Asian guys has no expressions like robots? (experiment)

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I done an experiment. Listen I field test everything. I don’t have any theories, its all derived from science or field testing data. Here is one of my experiments. I had some of my students show me their expressions in a video. They had to practice my opener in different emotions and just as shocked as I was, the students were in total disbelief.

There are always students who argues. Like if I am confident, I have expressions. They have none on Skype. I can see this, but they are unaware. Or they say don’t worry bro i’ll take acting lessons and work on my tonality. The first guy said to me in the screenshots. Then I said stop being a faggot and post two videos opening with a happy vibe and sad vibe. I get Gordon Ramsay on people who doesn’t fucking listen. If you can handle that kind of coach, then good. If you like to be comforted, you won’t grow. I don’t have time to deal with peoples stubborness. Asians are stubborn about the Asian Poker face. There is almost zero range of emotions compared to every other race out there. Don’t think i’m being mean, I myself am Asian if people forgets sometimes. I may not always act like it. But i’m here to get you guys results, pulling and getting laid. I already have the perfect system, you just need to be the perfect student. Stop diagnosing your own issues because you don’t know.

The first student’s experiment. In a video clip, we look at his facial expressions. The bigger question is does this look like a happy face to you? 

Case study #123633345_903183666528961_1673373064_o.png

Now I made him do the exercise again. Except this time to practice the opener in a sad way. You can see he tries to move his face. His mouth opens slightly more. Both tonality sounds identical and face doesn’t move.


Was 5’11, but grew 6’1. Growth hormones or something. I see how they do it. Its fine, i’m going to talk about testosterone and how it affects game in a future post.

pulled j

Student pulled 4 times with my training. But his last lay, the girl opened him and she pulled him. So we can’t count that as a lay. His fashion and hair is recalibrated. But he has no expressions. He is working on it everyday now, recording himself to see an improvement.

Case study #2:

The first image was him practicing in a happy way.


The second one was his sad face. Notice only the lips once again slightly moves. There is no change in tonality as you can see with Asians either. Nor is there any accurate emotions. Its all beta, so it squanders the confidence they are trying to portray.


Case study #3

This student already pulled 6-7 times but didn’t close the deal. Almost next to zero emotional investment before. He used to have narcisstic facial expressions. Bootcamp student, but he still pulled so many times before. He had problems hooking sets. After he bought Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Module 4 will be released on New Years. When everyone is finished. It will be called expression accuracy maintenance.

I’ll show you a pic instead, both pics the emotions are inaccurate. He has more range in his face than the other students. But none of his emotions are accurate.


Same pic as above. This was the the text conversation. When I showed him a pic and I asked what emotion is this? He had no idea what his own emotions were portraying. Zero.


Another picture earlier. Most Asians has no idea how flirting is suppose to feel like. Actually almost all white guys don’t know either because Mystery Method said build attraction first. Then you build connection. Then date and build more connection. Then after 4-7 hours face time, you can start to use seduction. Wait a minute, so white privledged told others that you have to use seduction later? But comfort now? This goes against the whole same day lay theory I can do faster. He sabotaged the entire industry. This is night game shit, but foisted on daygame. I told you not to listen to anymore RSD videos for advice and stop reading the Mystery Method. Why not read the John Wayne method.

Case study #4vlcsnap-2017-11-17-00h45m23s928vlcsnap-2017-11-17-00h45m37s780

Bootcamp student exercise. No matter how many pics he took, it always had the same head tilt and facial expressions. A head tilt, the same smile. You see that is not accurate emotions.

Conclusion from the field testing. I can go on, but every Asian student is almost the same. They all act like they are autistic or has aspergers. So they lack the emotional range or accuracy required to be a daygamer. For me I can move my face and create an emotional impact.

Edit: another interesting note. Among 5 students I have field tested it with. I noticed something. They all made excuses why they can’t emote or how good they are at it. 2 guys fought me on fashion and why they can’t wear Zara. They suggested this other store, the same store. They all are literally clones of each other. That means every single student who is Asian is required to go though this 30 minute training course of accurate emotions. Its non negotiable. There needs to be an intervention. I hate to single out a race for this particular issue. But I have no other choice. I’m all about the truth for the blog here. No matter how brutally honest, I will say it as it is.

Listen, you finally get to see my field testing in action. I never really let any of you see this kind of stuff. Its usually top secret. I used your pics, but censored your face because this point is super important. Our entire game is a science, down to every last detail. Its field tested among a ton of people around the world. Every race gets their own variation of John Waynes game. Every bootcamp students are taught differently according to their weaknesses. I have no theories, when I say something. Its safe to assume most likely it is true. Or more true than anything you heard. I have no agenda. Money is great, I already have enough. My only agenda is to help Asian guys survive this generation of being weeded out of evolution. 1 in 5 Asians will never get married or procreate. 51% of Asian women will marry a white guy or non Asian. In Korea and Japan its even worst. They don’t even marry or procreate anymore. Our Asian species is turning into an endangered species. Not even our women likes their own kind anymore or the majority. That’s my agenda. If you don’t like truthful shit like this, go train with RSD Max.

23601964_852831658210290_560936103_n (1)

My student who bought Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero showed me this pic. He said they suck. If Asians wants to train under RSD concepts or Simple Pickup, prepared to lose all your time and money. He said they only got one date after all that work. Its pathetic.

I say to all Asian guys, please buy Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. I only charged it so cheap so you can use it. Or hardcases can too. Most of you act like you have aspergers. I know you don’t.

If you all took your ego out of the equation. You stop getting emotional and butthurt. You will start to see almost everything I tell you is the absolute truth in game. Its pretty accurate so far for students results. Most of you can’t defeat the argument of my students success. If you listened and trained with me, you will get results. Your level of stubbornness determines the level of success.


Disclaimers, not all Asians have Asperger. But they tend to act like it due to social conditioning. Some does have it and its very clear. But this kind of behavior turns women off. Do yourself a favor and get Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Just admit you have a problem you can’t solve. Its all social calibrations related. Put your ego aside.


Get Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Click here. 


Just because you are my race, Asians. Doesn’t mean I won’t all this stuff out. You don’t have immunity with me. My blog is based on the truth. Yes the truth can hurt. Most likely you still think your facial expressions are 7/10 when in reality after I see a recording, its close to 2/10 at best.

I have decided at New Years to add a new module to Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. How to practice this stuff better. Also, the Asian issue. This would be module 4. Its already filmed I think. I just have to edit it and release it. They are the ultimate hardcases. Are there exceptions, a few.

-John Wayne


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