What is 3 Months to Proficiency program?


If you are at work, or too lazy to read this. Listen to the audio version of my new program called 3MP.

You might of hear of 6mm or 6 months to mastery. Both the Waynes teach it, but I thought, fuck it I don’t want to teach a student for 6 months. I’m so good at my job, I can do it in 3 months. Hell, I’ve done it in 3 Skypes with my Playbook. Two students came to me on the same day. I have about half a dozen Justin Wayne 6mm students begging for repair work. Few Asians, doesn’t seem to work for them, one Latino and one black. I don’t want to do the repair work, tbh. But since two of them ask, I decided to make my own program.

What info did I gather from all these students? First of all, these are no my words, but theirs. They all said the same thing, they think Justin Wayne is holding back the secrets. Second thing I noticed when teaching them was they all act like newbies. I said wtf is wrong with you guys? They told me they weren’t taught the correct steps or order of things. The stages of the game, there is no sequence. Third, it was sometimes taught by some 5’2 midget called Manny Wayne. Umm what does he know about daygame? If the girl can’t even see him when he approaches. Maybe they didn’t call him that, I did, but these are the students. Fourth, these students are beta as fuck and hardcases/impossible cases. Most didn’t get any results whatsoever. 5th, he doesn’t charge the full 8 grand, only a fraction of it. I don’t have anything against Justin, he is the first generation Wayne. Deepak is the second generation and I’m the third generation. I’m my own Wayne, I think for myself. I have a lot of freedom in Wayne Dating Lifestyle to do whatever I want. I’ll call him grandfather Wayne, even if this is an estranged family. We usually aren’t that close. I think he knows I’m a really good dating coach. I just know I have the worlds most testimonials for students pulling and getting laid for daygame. I think everyone knows that now. Its statistics, it speaks for itself. Feedback is always important. It’s hard to get that kind of honesty and info from others. Use it to improve things.

Of course, if his course was good as he promised, then I don’t need to create 3MP. I really hope he improves it or cares because I myself don’t want extra work. I already make more than enough money per year. It’s just extra work. Imo, everything can always be improved. They say it needs to be more structured, or a sequence. They feel like they are getting like generic advice as if it’s their first Skype session over and over. It’s not specific. They tell me they want to be just like Justin. But somehow they can’t seem to get there. I really don’t know, I’m the best dating coach statistically in the world. In my world, 82% of my students have pulled and 70% got laid.

Regardless, I never wanted to create a system like 3MP or 3 months to mastery. But I think after hearing this, I have to. I really hope Justin Wayne steps up his training program. I really don’t want to do the extra work. But if I’m going to do this, I’m going to use the Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero course. Also, I’m going to use the Wayne Playbook as a textbook for my curriculum. In the program, you are required to do home exercises like for one student who enrolled. He was doing facial expressions. It was total shit before, Asian. They have no facial expressions. He did the exercises already 5 sets of all the expressions and it improved dramatically. He almost pulled after the first class, only got 80% of the way through. He finally got a girl to text him back, he usually just gets radio silence. Most of the time he just settles for the number early and eject from the instadate. You know how they say always be closing. I say always be pulling.

Of course, you ask, what is the price. To train with a PUA anywhere in the world. You get daily attention and calibrations. But weekly Skype for 3 months. Yes, it cost more than a bootcamp. It’s 3 grand USD. Before you shit your pants, realize where the value is coming from. I’ll be coaching you at least 4X a week looking over infields, giving you home exercises you are to do on Skype to calibrate you. My time is valuable. Also, I am statistically the worlds best dating coach. I can charge 8 grand you guys will still pay. Or think its more valuable. You might be older, like in your 40’s like a lot of my students. Who just tried many systems before. But you really need daily attention. Or you are a hardcase who is uncalibrated and needs help. Or an impossible case that has no chance whatsoever because you are stubborn as fuck. I will show you no mercy in the course Gordon Ramsay style. Your goal is to get laid many times. I’m cutting out any fluff, just focus on the 80/20 rule. 20% of the selection that gives you 80% of the results. Of course its expensive. I will raise it to $4500 in the future or want to, without bootcamps. 5 grand with bootcamps. In the future when more students pulls, or gets laid. Let’s say I have 400 testimonials next year or more. I can command the price of whatever I want. The most affluent rich 6 figure earners will want training from the best. Maybe raising the price, it gets people to really emotionally invest in it. They will do it. To keep in shape, maybe they have to do some workout regiment too. I can teach Krav Maga online I suppose, or the exercises I learned from it to warm up. They made me do like 500 situps, pushups, lunges, squats, carry other people on my back around the room in 20 minutes. Maybe even teach online game and social circle stuff. Or field test a new system with the students. I myself don’t dabble in that shit. I have no tinder on my phone. But of course I have a Wayne brain, I can reverse almost anything. Only Justin, Deepak and I have this Wayne brain in the world it seems. I never have seen anyone else with it. Or if they have it, it’s really botched with RSD shit that levels it down.

