Random brain dump, thoughts, Updates (updated)


I’ll just post as many thoughts as possible. Maybe you can find a few golden nuggets of wisdom in it. Some of it has realizations you never would of made yourself. You teach game for as long as I have, you tend to notice a few things about people in human nature in general. You don’t have to read it all at once. You can always come back to the post and keep reading pieces of it at a time. Most likely you would want to know my thoughts and what I am thinking.

site doesn’t seem very responsible for a reason. Hard to edit stuff. Not sure if I can even edit this particular post again until the server issue is fixed. I’m keeping the front page very bare bones. Instead of the usual overly crowded design. I added enough content to the front page, now it is non responsive. Wtf. At least there is enough content for what I want to show. Maybe its just night time, the servers doesn’t work as well. Trying to edit the main page, but I get a lot of wordpress isn’t responsive messages for some odd reason. Of course it can be the server. But if you are looking for the blog and stuff, please go to the respective sections. Don’t forget to check out the hall of shame. I tried different versions of the front page. I might redesign it. Hate wordpress, but its free. I’m only allowed to have a free blog.

Made a video on my testimonials for the front page. Since its freezing so much. This saves time.

I want to talk about delusional people in future blog post and how to over come that. Topics not discussed in the industry. Lots of dating coaches are delusional, or other ones. I also want to talk about how you need to be at least 6/10 to pull a girl home. So looks in my field testing does matter, it isn’t all game. If you are below, you only get unattractive girls. Or you have to get 50 numbers for one date. That is just theories and motivational stuff. I want to talk about how to tell the difference between motivational feel good advice, vs hardcore brutal real shit. That is important for you to decipher if you want results. You would see why privledged dating coaches has no testimonials and student results. He just happens to be her type.

I’ll be posting more student bootcamp pull videos.

Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero is selling pretty well. It seems to help hardcases pulls, or even almost gets her into the pull location. I never designed the program like that. It was just the cure to people who lacks social skills like Asians or real life aspies. It was build to fix all the issues. Also, the so called naturals tends to already mastered Wayne 30 due to their social calibrations. They already had a lot of gf’s in highschool.

Just bear with me until I get the issue sorted out. You would just have to go to the blog section yourself and find it. I thought in the new landing page, less is more.

We also been getting a lot of bootcamp request. Everyone practically pulled, except one guy. So I guess don’t fuck it up, lol. So far every student has continuously pulled. Its pretty consistent, meaning we are teaching something right that works. Most bootcamps, you just get flaky numbers. Lol

Also, the amount of student results and their extreme level of HB 9/10 girlfriends. I would have to say looking at all the evidence now. Most likely every single word I ever said on this blog has been nothing but truthful. Only the delusional and sociopaths will disagree. They are the gate keepers to this industry. Their delusions and their false advertising marketing techniques. I’m here to take that all down in the future. I mean that to all privledged dating coaches. Just because you happen to be her exact type, doesn’t mean you have game.

Also, why are my prices so high compared to Vancouver, because it works. Even the last bootcamp student wasn’t sure if he could pull, he done that standing next to me. We both did, so it counts. Everyone pulled. Training like this should be worth close to $6000 usd at least imo. If something always works almost every time except once, since the summer surge of bootcamps, then it makes no sense not to take it. I mean saving a bit of money, means you waste time on mental masturbation. Most of my products are expensive. I am constantly raising the price. I”m going to raise the price of the playbook soon to $450 usd here. I’m going to update the course further, add an approach anxiety section. Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero is the only product that is cheaper at $150. I knew, if a guy has aspergers, or is mentally fucked up. He won’t move up in the job world or make a lot of money. He won’t dress well either because that requires social intelligence. Also, he won’t be able to afford a $200 program. The playbook is good, better than every product. But it doesn’t address social calibrations. Its funny or should I say a miracle that students are pulling girls home just by Wayne 30. I raise prices or keep them high to deter sociopathic cheap fucks who will backstab you. Everyone who ask for a discount, who takes you for granted. Tries to fuck you over. They are value taking douches. I’m going to update the hall of shame section on one of the biggest value taking faggots I never seen. Indian guys always ask for free advice. But this guy only pays for 1/3 of the course, one Skype. Said will pay the rest later. Get laid and just doesn’t want to pay. I’m going to disable his course, now that I reflect on his personality. Its why I don’t give discounts.

