Former East Indian bootcamp student pulled again

I guess that is another pull. He couldn’t get it in because she was on her period. But regardless, good job. I saw another so-called big name Asian guru bragging about how his bootcamp student pulled daygame, or East Indian student. Lol, then I get this testimonial right now after after I saw his. Even my East Indian cameraman now has an HB 9/10 girlfriend, so eyerolls. I get so many testimonials, I don’t even have time to put them online. But enough of my rant and shit. Here is another one. He was a former Justin Wayne student. Of course didn’t get any results, blab, blab, blab. Then he went to Deepak, got laid in India a few times. Comes to the United States, in complete shock. Trains with me in a bootcamp, pulls a lot.

I’m also teaching another Asian Justin Wayne 6mm student. He is getting a ton of instadates now. I told him always be pulling, not always be closing or number closing. It’s very surprising how not everyone is a good teacher like I am. I’m always saying to Justin Wayne former students, haven’t Justin taught you anything? Your skills are nearly newbie level. Not even beginner. They keep apologizing to me for it. They keep saying whats done is done. Meaning they spent $8000 USD on snake oil. Maybe he is a good MPUA, or maybe he is fake, I don’t know. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But imo, he is a very bad teacher according to all the students I get begging for repair work. Then again in terms of student daygame results, I’m the best dating coach in the world. You can’t argue with student results. There is no logical argument you can possibly make against it. Is my claim true? Due to the stats, most likely. It’s sad. My students get way better so fast, it’s not even funny. We don’t take 6 months or a year for results. This isn’t number close bullshit. It’s about getting laid, we aim to close. It you pulled, didn’t get laid, fine, you still learned something. You get laid, congrats, you join the 70% of my students who have got laid.

Another common objection when I make a sale is. I been burnt before, I don’t know if your stuff will work. Dude I’m not these other coaches. I’m John Wayne, it always ends up working. If there was a better way of doing this, after 16 years of game. I would have figured it out by now. Next year we are adding the 5 Wayne styles. I’m always updating the system based on field testing. We have to keep our game current and growing to keep our domination over the entire daygame industry. What worked a few years ago isn’t relevant in Vancouver every 6 months.

I filmed two versions of this testimonial. I went with the more tamed one. The other one criticizes Justin Wayne’s coaching so much, I didn’t want to put it on youtube. It was just horrific. The best PUA, assuming he is for real, doesn’t mean the best coach. The best coach is someone who has less LMS and gets great results being more efficient. That is transferable. Don’t just take my word for it, just watch what my students say. He was evern offered a discount to take Justin’s bootcamp. He didn’t, he went to mine instead. Smart, he is going to get more results anyways, vs none.


I wonder if I should make 3 months to proficiency course. I don’t need 6 months to teach anyone. In 3 months, hell even in 3 weeks they are unstoppable.

kar 2.png

Also, fuck theories. So much bullshit theories and shit out there. Well, I’ll throw this into the testimonial pile of testimonials. I’m also thinking about keeping my student testimonials updated. Most of them got more results than just what is in the video testimonial. I can always update it on my new youtube channel here.


It’s not exactly new. We use the channel for other things like unlisted videos. But Deepak gave me that channel. He doesn’t try to stop me from growing. I have a lot of freedom to do what I want. Even keep this blog and everything. I love these big arrows that move. It’s so hilarious to me. I’m still going to film my second camera man’s testimonial soon. Dude is too busy fucking his hot girlfriend.


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Listen, you like reading all these testimonials here. You say how the fuck is this possible. It doesn’t make any sense. You don’t have to like me, I don’t give a shit. But if you want my student’s results, then just sign up to coaching. Stop wasting time, time is money. You know almost everyone in the entire world will come to me for repair work. Why not start now before you get burnt by 4 more companies. Maybe you need to be burnt that many times before you come to your senses and realized everything I have told you is totally accurate. The daygame industry is nothing but feel good, comforting, motivational, self-development, bullshit theories snake oil. Maybe some of you like your snake oil, but we don’t tolerate that shit here. If you don’t do what I say, yes I will yell at you on Skype and bootcamps. Yes I am not here to be your friend, i’m here to get you laid.

-John Wayne



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