(Video advice) Return on investment. Why my prices are worth it

Can’t miss this advice video if you are considering to train with me) Return on investment concept and sales. I’m going to explain why my bootcamp is that price or coaching programs. There are no theories for my bootcamp or classroom shit, its all infield for 30 hours in 3 days. I get it a lot of people are cheap or has the Asian mentality. Save the money for a rainy day. If a billionaire says give me $50,000, i’ll mentor you. You make back $500,000 in a short time, is it worth it? Of course. If you knew you were going to pull and eventually get laid. With my students track record, is it worth it? If I gave you a free book, would you value it? Read it? nope. If you paid, would you emotionally invest and absorb it? Yes. I pay for Udemy courses on sales and video editing. Clueless before, but I make way more money back, ROI. Invest in yourself. You think I John Wayne spend all my money on nice clothing, partying, drinking and dating? No. I spend it on things that will get me back a return on investment. I can’t afford not to invest in assets.

Believe it or not, John Wayne, the Asian is cheap. I know what that is like, my mom is cheap as fuck. My dad is willing to spend a lot of money. Sometimes its society and how you are raised. Save for a rainy day. I have a student debating whether or not he should get my program, Wayne Playbook. I offered an upgrade price, I didn’t want to give it to him for free. He bought 3 Skypes. I told him I’ll throw in a fashion advice too. So he can get higher quality women. He already pulled with Wayne 30 in 3 days. In 5 days he got laid. So was the return on investment good for Wayne 30? Ummmm of course if it works, its good. I’ll post some of the testimonials for it at the end of the video. I buy courses on video editing and marketing, sales because I know I suck at it. When something in that program gets me my return on investment and more it pays for itself. That is like an asset to me.

How do I save money for John Waynes training? ‘

Its really simple, pay yourself first. Meaning gets what you want to get first. If you work in a normal job, since I don’t. Get them to put away like 20% or something into your savings you can’t touch. The rest of your checking. Then pay your bills second. Whatever you have left over, use it towards entertainment, food, whatever you want. This way you always have money in the savings and some money to invest in for that 20%. Better yet divide everything into 33% each. Get a higher return on investment. For example, I was an instructor already. Deepak would have trained me for free anyways for 6 months to mastery. I decided to pay him out of respect. I didn’t have to pay, but I invested in myself. I used the money I made last year before I raised prices. I sold a lot of playbooks in December. I mean a fuck ton of playbooks, it was flying off the shelves on sale in December. I made close to 6 grand off that month. I reinvested all that money. Was it worth it? Sure, it made me even better. I was already good, but it helped me to get into the big leagues. I was just an entrepreneur before with a 75% students pulling and 60% getting laid. Now its 82% students pulling and 70% getting laid.

What is an asset?

If someone asks you to take their boot camp and it’s cheaper than mine. But they have no student results for day game or rarely get any. Then is this an asset or liability? An asset from what I learned, remember I am a hard case in marketing. I just say the truth and know truthseekers/results seekers will like it. An asset, let’s say bitcoin, appreciates, meaning it goes up. That is an investment, although I don’t know much about it now. Even if you bought a good apartment downtown or put a down payment and rented it out. Sure you are in debt, but its good debt because generates cash flow. Over time when its paid off in half a decade, you own it for free. That is called an asset. The Wayne 30 and Playbook are assets. You get the program for life. Unless you are a stubborn fuck who thinks he knows better. Tbh, no dating coaches out there can master all 30 components. Not even myself, so stop being an autistic fuck. It’s hard stacking all 30 skills without practicing out there and at home recording yourself. Then cataloging it until perfection. These are assets. Even the skills I give you to pull. If you can’t pull, you can’t get laid without pulling to a pull location.

What is a liability?

A liability takes time and money out of your pocket. It doesn’t give you results. This depreciates. Meaning other boot camps, you might think you saved money. But after a ton of number closes, most of the numbers flake. You lose time and energy. You might get laid after a year, or 4 months if you do it every day with a numbers game. Wtf, my students are pulling and getting laid in a week without much effort, it’s more efficient. I get like 6-10 testimonials of pulls and lays per week, depending on the month. Every single boot camp student pulled. I only said since the beginning of summer because I didn’t get as many boot camp clients early in the year. But they all pulled, some even before they went to the boot camp for Skype. Its a nearly impossible rate of students pulling. One dude didn’t, he was borderline autistic imo. But I created Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero for people like him. He was a bit stubborn and unadaptive. But he apologized for it. No need to apologize because my course is helping others just like him. I had some stupid fuck who didn’t like it, only one guy in 30 seconds of the skimming the product. He is just as autistic as the guy