I only could get 80% of my students pulling. 70% laid. I’m not sure if its slightly higher now. But in the past I felt powerless to help the last 20%. Sure some eventually do pull after 6 months to a year. But it wasn’t high yield odds. To think I made a product to address hardcase issues. No one has made this, even RSD Max is making one too as someone told me. Stop copying me, just keep lying through your teeth to others because your game doesn’t work. Just keep motivating them. I might release a free approach anxiety solo approach product. It only needs to be 30 minutes to help you get over approach anxiety. Since our bootcamp clients will. I’ll say to others get the free course instead of Fearless. More motivational snake oil. I am rooted in science and psychology. My point is I have created a product that is so innovative, I can’t believe others never figured it out. I have some of the most impossible cases pulling in a week. Sometimes getting close to the pull location but not knowing what to do afterwards.

Look, my bootcamp clients gets rid or manage their approach anxiety in one or two classes. I think that is a miracle. But it is based on psychology. Most places will take like 3 months just to manage it. We use progressive desensitization, not flooding. I think everything is a miracle with my training. The constant student success, how they are getting girls HB 9/10 finally.

What shocks me the most out of this entire year as a Wayne was how right I was about everything. All my so called theories, that was derived from field testing data. How dare you try to disagree. I’ve also met some real stubborn people too along this journey. I have a lot to say. I should be sleeping, but this post is just my brain dump.

What shocks me is how dumb people are. They get burnt, but it takes 2-4 dating coaches or direct game to come to me for repair work? I don’t know, I feel out of this whole industry, only our company understands you guys. Everyone else who trains you are deluded sociopathic snake oil salesman. But people are so easy to manipulate. They appeal to your human needs. We are the opposite. All I have on my side are my success and my students success.

What if I was right about most of the things in game. Why can’t others sees the truth? They are always about idealistic thinking, feel good sugar coated shit. The answer is simple. Most of the daygame industry are runned by dark triad sociopath. One day i’ll use my platform to expose it all. Then free peoples minds. They ought to be training with us. If they want results. I have to sleep, going to film my second camera mans testimonials. Since he got way too much results, I have to update it.

After the year is nearly ending, I feel so vindicated by everything. It was a hard journey, but I still have so much student success time after time consistently. Maybe put your ego aside and learn. That’s what my Justin Wayne 6mm students are doing. No matter what they force themselves to learn as fast as possible and adapt. They already paid $8000 for snake oil. They are so appreciative.

That’s another thing I noticed. My second camera man doesn’t respond as much. I told him once my clients gets killer results that is above any other dating company. They often take me for granted. He didn’t want to do that, so i’ll meet him tomorrow to film his testimonial. Of course give value, but don’t give so much people will take value and stab you in the back. That is an important life lesson. Its why I never give discounts. I know what sort of snake i’m dealing with, the gimmie, gimmie, gimmie free shit type.

I also want to talk about personality or my personality vs character. Personality is what others sees you as on the first impression. Most people thinks I act overly alpha, or I have no problems stepping on people. Most sociopath types of PUAs tends to have a fake good personalty with a knife behind their back ready to back stab you. My character is i’m very caring of my students and I want them to succeed. I give them the tools to. I don’t give up on them. I have some Asian students who are so beta, learned helplessness. I don’t give up on them, I kick them on the ass and say stop being a beta faggot and get back in the field. At the end of the day, its about the students results. Everything else is just hot hair coming out of the daygame instructors month. Only their students success can speak volumes.

