6 pieces of advice that will fix your shitty direct game

Sometimes you should look at where the world is heading. If you look at peoples testimonials for daygame. You will be just like them. So if a coach doesn’t have many, he is privileged and you will be scammed. Having said that, I do not mean night game or online dating testimonials. The night game is easier than daygame and if you are taking a daygame program, it won’t help. I put a new disclaiming on my site. That my advice may offend your sensibilities. Also, I updated the bootcamp page. It was about time I put my students in it. They all pulled, except one guy with aspergers. He is using Wayne 30 now.

Bootcamp page, click here

1. Do the exact opposite of what every popular daygame coach said to do. You will get results. Stop going direct you stupid negative stereotype mofo. Here is the advice. Let us say you do weight lifting, you find the biggest guy in the room and ask for advice. The best thing to do is not to copy their advice because they have more natural advantages than you. That isn’t transferable. Even for daygame coaches, if they are tall, strong and handsome. You are an East Indian or Asian student, you won’t get the same results. Sometimes it is better to do the exact opposite. If a shitty tall strong handsome Asian dating coach in Vancouver said to go direct because she knows anyway. How about do the opposite, the exact opposite? Just don’t go direct, maybe go neutral or adaptive. Then eventually a bit later demonstrating your personality, start to spice it. This shitty dating coach says its the 3 Julien blanc vibes. Well, I say there are 5 vibes and 100 accurate emotions. If its 3 vibes, you become a creepy mofo. Also, if you pull, he would say deal with objections, then walk her in as if no big deal. I say, if you are a negative stereotype, you keep spamming her mind without asking questions until she walks into the hotel and goes upstairs. Doing the opposite will get you results. Don’t assume you have the same looks, it’s like the bodybuilder principle. This shitty autistic tall strong Asian dating coach would say, his own words no mine. He would say, looks don’t matter. He goes for 4.5/10 and censors their face. Whatever is higher, he uncensors and number closes. If you go direct, you are limited to your equal or lower. In this industry, its the same way across all good looking tall white dating coaches. Okay, but I’m going for 8.5/10 and 9/10 and 6’2 women and younger women. I would say looks matter idiot. My cameraman is equivalent to Jan in terms of height, looks scale and both 8.5/10 and muscular. Guess what, that women he got, the Latina HB 9/10 is his girlfriend now. He got 7 pulls now and one girlfriend. Just by being mentored by me. Did I teach him a fucking boot camp, fuck no. He learned from every big name coach in London, all 12 of them. He filmed 3 boot camps, all the students got laid, gf, or the other ones pulled in front of him. He saw me get some same day lays. Must be freaky to come to Vancouver, a super tough place and see all of this in front of his eyes. Might seem impossible too, for most dating coaches. His entire life is transformed. My game plus his LMS equals double or triple results. He didn’t get much or any results from other dating coaches, mostly white tall handsome mega big-name dating coaches. Jan would say there is no escalation ladder. Guess what, both my cameraman got laid using it and my boot camp students pulled because of it. Do the exact opposite.

2. Arguing with me, or not listening to the best dating coach in the world statistically is retarded. I have met some stubborn PUAs who just in one ear, out the other. Wtf dude, seriously. You are talking about the worlds statistical best dating coach in terms of student results. Do you really think in your lifetime you are better than me? Or you keep making the same mistakes and you barely improve. Are you fucking crazy, if someone has the worlds best student results? Guess what I had so many guys who are aspies and autistic now almost pulling. Meaning I have so many students from that side of the spectrum who is now pulling. Before when I taught the game from the Wayne Playbook, they weren’t getting results. But when I taught them game from Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero, they are actually pulling or nearly pulled. I figured out a solution for hard cases. The first and only one. It’s not all game stupid mofos, it’s also some social skills and calibration. Just shut the fuck up, don’t argue and do exactly what I say and you would get laid, or pull a girl back to the bedroom at least. You can’t argue with my student’s results. If my game is this strong, it is so transferable to the high LMS, then they get even better world-class results that can destroy other dating coaches if I filmed it and put on on youtube. It’s time to put your ego aside.  Most guys who don’t listen are my impossible cases. They have sociopathy, opinions as facts. There are no fucking opinions here, its all field tested like a science. Fuck your art.

