How to boost testosterone which helps for daygame

I’m no expert about testosterone, but I do want to talk about the topic. Does it help you in game? It does. I’m not talking about steroids. If you want that info, other taller muscular Asian dating coaches can help you with that. I’m sure Jan is on growth hormones. He gained 2 inches this year. Just like my other student who was 5’11 turned to 6’1.

What i’m talking about is how to boost your testosterone naturally. I myself am known to be skinny and short. This is where I have to compensate with 9/10 level game and higher fashion. But maybe you guys didn’t know. I took a testosterone levels test. I am T-85/90. I’m nearly past the normal levels. My testosterone level is extremely high. I’m older now, but there doesn’t seem any sort of slowdown with my T-Levels. It might explain my aggressive alpha personality. Its hard to really keep control. You feel more dominant and competitive. It definitely affects your sex drive too. I recommend you get a test for it if you feel like you have no sex drive. It doesn’t matter if you have a ton of muscles. You can still have lower testosterone.

  1. Get testosterone boosters. Use this when you’re working out. They are basically minerals, but when I took them working out, I noticed an effect. They have ingredients like fenugreek, boron, magnesium and zinc. A lot of weight lifter guys will say it does nothing. But it works for me. I would get hornier and I had more muscle definition, than just using protein shakes. Yes I quit working out since I didn’t see any results. I’m just going to play the game on higher difficulty levels and keep saying other tall, strong dating coaches has it easier. Its true, muscles do help in game. Muscles can help you get laid a lot more easily with girls that are on the lower end of the spectrum. Unlike me, if you can improve your aesthetics, it does help. This just takes longer to achieve. Unless you want to get a muscle suit. Six star is cheap Walmart shit, but I find the powdered drink works much better. Side effect, made me super horny. So that is something to watch out for, excessive boners.
  2. Eat Brazil nuts. What is this Brazil nuts? Well its from Brazil. I have done an experiment eating at least 4 pieces every morning. It is high in selenium. So you can’t eat that many. It is like testosterone boosters, but a more natural form. Believe it or not, most of the selenium is on the outside of the shell. That brown bitter layer is actually the good stuff. Don’t get them shelled completely. I noticed a lot of more lean muscles. I didn’t gain any size, but some definition over the month. Benefits-of-Brazil-Nuts.jpg
  3. Do compound exercises like squats. It can boost your testosterone production. Leg muscles are bigger. This builds more testosterone in your body. I’m not expert on this topic, but that is a good suggestion. 1200px-Squats.svg.png
  4. Eat high protein foods. Tuna, milk, egg yolk, beef, beans, oysters stuff like that. oystervagina.jpg

Does it affect your sex drive? Its not hard for me to get my testosterone levels above what is normal. Yes it does. If you feel like your libido isn’t working well. Instead of saying well, I fap this many times a day, so I have high testosterone. Why not get it checked? The idea of no fap. In theory, it is suppose to make you more horny so you give off a more sexual vibe. Make you more aggressive in pulling and more seductive. But what if you already know how to do that in the first place without doing this? Food for thought. Its what we teach. If you aren’t good at game, no-fap can frustrate you over time. One advice is to stop masturbating for a few days. This will give you more motivation.

Of course I don’t know what it feels like to have low testosterone. I have students tell me they have less motivation and feels more exhausted. Less libido. There is no harm in raising your testosterone. Naturally of course, I don’t mean steroids. That has side effects that can be long term.

-John Wayne



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