Most of my teaching methods are based on psychology and the Pareto principle. It can’t be reverse engineered. I won’t say exactly how I do it. Honestly, if I figured out how to treat aspergers syndrome and Wayne 30 can be a reversal program, or training program. They should honestly give me a nobel peace prize or something if it works this well. So far these so called psychologist can’t seem to figure out how to treat aspies, since some are aspies themselves.

Also, more random shit floating off my brain, its fucking cold outside and raining. Of course you can daygame indoors. Its harder to pull, or instadate. But i’ve done it and banged girls outside in the forest hiking trails. Not proud of it, but honestly, it can get really cold let me tell you. Groceries stores are another good place to do daygame.

I’m also thinking of writing an article about testosterone and how it helps with game. I took a test before and I nearly max out in testosterone. It affects my personality maybe. I also want to write about personality, the guys I identify with, the alphas. They all tend to talk the same way as I do. There are guys like this in the PUA industry. I think addressing why I sometimes act like Gordon Ramsay or Bruce Lee or other guys like Trump. You can call it toxic masculinity or whatever. I don’t care tbh. But i’m trying to figure out what articles to write.

I do have to edit a video, of a students pull. It took me forever just to censor his face. While it seems boring, I have to maybe add a soundtrack or commentary or just put some words. It can get boring. But I need to add more to my students bootcamp pulls. I’ll upload it to my new channel.

I wanted to talk about race and dating, in a video. Edit in a video with 100 Asian women tall creepy white guy couples. I have it all flimed. We were catching this stuff like Pokemon Go. Just you have to collect them all. Hopefully a video like that will answer does race matter? Well, there seems to be some advantage to it. Its going to take forever to create this video. I have to find all of the clips. It can go on all day. Do I just sit there, looking at the screen picture in picture, smiling and nodding, while it keeps showing these videos? But it will create a big emotional impact.

I also want to call out sluthate. The biggest collection of autism and aspergers. I want to talk about the dark triad personality, mixed with autism, or aspergers, mixed with depression, anxiety and women hating. The Elliot Rodgers of the world. These toxic creatures of pure women blaming, blame shifting co-morbidity or mixed mental illness. I made Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero strong enough to work for these people. But their blame shifting of women is purely due to their own mental illness. While I believe in LMS, I also believe it is mixed with game. Game deniers are disgusting people. I’m almost planning the future post with this post.

Updating Wayne Playbook. You should see a video talking about beta Asian issues and how to troubleshoot it. I know that sounds aweful, but game is harder for Asians. Trust me, you might not be able to relate. People see it and think, oh John Wayne can same day lay consistently so problem solved for all Asians. They just need to have more confidence? Wtf, it takes skills moron. If it were so easy you would see short Asians same day lay left and and right. You simply don’t.

I also see having such a truth seeker blog, it will hurt business a bit for this site. Its fine, i’d rather attract the right kind of clients or students. When they are open minded to change, its how they can achieve such great results. I’m not going to compromise my values.

A student is asking me what to wear. What to wear John, I need fashion advice. I get this shit a lot for some reason. I am releasing a product fashion domination for game next year. Even Deepak asked me about fashion today too, when I think about it. Which is flattering he respects my opinion on it. It seems to get all the bootcamp students except one, pulls. One aspie. Fashion domination for Game is released in 2018, maybe around the summer area. The product is already filmed. But editing it will be a bitch. Honestly it will be so much audio and video synced together. Then have to organize the 10 rules of Wayne fashion. I created a brand new system just for daygame for the fashion. What you will find out is there is a way to make things easier for you to approach and hook. It is raising your UAR or aesthetics. Most people over rate how good their fashion is. Most of my students are 4/10 for looks. Then they get a make over, they look like 7/10. Sorry mother fuckers, looks do matter. While i’m not good looking with my hair down and messy like beta Asian fobby types. I put it up, I look better. Its really a manipulation of your aesthetics. Looks do matter, unless you want to get 50 number closes for a date. So 10 field tested principles. Yes its all brand new. I’m bringing innovation to the game. Meaning just like Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero, no one every thought to make a social skills or calibration course for daygame. Well, I think another Wayne released a product similar to mine. Mine is cheaper and already got so many people laid. Also so many pulls from some of the most autistic, beta, aspie, or Asians with no social calibrations pulling. Who would of thought, maybe it was just a social skills issue all along. There seems to be a tremendous demand for a game product for fashion. I might bring in another fashion expert PUA, he is Asian. I won’t say who, but I will interview him. We both have different fashion taste, or theories. But he is more of the business casual. Good for night game to round it out. I mean its good to interview him. We both can trade some concepts of equal value. I can’t teach him everything, our daygame system is too valuable. Even my camera man number 2, I taught him a lot of stuff, I never gave him a bootcamp.