When I first became a Wayne, I had to get 3 same day lays in the cold. I did it in the rain and freezing temperatures. Even in the fucking snow. It was nearly impossible, but I did it. I had to prove I could coach too. I passed it with flying colors. I already had 75% of my students pulling. I was already statistically the worlds best dating coach even at 75% students pulling. I have zero training on how to coach from Deepak, it was all me. I spent 16 years in the game, I’m the first daygamer in the world. While Mystery and Ross Jefferies was doing night game and arguing. I was already doing bus and campus daygame. Back then the term didn’t exist. I used a lay guide that was designed for night game in the daytime. I field tested every system on every type of students in the first year. I worked for free to gather field testing data.

I’m going to create an outline with the course. I’m already creating a new type of training, where the students have to show me their facial expressions on WhatsApp. They won’t pass until they can master all the sets. Then tonality, then emotional impact. For some people, this is very hard to master in a short time. Also, a week of all inner game, you have to do affirmations like 500 times or more, maybe 1000 or 2000 until you brainwash yourself. I’m still designing this phase. This is just a week of exercises. You also have to do this on the field too. It’s like a virtual mentorship. It will have the dedication to my boot camp clients, but online. If you want a bootcamp with it, maybe it cost more of I will take it completely off the table. Next week, you have to master all body language stuff in Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. The stance, the stops, hand gestures, everything. It will be brutal as training in martial arts. It will be a physical thing doing as many drills as possible and getting better every single time. Maybe next week, you have to master all of the openers automatically. Maybe in the end, you have to master objections dealing that is part of our course now. I added stuff to our curriculum all the time. Every 6 months I have to update it and field tested with myself and my students. Also, the 5 Wayne styles are part of our advanced course. You have to master, sneaky Wayne Game which my second cameraman did. You have to master beta chode game. You still escalate while acting beta. That’s Justins style, like water adapting. You have to master Deepaks game, which is dominance game. You have to master my game, called Hybrid that’s me. You pick out of every style for each checkpoint until pull location. The last style is invisible game. Its perfect Wayne 30 calibrations like a natural. You escalate smoothly and it looks like an invisible game style. With an escalation ladder. This is the advanced level daygame module that won’t be in other of my products. Its completely off the table and taught in this program.

If you take action, you will get laid. You have to do exactly what I tell you and not argue. As I tell my Asian students. Stop arguing, people who need the science explained really isn’t paying attention. Its a waste of time to convince you. Also, my second cameraman already has a HB 9/10 Latina girlfriend. He doesn’t want her posted, I have seen her. She is actually higher or on par with the Wayne style girls. Of course, you can say my camera man is good looking. He looks Latino but is East Indian. He never received a bootcamp yet. I just mentored him. Look what happens? he got 5 pulls, lays, bj and just normal pulls during his 4th week. 3.5 months already has a girlfriend and fuck buddy. If my advice and mentorship is that powerful. He is the first one to field test my new advanced modules. Its exclusive to 3 months to proficiency and bootcamp students only. Maybe its worth every penny. Invest in yourself, time is money. I figured it out so you don’t have to. No one from RSD or any other company can get you my students results.i