Is it wrong that I have punched my last bootcamp student in the arm if he doesn’t listen. My camera man Sam was there. It worked, he still pulled 2 girls with me. I didn’t hit him hard. But if you don’t listen, I will yell at you Gordon Ramsay style. I do the same with Skype students. Especially Justin Wayne’s 6mm students who are total train wrecks. I say if you dare make the same mistake and train your brain to learn slowly, I will fucking yell at you. I’m nice to those who listens. But for those who doesn’t, i’m a drill sargent. I am not your fucking friend. I’m your dating coach who’s job is to get you laid. Then if you want a girlfriend, or fuck buddy, great. Get it in first. If not, at least pull a girl back to your place which would help you get laid eventually.

3. Compensate for what you lack. It’s not a limiting belief, there is a universal attractive rating system and there is an SMV system. You can’t say looks or race doesn’t matter. I mean can you counter billions of years of evolutionary psychology with idealistic thinking? Idealistic thinking means, it sounds good, its comforting, its sugar-coated. Proof based thinking means, it’s the pure honest truth. It hurts, it hurts real bad.


If all your hair is going grey, maybe dye it back to the original color. Its great to be yourself, but why make it harder. You think I am trying to be trendy as a K-Pop artist? Nope, I am grey all over. I have no choice. I have no muscle mass, it isn’t a victim mentality, I tried my best in the gym. I simply just compensated to dress well. So my SMV is lower as an Asian, so I decided to double or triple my game. Team up with the best in the world. If you use RSD shit, you are lacking game or social calibrations, get Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Compensate with social intelligence first. Learn to compensate for your weaknesses. It’s like an MMA fighter who is not good at striking but is a good grappler. Learn to work around it. Is it really so difficult?

4. Stop going to RSD advice videos. Don’t read the Mystery Method or it will limit your potential. How much fucking white privilege shit do you minority need? Its the same with the bodybuilder metaphor or analogy. I have boot camp students who have watched every single RSD products. Guess what, they are an absolute fucking train wreck. I have students who just stopped watching their videos too. They finally start to get results again. Stop listening to bullshit cults. Yes, you might have attributed one results to an advice they gave. But that’s bullshit. It was because you played a number farming game and eventually won in 6 months. I only needed 5 approaches between the first same day lay and second pull. 5, you might think those are impossible odds, but my cameramen both saw it and counted with me. I did this in front of people. Here is the fucking god awful honest truth no one wants to talk about. Let me ask you a question. Do you really think, listening to inane 2-hour RSD Tyler rants from a comorbidity sociopath with Aspergers really helps your inner game or game? No, you just wasted 2 hours of your life. This is the toughest pill to swallow, are you ready? There isn’t so much game that it takes 1000 2 hour rant videos for all RSD shit. Game can be explained in 16 hours in my Wayne Playbook. Effective game anyways. There is not 5000 hours worth of game. You have to conclude if there is, then the rest past 16-20 hours of advice is pure bullshit. Unplug from this bullshit. I already spent 16 fucking years listening to every daygame system and field testing it to deem it bullshit. Its like consuming empty calories where you feel hungry again later for more. You think you are going to get that next golden nugget of truth. But in reality, you could have been spending that time reading a book about marketing. Or you could of went to the gym and build your muscles. You could have put that time into building your entrepreneur business that could have made you money on the side. You could have even done daygame. Sure you might fuck up, but its reference experience at least.

I taught every style, direct, natural and direct, indirect, everything with every type of students. You don’t think I know this shit. Why aren’t they getting the student results? I saw their page of student success. Almost most of it isn’t from boot camps. In 2 years, they got 6 people in daygame laid, out of 100,000 people? Isn’t that low yield odds? I can get that amount of testimonials in a week. Stupid. If you watched RSD, Mystery, London Daygame and Justin Wayne. You have just limited your mind. You can’t think outside this paradigm. Now your whole world revolves around this and it won’t adapt beyond it. I’ve had time to teach and field test every style. So I know how this can stunt your growth. Don’t be the guy who is mixing everything together and it doesn’t fit together because it’s limited. We have the strongest daygame system in the world tactically. Next year when I introduce the 5 Wayne styles, it will be stronger, not just tactically, but strategically. With Wayne 30, a social skills crash course, it just gets stronger as it boost your personality and social calibrations.