I also am going to enable all users who has the full playbook the flirting section. I don’t mean romantic flirting or some gay shit like that. I mean sensual flirting, nearly sexual. Asians needs it, no one knows how to flirt. Due to the white PUAs who just vibes their LMS naturally. They save seduction for the dates until enough comfort to pull. Idiots, so no one knows. Most Asians never done it before.

Girls like sex just as much as guys, they are human. They just don’t want to seem like a slut, so they have anti slut defense. The thing is women likes guys in the caveman days who are preselected by other women. He tends to have the best genes. This is the reason why some women likes quick sex. Women are human. For those who thinks, its manipulation. I like to think its win/win.

You fit into 3 categories. Lover, boyfriend/provider or friendzone. In her life, you are the quick sex guy, she is human after all. Or you do the romantic shit, that doesn’t always work for me. I’m Asian, not preselected by white women in Vancouver. Its rare. Or you be in the friendzone. Since women will make exceptions for guys in the loverzone. You don’t always need to be her best friend for years and hope she falls for you in a social circle. Its guys like my second camera man who stole this girl away from these beta clucks. Women will bang the lover, get pregnant by accident and make the beta provider boyfriend type raise the kid.

If women doesn’t like sex, they wouldn’t be on tinder, night clubs or anything like that. You have to be autistic to think PUAs are bad because women are all innocent. Its socially retarded behavior.

My camera man came over to this location. Already filming the field report of another infield. I gamed this girl across 5 cities. Banged her so well, same day lay. She was 18 and 5’11, hot. Sometimes being in the lover category, you fit into the quick sex, seduce her, one night stand category.

We also filmed a video advice on public sex, how to initiate it. Its not really that difficult if you know how. People who are game deniers and anti puas tends to be autistic. Or aspergers syndrome. They shouldn’t be player hates. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. The game is womens mind and their psychology. Its not my fault some guys knows how to be that preselected seducer type. MGTOW faggots don’t get laid. They are usually comorbidity or every mental illness. They can’t take this out on women or the PUAs. Hating on women because these guys can’t get it in. This is their protest of women is to avoid them sounds like some incel virgin shit. Pathetic, learn some social skills.

I have decided not to take people off the hall of shame. Once you are added on there. Its for life. Probably deserved it. Its a place for horrible people. Who are a cancer of society. I am thinking about adding a few more names soon. I’ll add one guy this week. East Indian guy who is the biggest value taker. You must be a value taker, sociopath, caused damage in my life for their own mental illness.

Someone told my camera man or second one, not to join the local Vancouver Whatsapp group for PUAs. Its the highest collection of sociopaths. When he said the same thing I told my camera man, I was shocked they used the name sociopath.

Someone didn’t like I wrote a lot of text all the time. But I do enjoy it and people do read it. Personally I think a lot, my brain is always thinking, calculating, etc. Its like a faster cpu. A hater is just someone with dark tetrad personality. Dark 4, sadist, psychopath, narcisissm and machevelli manipulation. I can tell who exibits these 4 traits, I stay away from them. Its why I don’t associate with PUAs here in Vancouver.