Edit, day 3 of his mentorship. He didn’t get it you are supposed to use facial expressions when spicing. I yelled at him and he shut down.. I called him stubborn. I guess in some ways, this was one of Justin Wayne’s hardcases. But if he is resistant, then well, I told him i’ll go Gordon Ramsay on him. Don’t think for a fucking second you will get away with being stubborn. This is a hardcore online bootcamp, military style if you are stubborn. I would drag you by the hair and throw you over the finish line if I have to, kicking and screaming. Maybe this is what you are after. You need a real kick in the ass to change. Don’t expect any mercy, I’m not RSD Max, not here to comfort you. This is why the program will be so effective. I would get you so fucking good, you would beg for this kind of training. There are no excuses for not getting results now. If you listen well, I would not yell. Is this sadistic? think of it as tough love. When no one else can figure out hardcases/impossible cases. Remember I can. I’ll turn you into a dominant alpha mother fucker with an extreme level of skill. Any means necessary. Maybe I should promote it that way. This is like an online bootcamp, i’m the drill sargent if you don’t listen. This is the Navy Seals of training. Don’t expect it to be easy if you didn’t get results before. I have the perfect system, just be the perfect student. Doing what I say instead of resisting will get you laid faster. You can get laid in a week like some of my bootcamp students if you aren’t stubborn. He told me I can be harsh as I want. That’s great. I’ll keep you updated with is results. I showed my camera man some of the exercises or practice he did. What we noticed was, without facial expressions, or halfway ones it looked creepy. But near the end it looks amazing. A huge improvement. Remember these personality facial expression things are only the first week. We go to outer game things next week, like stops and body language.

Edit: Update, just had a second student, middle eastern younger guy in Europe. He couldn’t wait to jump in and get started. Now I have two students. I didn’t even announce this on youtube or even anywhere else on my blog. He got a haircut after I gave him some advice on Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero that he bought last week. Very uncalibrated. I think he will do fine. He seems to adapt faster than the first student. He actually goes over all my infields and all my advice videos. But he doesn’t know the algorithms of why they work. When I gave him a short Skype because he had issues opening, he was toally floored. I corrected him a lot. These are the type of students I like. They have other white guys or friends who are naturals telling him how to do daygame with no results. People like this are hungry for the truth, waiting to wake up. I’ll mold him into a guy who can pull and get laid regularity.

Look forward to this middle eastern student’s success

A third guy, Justin Wayne former 6mm student. Complete trainwreck, bad fashion, hair, beta af, timid, Asian. He isn’t responding to my text. Maybe the price. But i’ll show him this blog. I like to have him as a student. He might be one of the toughest students in the world. But hardcases or impossible cases are my specialties now. I’m so confident in my training, I can even post his name up here with his permission and let him say let’s see if John can get me laid for 3MP. Of course I can, I’m the worlds best dating coach statistically. It’s up to him, but dude, its the perfect program for you. Sorry, you got burnt in the past, but not my problem. If you don’t take it, sucks to be you.

One of Justin Wayne’s old student is stubborn and refused to join. Well fuck him. Some of Justin Wayne former 6mm students are so discouraged, they are either depressed or feel ripped off or pissed off. Their words not mine. I’ll contact the other ones soon on my own time. This article was published 15 hours ago and I already have 3 students. I think the world will love this program. I will make you get past every milestone necessary to get laid. Students will let me yell at them Gordon Ramsay style if they don’t listen. He said he wasn’t ready, its his loss.  


1 in 5 Asian’s won’t get married and 51% of Asian women will marry a non Asian or white guy. I hope you are not the 1 in 5. I make enough money, I don’t give a fuck about money that much. Of course, I need it to live, it helps. But my mission is to help my fellow Asians too in the process. Be the change you want to see in the world. Elon Musk believed in solving the worlds super problems and money will take care of itself. I agree with him. I became a Wayne to help my fellow Asians and other minorities are joining in for training benefits. I sacrificed everything in my life to help my fellow Asians. Every race trains with me. Remember, if you don’t want results, go to RSD Max or some other shitty Asian company. You know I have more testimonials for daygame than every other Asian dating coach and white combined in the world.


This student is my third 3MP student. He just joined. He was my former bootcamp student. He pulled 7X, but still needs to connect the emotional part of his game. He can’t flirt accurately and change his vibe yet. The spicing part of his game is non existent. His game isn’t bad, since he can pull so much. Inaccurate facial expressions.

This student mastered facial expressions, which is impressive after one mentorship day. He couldn’t get any accuracy on the bootcamp. It was all narcissistic. After many drills and reps before filming, it nailed it. Other students are taking a few days to get it down. 

Although I’m still daygaming. I already got my same day lay infields. I really don’t care that much, I have more time to stay at home. I might daygame less in Dec. It’s going to rain in Vancouver every day and be freezing cold. I have time to build your fundamentals. This is the best time to join. Some students are like shut up and take my money. Some are like its too much. Well sucks to be you. The other guys will get laid, you won’t. You know no matter what you pay other companies, you won’t get results. Time is money, my time is valuable. Not sure how many spots I can handle tbh. I think it will fill up fast. Its only 15 hours and people are begging already.



sign me up already, click here



-John (The drill sargent) Wayne



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