Return on investment

What is a return on investment? You put this much money. But you know 82% of the students will get results like pulling. 70% gets laid. Unless you are an autistic, stubborn, sociopathic fuck. Tbh, I never had a single complaint about my products in all my years of coaching, until recently, after 30 seconds of viewing it. Wtf, that’s a retarded autistic person who needs to think about their return on investment. If that gets him more dates, pulls and lays. Then stop being ignorant. You know everything or learned it before? lol, you don’t know shit. I nearly have a spotless record, every boot camp student pulled except one autistic guy. I nearly have a spotless record except one guy deemed the Wayne 30 unworthy, everyone else, the 99.99% thinks the content is the best thing since slice bread. Bruce-Lee

My return on investment

So I get one or two delusional faggot sociopath, autistic fucks who are the bad apples. I had students turn on me because they got too good. I had guys who get laid and no longer needs me. It happens, it’s human nature. People value taking snakes and before they get results, they were terrible fucking value taking snakes. The only difference is they are superior in day game thanks to me. In the future, if anyone is delusional. They say if XYZ happens I would get dates or laid. If this or if that. That is delusional wishful thinking of a fractured mind. I decided I won’t train you but will send you to Deepak. These impossible cases rarely get results. Some pull, but they rarely get laid. It’s a mixed mental illness which I’ll talk about called comorbidity. The sociopathy is the opinions as facts. Most dating coaches have these, they overcome it with privileges, muscles, height, race. Then projects their delusions like looks don’t matter and go direct, which works for them with lesser attractive women they censor or won’t put on youtube for dates and pulls. You just get lower than your looks scale. Before the boot camp most of my students are like 4/10, I changed them to 7/10 with a haircut and fashion change. Looks matters. But I will be qualifying hard so that one bad apple won’t be coached by me. This might raise my students pull percentage and lay percentage higher. The 18 percent that didn’t get laid, the impossible cases might go down. I get more time to spend with clients willing to learn. Not a bunch of stupid delusional faggots. All I’m offering you is the truth, nothing more.

download (2).jpg

Next year, I am going to make a list of people I will attack. People who don’t have any student results. Remember, I am still the best dating coach in the world. Stay on my good side, I have Wayne Dating Lifestyle platform to do this. But next year, the attack on RSD will intensify. They are hurting my fellow Asians. Taking away their time and money, not giving them an ROI. In the movie matrix, the matrix is a fantasy. The looks don’t matter, self-development woo woo bullshit, don’t drink the koolaid. You might not find the reality as wonderful. Its more ugly, like the outside of the matrix in Zion as in the movie. But its better to live in the truth than to be comforted by a lie. I’m just offering you the truth so you can navigate in it like Neo or someone on our side of the matrix. If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s pretty good.


Empty your mind, drop everything you knew. If you knew everything about game, you would be getting my students results. Also, other dating coaches, these faggots don’t even have any testimonials or just I like your bootcamp testimonials. Or I learned a lot about my sticking point testimonials. Lol you learned you paid a few grand for no results. If they can’t produce student results. All of mine are real obviously. People has put their name on the line in front of everyone. They still get laid. I’m just saying, you don’t know shit about game. Other dating coaches are too privileged and comorbididty to empathize with you. Calling your race thing or looks issue limiting beliefs. How do you know you are stubborn and have an ego, your face scrunches up when I give advice. You resist. You are still fighting for the matrix of bullshit. I’m trying to free you from this marketing lies. If you want good marketing, see RSD Max, the best marketer. I’m the complete opposite and my stuff works. It’s obviously just truth based marketing. Stop being cheap, especially Vancouver, invest in yourself. Think of the return on investment. Or you have to take like 3 other boot camp. you are willing to pay the Wizard of Oz, or RSD Tyler anything he has like 5 grand. Even if they are pulling the strings and offering you bullshit. Also, all these other dating coaches, they know they are doing the same. You hurt my fellow Asians who 1 in 5 won’t get married or procreate. I will hurt you in the future, bad. You know you can’t argue with my student success. Only the most sociopathic will argue back. No one else dares. All the big names. I have a bigger name, Wayne. There are only 3 daygameWaynes on the planet, positive stereotype preselected by white women Justin MPUA, but bad teacher hardly any student results. Deepak, unattractive for UAR, brought the concepts and remixed it for average and negative stereotypes. John Wayne, no privileges, worlds best day game coach in the world statistically.

Update: If I cut out all the impossible case multiple mental illnesses unless they beg me. The delusional fucks. I might be able to raise my percentage to 90% students pulling. Since the last 18% are impossible cases who are deluded. Its always that one category, sociopathy and Aspergers or full on autism. I raise my percentage. Its better for marketing and I don’t have to deal with bullshit. They might as well give up daygame and stick to night game.


-John (the best return on your investment) Wayne



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