Over time, if anyone thinks I just get people laid. I’m getting them HB 9/10 girlfriends, or the girlfriend process. We have something called the girlfriend process. If you have enough value in her life to be a boyfriend, it requires some value and LMS. My highest LMS students ends up with girlfriends usually. But their girlfriends scores are 9/10 now. Every hater it seems, I shatter their reality.

I sometimes find writing unclogs my brain. Like a journal or something. But this helped me organize the next few post and videos for the entire weeks to come. I already manifest a few videos on several topics. I have a ton of random thoughts all the time.

I made more money this year. I’m not a marketer, it actually seems hard. I could do a mailing list, all this other changes to the site. If I wanted to upgrade my site, Deepak will let me now. Tbh, I don’t give a shit about money. I’m helping a lot of Asians in the process. A lot of minorities trains under me.

I find it so weird how most of my students aren’t Asians, most are just every other race. Maybe its because of my height or lack of muscles. Just your regular every day person. One day I might consider making a collage of some of my students you seen on Skype. So I might add a big collage one day with many pics, with the faces censored to let you know what kind of students I have. I get a lot of black students, Latino guys, fewer white guys, but some, lots of East Indian students and Asians. But Asians aren’t even that much of it, they are only like 20-25% at most. I found the Asian students actually has the biggest uphill climb. They lack facial expressions. Almost none of them actually moves their Asian poker face. None of them has any expressions. They can’t create an emotion impact. They almost don’t feel, very shut off. I think this is more social conditioning, but none can flirt either. Only a few gets it, but most doesn’t. Have accurate emotions, does she knows what you are expressing? They think they do, but its like a HDTV totally uncalibrated. Wayne 30 seems to help with that. Like Bruce Lee said, don’t think, feel.

I am not a fan of Bruce Lee and I think he is part white since he is mixed. But, reading his quotes, it makes a lot of sense in terms of pickup. I think Bruce Lee will be a good womanizer. He shows accurate emotions. You always knows what he is thinking. His philosophy is very practical. Perhaps I feel the same struggle trying to get people away from direct game. I feel direct game is like Karate or Kung Fu or some form or ineffective striking system that is designed for the bigger privileged guys. Justin Wayne’s game is more like Jiu Jitsu, the older one. Rigid, depends on strength and so hard to learn. Deepak’s game before was more like a Judo, it was very free flowing. My game in 2016 was more like Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Highly effective, but too structured. 2017, we both made it more of an Aikido, soft or Ninjutsu. We use natural game to boost our overall flow of daygame. Its a lot softer and smoother. 2018, i’m turning all of this into an MMA, the 5 Wayne styles. It incorporates all the variations. Its all about adaptability. My second camera man and I already field tested it to amazing results. We have to keep current. If you trained under me before, at a specific time. You would notice my teaching style or game changes, it evolves.

I think everyone has a different rating system for what they find attractive. But universally if she is 8/10, its fine. I have banged a lot of 18 year old girls and I still do to this very day. It never changes. Even they can in the 9/10. Its not always about more. Like bigger bootcamps, more age, more make up, more hair being styled, more fashion. Its more about the face. The body is great, but its the proportions. Having said that I been with older women too. They can still be attractive as they age. Depends on how well they take care of themselves. But once they are 8/10 or above, there is a point of diminishing returns. It comes down to preference. My students lately has been able to get past this barrier. Not sure if it is the Wayne 30 stuff they are now using on top of the game. Or was it how I taught the game.

Vibes are very important, the ability to change vibes. We call it spicing here at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. We don’t fucking spice everything nonstop, we aren’t RSD. Our newer bootcamp students this year used the 5 vibes and infinite accurate emotions. But some of the vibes are spiced into the conversations. But conversational skills are crucial. Gamey guys always become gamey mother fuckers. Everyone has one default beta vibe. Is that the normal baseline? No it isn’t. It is below, like a deficit.