vlcsnap-2017-11-09-22h16m19s668vlcsnap-2017-11-09-22h14m32s455I brought my student to the RSD meeting. He was trained by RSD and knows every word of the cult initiation. He even said it to me word for word exactly what RSD would say. This is where they insult you for saying looks matter, or this is where they use a guilt trip. It was a perfectly designed script. They called out Germany and even called out the word cult. Its surprising RSD knows what I think about them. I was the only one who is in the game longer than the speaker Jefy. He is 2003, I’m 2001. I walked out early, I showed him I unplugged from the matrix. Welcome to the real world. Mystery said its openers, transitions, build attraction, then comfort, number close, then date 4-7 hours and then try to close the deal with seduction at the end. For our system, it doesn’t take that long to get laid. Its compressed by 50% and layered on top of each other with a specific timing. I pulled in 8 minutes and banged in girl in 12 minutes tops. Idiots, white privileged trash. Its always the privileged that defends mystery. Look I use his protector status and preselection theories. But everything else just limits you. It just becomes pure Aspergers.

5. You don’t know better than me in terms of the game. You can disagree with me, you can’t argue with my student’s results. Just put your ego aside and realize, you wasted time in this revolving door industry of direct game. Realise maybe you are a stubborn person who doesn’t know better than me. Most likely you don’t understand game like Deepak or I. My blog was posted or linked on someones facebook. Among 500 daygame coaches and he said many times John Wayne is the best dating coach or teacher. Its a great blog he wrote, so I want to give a shout out to my student before who trained under so many coaches. He earned the right to be on my hall of fame. He pulled a week after my training and his first lay was a same day lay. He is really glad he made it to the hall of fame John Wayne testimonials. I’m proud of you, but remember, material beats method. The right material, mine will beat the best methods if it suits you. Sometimes it isn’t learning the next shiny technique or shiny Wayne technique. Its about who can transfer results to you.

No dating coach argued, they just ran. No matter how big the name. They know they can’t argue with my student’s results. Also, I don’t train other dating coaches. Its too bad most of you can’t even get one student laid during the first 6 months so you guys don’t have any testimonials. I know, I been to every single one of your testimonial pages across the world. What the fuck privileges are you teaching others? Like the weightlifter who is strong and bigger giving average people advice. Nobody fought back. You have to be totally full of shit or deluded to even fight back against me. Without having anything to show for it. In the future, you will see more boot camp clips of students succeeding and pulling. What dating coach has every single student pulling since summer until now, near winter except one guy who still apologized to me for it. Don’t apologize, just keep learning Wayne 30. But which coach is this consistent? Nobody in the world. Maybe I know something you don’t know. Look what happens when my second cameraman in the last post decided to visit me and now he has more results than most of you in 2 months or he can outdo most of the dating coaches. He got an HB 9/10 Latina girlfriend now. Can you guys get 9/10? fuck no.

6. Fuck number closes. They don’t count. Number closes are just a chance to continue the interaction at a later time. If you aren’t her ideal type, you get flaked on. Sure there is some game related stuff I know that can increase her replying and come out on dates. Sure I teach a new text game system to my students, Wayne text game. They get 4 dates a week. My British and tall East Indian students got so many dates from it. Both learned text game the same time. Yes, text game exists, despite what Jan said about there is no text game. He is just a privileged idiot who goes for girls half his looks scale. But you have to be her type, so you have to think, she is judging you on how you fit into her life. My second cameraman who got a girlfriend. He dealt with a lot of delays from other girls less attractive than his girlfriend. All his girls are Latinas because he looks like a Latino guy. He is East Indian and has light skin. You see what I mean? I am always now forcing him to instadate. He did it and he almost got a same day lay. He stops reading my text instructions and didn’t know how to deal with the objection. He could have got his first same day lay. I keep telling you since you are trained by the biggest names in London, he keeps going for number closes. He can’t break this mentality. I told him instadate and try to pull and get laid. Use an escalation ladder. That’s how you turn an instadate into a lay. It takes a lot of skills because every Wayne has their own escalation ladder. Or all 3 daygame Waynes do. It’s all different. Mine is the Asian version. I’m a same day lay expert. Expect even crazier infields in the future where girls get taller, younger and prettier. I am getting started. But number close videos, do you even know if the number flaked or not? Anyone can look like a hero on youtube. White tall handsome dating coaches can even get number closes. But they don’t show the dates because she is ugly and below his high UAR scale. His SMV gives him 10 extra points in game. I even feel sorry for the white dating coaches without good looks in game. They have the same level of game, low, but not the UAR. It just becomes tougher to prove their skills. Luckily there are no short Asian day gamers who are good. They all suck with no proof of skill, purely autistic sounding. Lol, they need to Wayne 30 it. It’s not all confidence, if you sound autistic or Aspergers, with a beta vibe. It’s not an accurate vibe.

