My first Podcast, yes for those who are too busy on the go to read

Welcome to the very first podcast. Just get some earphones, so you can listen to it on the go. I re-read a blog post I wrote about the Asian poker face. I figured a lot of you might be at work, or at the gym or not at home. But you want to read my site, but you don’t have time to read every word. I figure, if you are on the go, why not make a podcast? This will help reach more people. It should drive more podcast to my site too. I myself am a hardcase in terms of marketing. Although I make good money, more than most of you out there anyways. I can always make more. Also, if I can’t help you if I can’t sell to you. I already have the most testimonials for students pulling and getting laid. We already have the perfect system, so be the perfect student. Not stubborn. But the information I have in future blog post, even if I am re-reading old blog post, can help a lot of new people. It doesn’t make sense not to help more people. Asians are having it really tough in daygame. I have students of ever race, they are struggling too. People have found me relatable. Even if there are a few dark tetrad psychopaths/sociopath, narcissist, Machiavelli manipulators and sadist all combined hates me. Fuck em. I’ll block any mother fucker I don’t like on my new youtube channel Deepak gave me and block any mother fuckers on the podcast.


I’m no marketing genius. In fact I probably made every mistake you can possible make in terms of marketing. The best daygame coach in the world, doesn’t always mean the richest in the industry. Marketing lies, bullshit, fluff, motivational shit, looks don’t matter bullshit tends to sell better. But it doesn’t get you students pull/laid testimonials. You have to juggle how far of the two extremes you want to get into. On one side, you sound like a Dan Pena, Gordon Ramsay swearing at everyone, shoving the truth down peoples throats. On the other hand you sound like RSD Max, or Jamie Oliver trying to comfort you. But not getting you results. Honestly, if I had to get a coach in terms of marketing or anything. I would rather the guy be brutally honest.

Long story short, now you can listen to great content. Truthseekers/results seekers only. What I mean by that is, the students have to get results too. Not just the coach. Or its just privledges. I see people clicking on the video section a lot. They want more advice. I guess i’ll rename it video and podcast.

Have a nice day

-John Wayne

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