Notice how when you interview world level experts in a field. I’m world class at teaching daygame. But the expert would usually say notice how everyone usually does this. The truth is you should be doing the exact opposite. Isn’t that weird, how you hear this almost from everyone who has a lot of experience in the field and are the best. So there is a conventional wisdom, or stupidity as I call it. RSD for example or London Daygame tactics are just that type of stupidity. The best thing to do is the exact opposite. The opposite is true. Why is the opposite always true? Are people stupid? Maybe they just don’t know any better. The only way to see if something can be transferred is if the instructor can do it. Also, if he can transfer it to others. If someone’s stuff can’t be transfered, then its privledged based. I thought it was cool a scene in the movie called Wolf of Wallstreet. Jordan Beltfort taught a bunch of morons how to sell. They had no idea, then the company made a ton of money. But the thing was, how transferable his skills are. My quote on the Welcome page, don’t judge me by my winners, but judge me on my losers because there are so few. It comes from his quote.

An escalation ladder. If Weinstein, bill Cosby and others learned game, they would get laid like crazy and not be in that mess. Using fame and power to pull, then trickery. They should of learned game. An escalation ladder would of created conversions. Yes an escalation ladder does exist. It is the reason why the 3 Waynes can create conversions in daygame. But the escalation ladder doesn’t have to be rigid. You can choose the ratio of romantic/sexual. It doesn’t have to be romance, romance, romance.

The eyes tells everything about a person. Sociopaths tends to have intense looking eyes. If there is an lazy eye, they are psychopaths. If both eyes point it two directions, they are trolls and dark tetrad sadist. If droopy, they are sociopaths. I can already tell when meeting you, sizing people up. I already know who will backstab and who won’t. Its in their nature. Maybe be cautious and prepare for it. Its why I stopped working with Filipino clients. I had less, but less stress. Almost all are sociopaths in my experience. Almost all are passive aggressive. They always work in shit jobs and start to take cheap shots at others. I have taught many to succeed. I let all of them know they will betray me eventually and I watch them like a hawk for former students.

All bootcamp students gets 2 Skypes, or 1 Skype with Wayne 30. Or the playbook without any Skypes. I figured it was the smartest way to help them maintain their skills. If you asked me which is my favorite product. The Wayne Playbook or the Wayne 30 product. I personally like Wayne 30 more. Both got a lot of testimonials and students laid, pulling etc. But I find the Wayne 30 awesome because it is like a virtual dating coach.

I think solving world super problems no one else can solve can always help you make money and help humanity. Some of these Asian daygame problems. I’m not taking about taking steroids to boost your overall value. Or gain privledges. I’m talking about a personality, game and fashion enhancement can go a long way to getting you results in daygame. When we put white privledged game on Asians, it never works. Even for my East Indian camera man, it doesn’t work. He got so much results.

East Indians actually have it much easier than the Asian students in my experience because of their UAR. They are taller than the Asians and they have a bigger bone structure. Wider shoulders and bigger frame. They have very western face features. This helps a lot of my students pulls. Ethnicity does count, its the first thing. But if East Indian guys at least work on their fashion, they go a long way to getting compliance in daygame. Especially the hair. They all think, I got a big beard and girls loves it. They always think, wearing polo shirts that are pink, then use coconut oil to sweep their hair bangs left to right is sexy. Its like Asians who thinks a bowl cut is sexy to women. No dude, its not. But its universal.

