck, who thinks he knows better.


I never seen a dating coach who can master all 30 pieces of Wayne 30. Maybe some naturals can, the born naturals. That is all the course is, to turn you into a natural. Which means no social faux pas. So social mistakes that she can dismiss you with. You already win half the battle with Wayne 30. The other half is Wayne playbook.

“Victorious daygamers win first and then go to sarge, while defeated daygamers go to sarge first and then seek to win.” -John Wayne

“The science of daygame teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the girl not giving resistant and attitude, but on our own readiness to receive her; not on the chance of her not being resistant, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable with Wayne 30.” -John Wayne

You can’t tell the best dating coach in the world Wayne 30 isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. Production quality is okay, but the content is top notch. It got so many people laid and pulling. Sometimes unskilled individuals overrate their abilities. You can’t say I overrate my teaching abilities when I have this much testimonial to back it up with. None of you can beat my student’s results if you lived to be 500. Even with all your students pull, laid testimonials for day game combined. It doesn’t equal a fraction of mine. I still have a ton of video testimonials I haven’t posted yet. I have to censor their faces.

I’m going to really talk about the industry. I know you dating coaches. You get some results because of your height, race, and looks. So you think you can teach others. But it only works for your configuration. Then all the minorities like these guys who are short, 5’4 becomes your casualties. You say its limiting beliefs. Its simple, you have comorbidity. Sociopath/psychopath, narcissism, Machiavelli¬†manipulation, Aspergers, depression, and anxiety. You overcame these with lots of practice, which would have never worked if you weren’t privileged. Instead of being the sociopathic dumb PUAS like Vancouver PUAs, your LMS overcome that. So you teach. You don’t care if your students gets results or not. You have none. You look at my page and realized how full of shit you are. If you hurt my fellow Asians, I’m coming for you in 2018. John Wayne is coming for you. Either step up your teaching or I’ll mop the floor with you. You can’t hurt my fellow Asians anymore. The only thing that steps between you giving them no results and taking their money is me.

I have students of ever race. White, black, Latino, Middle Eastern, East Indian and Asians. Like I said, Asians makes up only a small percentage of my students. Unlike other Asian dating coaches who focus only on Asians. I train everyone else. While I am trying to save the world since 1 in 5 Asians will never get married or procreate now. I am trying to change the world eventually and turn this around.

Do you guys even testimonial bro?

(Click for) My testimonials

John (the solution) Wayne


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