Student pulled 3-4 times, got laid. But she pulled him??

I know you guys only care about the testimonials and not the advice. My stubborn 6’1 student, was 5’11 before. Took growth hormones and grew two inches. Regardless he used my fashion and advice. I won’t count this as a lay yet because she sort of pulled him. She was into him and she almost lead the thing. But he did get 3-4 lays. This student has zero facial expressions. I called it out. In fact i’m going to update my blog post about Asian students having zero facial expressions. I did that with 6 students now. Then again, no tonality changes either and no emotional impact. Look at all the other Asian daygame coaches, no one has any facial expressions besides smiling and Asian poker face. Its those two only. Tonality comes in beta or platonic, take your pic. Emotional impact, non existent. Not in touch with their emotions. Only a few dating coaches has some emotional impact but no facial expressions. Its like they have cerebral palsy or something.

pulled j.png

Does his height help him in daygame? Ummm yeah. Does his hairstyle and fashion helps which I taught him…yeah. There is a value system, despite what that faggot RSD Max said. Would you trust a guy with only one approach to lay infield like Max? I have 12, Todd has 11. Todd is better than max, but his game is capped off at a lower level. Our student results are superior, my game is superior to theirs. All 3 are 5’7 including myself. We are all short. I’ll get more infields once I conquer Europe, will go there.  So compensate around it. Most Asian students are stubborn imo. All are clones of each other. You have two types of Asians. You have the darker skin passive aggressive, no empathy I will stab you in the back Filpino types. Then you have your beta east Asians with a lighter complexion. All are stubborn, all has shitty hair and fashion, all acts if they have aspergers. Even the other Asian dating coaches in the world, its universal, except me acts like they have no facial expressions or aspergers. All Asians will say what is wrong with my hair. I might as well write an article or flow chart on how all Asians reacts. It would be identical. Of course the flow chart with Filipino students, are pretend to act nice, then stab you in the back. East Asians, they all give the same objections, the same belief, they all are kind of beta. The filipinos are more alpha, they tend to pull aggressively so they get higher results. They turned their passive aggressive behavior into good use.

I have testimonials stacked so high, you think I was Snoop Dog. That high. But I don’t have time to post it all. Also, don’t you want to hear some advice for a change? I swear, its like, I am only listening to you because of your testimonials and student success. Are you a real truth seeker/results seeker? Most likely not. I’ll introduce a new training program soon in a few days. A 3 months training program.

Jan was trained by RSD Tyler and Julien. He destroyed all of Vancouver with RSD nonsense. If RSD Max is reading this. All the Asians are RSD Nation faggots. They aren’t in the complaining business, but in the pimping business as you said. They took action, tried to self amuse with a good vibe. Too bad they all dropped like flies. No results. Also, this student above has all of RSD products and even Jan’s. He got ripped of by Jan’s product and hates Jan intensely. Only I could get him results. You can see how 3-4 pulls and one lay is better than zero dates, zero anything from Jans side. I’m suprised all these Asian faggots still thinks he can help. What can a guy who is 6’1 now, probabally taking growth hormones like my student here, who is good looking teach you? My advice is the opposite to RSD Max. I’m not Jamie Oliver? I’m Gordon Ramsay. I say it as it is. Its why my students are so successful. There is no nonsense here. In the future i’m coming to Europe, I will conquer it with my dick, to the hottest women around. Then i’ll come to the United States. I already got every bootcamp student except one impossible case pulling on their bootcamps since April or was it May. I don’t know, summer. So far I earned the right to say all of this. I’ll be expanding to all of Canada eventually. We will be expanding like Genghis Khan. I say to Asians who are not in the complaining business. Maybe, just maybe get Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero, all of you guys have hardcase traits. You guys can’t deny it anymore. Start with that. Worry about other future training later. Fix your social calibrations or social intellegence first. Then worry about game later. But for fuck sakes, fix your fucking hair. But what is wrong with my hair? Well the socially retarded won’t know the answer to that question.uar