Black dating coaches doesn’t have any game. If they are tall and strong, women are already attracted to them. Its evolutionary psychology. They fit into the boyfriend frame easily. If you are black, big and tall, use our game and have some confidence. You will kill it in game. I always see so much escalation and no comfort in their game. The short black guys has it super hard. They have no preselection or protector status. Next time you see a black guy coach on youtube. I John Wayne think they are not facing an uphill battle. They always keeps saying they are not their normal type. Or she isn’t into black guys. Dude she is into protector status and excessive preselection. I would say every black dating coach on youtube now, most likely are tall, strong and really is playing the game on easy mode. They will talk about online stats. Dude, once they get some PUA training, no matter the style, it all works. Muscles and height, preselection isn’t game. Its other factors. Its not transferable. They can achieve more. But for some reason, most of them goes for uglier women. They go for low hanging fruits, not the best ones. These privledges aren’t just in the U.S media as they claim. Its all over Europe too. They don’t have rap music or some of the sports related things there. Unless they have basketball or football, the real football, not soccer. Its why I divided the chart into positive, neutral sterotypes and negative.

Middle eastern guys are neutral stereotypes in Europe. They neither have it hard nor have it easy. Its the same with East Indian guys who are white washed and are calibrated. Their SMV is in the middle. Much higher than before without calibration. They require some game. But they have a huge compliance in Europe. They tend to be more alpha in mindset. I teach middle eastern students. One is suppose to sign up to train with me. Lets see if he does. Another one wants me to teach him so he can coach one day, but his game sucks. He is a hardcase. I don’t teach other coaches or potential coaches. I made it a policy. What I teach is a powerful tool. I don’t want anyone with my source of power in terms of student results. Its not achievable anyways. I’d rather they have that one or two student getting laid or gf while a dozen I like your bootcamp, I got no results testimonials. I’d like to keep them ignorant.

I’m going to train an older Persian dude. Yes my student varies in all ages and all locations and all ethnicity. He was trained by some faggot bootcamp street attraction and simple pickup. Lol. Yeah, so he is dry pulling sometimes. But not able to close the deal. Which is important.

A lot of people might think, why in the world is there so many testimonials of pulls and lays? They just keep happening over and over and over and over. I just filmed my last one for my camera man. No one else gets any, or so few. Its simple, our game is the closest thing to an effective, efficient, effortless daygame system. It does require some LMS so both LMS and game are combined. Separating the two is the reason why most systems out there fail. Denying LMS is like denying evolutionary psychology. Denying game is like denying social calibrations. You really need both together. You can think of game is like a salesman. You can convert people. I think being shorter and skinnier and harder daygame place has really forced me to adapt. Every coach creates a game style for their body. Since they are deluded, they tell others this is how the game is. But then again they are deluded sociopaths. Also, when a dating coach who is white for example. He isn’t that good looking, or tall. Its really hard for him. They often drop out or get depressed or get all religious or become game deniers. They really need to compensate their game and use a more powerful style. Also, work on their fashion and other things. If they have less value, but they use the same white man’s game, they will be extracted over time from the industry becoming irrelevant. Have you noticed almost all dating coaches are usually very tall for some odd reason? Not everyone, but most? Lol, its not a coincidence. There is really a value system in place.

Material beats method. You can claim this is the best way to learn a language. That’s a method. But if you choose the right material for your circumstances. You would find there are even better material out there that can beat most methods. For example our daygame system is that material. Fuck these other so called best methods. Its about best student results, how many consistently and how much.

Direct game is just gimmick and the biggest scam. You get your equal or below. Or you get positive reactions like number closes. I don’t believe in positive reactions or IOIs or that bullshit. I believe in positive compliance. So the bigger taller, more handsome dating coaches will get more results using it. But its funny when the dumb sheeps uses it, saying yeah looks don’t matter. It sounds motivational. One of my students sent me this. They did a ton of approaches, only got one date. A bunch of bullshitters. Only post stuff to make it look good. No consistency. Direct game is about getting low hanging fruits. Or good footage. Fuck direct game, if you are a negative stereotype minority. Even if you use good vibes, or personality. You might have to depend on adding her to facebook or instagram where you can DHV. It also depends on the city. California is super easy, they talk to you for 15 minutes each time. Toronto is easier too, Vancouver is anti social. My second camera man confirms it, he said this place is nearly impossible. He isn’t getting white girls even with his looks. We also don’t see Asian guys with white girls. Places that has that are usually easier cities or places.