I also think there won’t be more than 3 daygame Waynes in the world. Its just going to be Justin Wayne, who I am a better teacher than him statistically. He barely has any student results who are Asians or East Indians. He has one good looking Asian guy called Arron who got married. One, vs all my Asian students who got laid. Lol. Deepak Wayne and John Wayne. No one else can handle the pressure of a cameraman filming them. Where they are expected to get same day lays and seal then deal then. Most just get number closes and maybe 1/20 girls come out on a date. She is ugly. The amount of stress that she has to be pretty enough to be put on camera. For my world-class skills, it’s teaching. Out of all the Waynes if you look at statistics, by far I have the most student results. You might see another one in 3-4 years maybe. Most of the three current daygame Waynes are mentally tough as nails. The requirements are nearly impossible to get in. I get people who want to be a Wayne all the time. No one can meet the requirements, 99% of the industry can’t. Only 1% can. The only thing that keeps me waking up to my job is I love it. I get to help Asians and try to turn things around in my lifetime for them. In the future I want to retrain every single Asian daygamer, they will all come to me, except the sociopathic stubborn mentally ill ones. They are part of the 1/5 who won’t procreate. So fuck em. Weeded out of the evolutionary gene pool going direct wearing shitty clothing and bad hairstyles. Socially retarded, inside and out, it shows. But I get to help all the other races too, who joins me to train. What makes me happy is I appeal to every race more than most dating coaches.

insanity (1)

I mean stop being a faggot. Take a boot camp or go get some online training with me. Stop whining, stop being stubborn. Stop going to the wrong coaches. Spend some money, invest in yourself. This is the closest thing to the winning formula in daygame. If there was a better way I would have discovered it by now. Since I was in game for 16 years. I field tested everything. Stop being cheap, stop complaining about not wanting to change your fashion. Stop being Aspergers, autistic and creeping out all girls. Put your ego aside, invest your money and let me teach you. Yes, what I say is mean as hell. It’s brutally honest. Yes, I will yell at you if you don’t listen, people love that. I will punch you in the arm in the boot camp if you keep making the same mistakes over and over, but lightly, lol. But I’m here to get you results. You get what you paid for. Buy charging more money, I have filtered out the shitty clients of losers. That’s the problem. Who gives a shit what I say or what other dating coaches say. Look at my testimonials. That is what will happen to you. Yes you are inferior, you are not good enough. Fix your fucking fashion, learn some social skills, stop being socially retarded, stop going direct. Learn our game style and you will get results. Unless you want to play a numbers game without fixing these issues. It will be rejection hell. My next few bootcamp students are from the United states. People all over the world fly in to get bootcamps and training with me. They want my student’s success. Also, I don’t even have to make so many approaches to get results. My students don’t either. Work smart, not hard. Be calibrated.


Your losing strategy. Socially retarded = shitty hairstyle and fashion = direct game looks don’t matter = paying direct game coaches = no results = quit daygame = go to night game = washed out of game forever = equals you losing thousands you thought you saved. You deserved it, break the pattern.

Your winning strategy. Socially retarded = learns Wayne 30 techniques = fix your hair and fashion to my suggestions = learn adaptive game with an escalation ladder = looks do matter and race does matter so you will compensate around it = pulling in daygame = ignoring night game = staying in game to get laid shortly after the pulls = have a fuck buddy or girlfriend and exit game = continue again after you break up = having the skills forever. Huge return on investment.

21850-Mark-Twain-Quote-Whenever-you-find-yourself-on-the-side-of-the (1)

“I don’t ask my clients to judge me by my winners, but to judge me by my losers because I have so few.”

Updates, have another bootcamp student coming here soon. All few are from the United States. This guy tried every system and it didn’t work. I told him to do the opposite. Even being this brutally honest, people wants results. They don’t want bullshit anymore. Most of my students have failed with every other system before they come to me. Most of you probabally have the exact same experience. Why does it take studying and failing with every system before you come to me? Be a truth/results seeker.

-John Wayne

Updated bootcamp page, click here

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