Why does RSD Max stuggle with game. Hes got money lifestyle, travelling. 3/5, looks 8/10, minus for height. Otherwise perfect face. He has muscles. Yes we are all 5’7, you Todd and I. SMV, 10/10, game 3/10 natural and direct shit. This is where todd beats you, since he has a structure. However my game is leveled at 9/10, since I can finally get that and my students do too. Even girlfriends who are that high. If you calculate the score out of 35. 25/35, 20 is the line of datability, fuckability. Most Asians who are like 4/10 in looks universally who thinks looks don’t matter, its confidence. Who doesn’t improve their fashion are destroyed due to your advice. Max is not that good, use natural when you are taller and whiter. Its why you don’t have infields. I’m not defending Todd. Mofo won’t add me to facebook. I used to have K-Pop like background before, I used to have that look. He would add just about everyone else. He didn’t know that I was John Wayne before. I don’t think his game is that good either, but better than his. He has a 6/10 game. Better than most white guys, he has less looks. He wanted to create in the future a half natural and a half routines system. Guess what mofo, Deepak and I already created it long ago. You were interviewed by another Wayne, Justin. You probably know who I am, if you mention my last name. Wayne, I love that name. It inspires fear in other PUAs. There is only going to be 3 daygame Waynes in the world. No others imo, only three people have the temperament, alphaness and game to. It just happens the Asian one is also the worlds best dating coach statistically. Don’t get me started with your lack of student results. I’m sure we will cross paths one day, I won’t shake your hand Max. You and I are opposite. You inspire, you motivate, you don’t step on egos. I’m like Gordon Ramsay, I tell my students not to act like a faggot. I punch them in the arm in bootcamps if they don’t listen. I will yell if they don’t do what I say. We are complete opposites. Your results are lower, your students results are lower. Mine are higher even if we are both super short. I have the most student success in the world. You would see my Asian students do pull and get laid, same with East Indian. Check out my testimonials. None of the I learned a lot about my sticking points counts. Or I enjoyed the bootcamp. Its either pulls or lays for daygame, not night game. Either that or bust. I might not be on your radar yet, I get it. We are a relatively big company but not as famous. But remember, John Wayne is your opposite. The future of the daygame world will belong to someone with a last name Wayne. Why can’t it it be or our company. We have the most results in total across the world for students. Your cult doesn’t. Deepak and I are not good looking, tall, or white. Also, are you really building a hardcase program like me?

Also, he said you should make fun of your own race. Imagine an Asian guy saying he has a small penis jokes to a girl. Or an East Indian guy making fun of his smell? Max literally said that. It shows insecurity. I saw Madison say that, make light of your race issues. I say first of all get a fucking haircut and pomade. Buy some decent clothing from Zara. Stop going direct, compensate in other areas you are weak at. Then you will get her like my students. You see Jan Lifestyle who keeps saying look an Asian guy talking to a white girl. It must be so weird. Calling out the elephant in the room is fine. But that’s just insecure. Then again he just gets 5.5/10 and censors their face. When its higher which he won’t get, he uncensors number closes. Or dry pulls on his product. Dates 3 more times to close the deal due to looks.

In a future post i’ll post my camera man #2, East Indian guy who got a HB 9/10 gf and a fuck buddy. 8 pulls, many lays many blow jobs. He is good looking and light skinned. Looks like a Latino. However, my game in a positive stereotype body. He had no results with 12 London coaches. I’ll post Max video of bullshit, he called other triggered. Perhaps that isn’t the right word. Perhaps to the worlds best dating coach. Yes he addressed some of my concerns early on, like good looking white guy etc. But I think the right word is misleading. Deepak and my other new student was the one who shown me this video. You have just put yourself in front of Deepak Wayne’s radar for this video. Or two Waynes. You might not think we are a big company, or dismiss us now. We will be taking over the entire daygame world. Your days of harming my fellow Asians and Deepak’s East Indians are over eventually, in the future. You can only mislead these dumb cult members for so long. One day there will be an awakening. We will be the source of truth.

One thing I do admire about Max is his marketing. He is good. He sounds so uplifting, tells you half truths. Sounds so motivational, so many lies. He is so Jamie Oliver. Its so comforting, just take action, be a pimp, not a complainer. Makes lots more than I do. But I refuse.

This is John Wayne. One of the rudest, one of the most realistic, brutally honest, 100% truth seeker/result seeker stuff. My students loves it. The are allergic to bullshit. I earned my Michelin stars. My my students success are undeniable, the top of the industry. His personality is shit, but his character is he really cares about the high standards of his restaurants. He is a caring and passionate person. Don’t confuse my personality with my character. I care for my fellow Asians and help them to succeed. Even if stubborn and all hardcases. Other minorites who ask for my help, gets results like pulls and lays too.


RSD Max, friendly, don’t want to offend people. Half truths, marketing, motivational. Like Jamie Oliver. Not a lot of results, student and instructor.


If you like to be lied to with half truths and motivational idealistic thinking. Which sounds good, but doesn’t get results. Go fuck off and give RSD Max more business. Get the fuck out of my kitchen or establishment. If you can handle real shit, stop being a beta faggot and train with me. If you do what I say, you pull in 3 days. All my bootcamp students have since Summer till now. Except one guy, who is an aspie. Yes you can pull in 3 fucking days if you just listen and stop being stubborn. Its not impossible, I already made it happen. Most of these guys in Vancouver these Asian RSD Nation faggots doesn’t get any results. RSD student results in RSD Nation forum. 6 lays from daygame from free advice videos in 2 years. I get more testimonials in one week. Jan who was trained by RSD has no testimonials for daygame relating to pulls or lays. Its all night game shit or online. What the fuck are you guys teaching in your cult?

We are not a Mc SociopathDynamics here. We are a Michellin 3 star restaurant or top quality training for our students results. If I wanted a new site, I can get one from Deepak. Upgrade it to pro level. I think its hilarious I am only using something with a wordpress. Since I am only allowed to keep a free blog. Regardless. Maybe you want the fast food version of game that isn’t good for you. You like the free advice and empty calories.


-John Wayne

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