Someone informed me Max is trying to make a product for hardcases. Ummm, don’t copy me faggot.

Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero sells daily. It is always selling. There is a demand for this type of training you can’t get elsewhere. Social skills calibrations. You think someone would of figured this out by now. But no….. idiots. This course to me is like discovering the cure to cancer. Or aspergers or those types of behaviors. Even if the person is Asian, which is common. They might not have aspergers, but they act like it due to social conditioning.

This Asian guy I told him he has no facial expressions. He contacted me after I enabled the flirt video and the Asian problem trouble shooting video in the playbook. Yes its new. I made him do two exercises and called him a faggot for not listening and being stubborn. So he did it, he showed me an opener as happy and sad. None of them has any facial expressions. I told him 1 in 5 Asians won’t get married, this is part of the problem. I also showed him the aspergers chart of symptoms. Dude is monotoned. I can tell who is aspergers or not. They tend to have this either high screechy voice of over enthusiasm or mono toned.

Another Asian guy now is at a clothing store. Not a big selection there where he lives. No Zara. I am rebuilding his wardrobe because he said he wants to at least pull a girl home before the end of the year. Although he is beta and stuff, I am going to increase his fashion so he gets more reference experience and compliance. Its really hard to do this stuff without Zara tbh. He made a post how he wants to pull before the end of the year. Now I have to put in some extra effort. But I want my Asian clients students succeeding.

Asians all argue on the same issues. Fashion, hair and facial expressions. They all magically have it in their minds. So, I am going to make it mandatory all Asians who trains under me undergoes a 30 minute facial expressions correction course on Skype. They have to use up that time, or they won’t get results.

I saw this app on the news called makeapp. It takes away a womens makeup. You see how unattractive she really is without makeup. My point is, her aesthetics are manipulated to raise her score or overall universal attractive rating or sexual market value. But, what happens if you change the hair and clothing of students? You can also manipulate their aesthetics too. Raising their score, which helps them pull. They go from 4/10 to 7/10 easily.

I decided to make a podcast. Might as well, its easier than reading so many post. I know people seems to only come here for the results and testimonials. But not everyone has time to read. Some people are at their jobs and doesn’t have time to read an article. I’m going to make a new section called podcasting.

The reason you are not getting laid is you are following the wrong advice. They know how to manipulate your ego, your sensibilities, your desire for self development because a lot of you are a bunch of asperger sociopaths. The normal people gets burnt, over and over and over and try a few systems. They always come back to me for training. They want results. You don’t have to like me, you don’t have to worship me. All I ask is you fucking listen, you do what I say exactly and you will get the results. Also, pay me of course. I’m exchanging my time, superior game and knowledge, experience for money. Its my job to get you laid or at least pulling. I already have the perfect system or will next year. Just follow it, it isn’t me, it really depends on you. Your ability to listen and adapt. If you are a stubborn sociopath, in one year and out the other. Looks don’t matter. Then go back to RSD and fuck off. Not get laid, mentally masturbate. Sure they get student night game results or other types of game. But not daygame for minorities. You know it and I know it. Stop saying one piece of golden nugget helped you. Ummm listening to endless 2 hour videos and complaining I write long text. What helped was you went out there and played the odds. I don’t believe in the odds system, if I can pull in 5 approaches. Fuck your theories.

23601964_852831658210290_560936103_n (1)
Shitty game, Max just puts his hands in his pocket and doesn’t do shit. While the other motivational, empowering faggot just collects numbers and nothing comes out of it. Stick to night game. Get off the field. When I am in Europe, I will strike down like a thunder bolt. You guys will run in every direction and get off the field. Like most of Vancouver does when I am on the field. They gave me the space and move to a different mall in the city or different days. They know its game over for them.



-John Wayne

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