(Video preview) pulled with bootcamp student 2 8.5-9/10 girls

So every single boot camp student has pulled so far since May. When all the boot camps kept happening. Except for one guy.

Second, I only made 5 approaches from the last same day lay with the 6’2 Russian. So that is even lower than the 7 approach for Anastasia. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that it takes 50 number closes to get a date. Fuck a date, go and same day lay. My cameraman counted from the last approach to this one, only 5. This is the lowest amount of approaches I had to pulling. They can vouch for me.


I don’t want to give too much away. Just wait for the infield in the future.


This was done on my first demonstration approach on the boot camp. The first day I mostly focused on teaching. The second day I did my first approach. Battle efficiency is super high.

One of the girls the tall one has a perfect face for some odd reason. There are no flaws. Everything is where it should be. Also, due to her being younger, hot body, its why I think she is a 9. She is in her prime. I mean we have a ton of taller hot white women here of course. Its Vancouver, but I find her hotter. Everyone’s taste is different. Some likes older women in their mid 20’s and calling that a 9/10. Once they are past a certain point, they are all hot or good enough. Like 8/10 and higher. The shorter one is more of the adorable type though. Big hips though and boobs. I stand by this statement and my cameraman agrees with the score. I like pretty faces.


You would probably jizz in your pants and think. Well, shes too young looking. I don’t want to seem creepy so I will stick with 23-26 years old because you are an old looking dating coach who is washed up. 


This becomes my 12th infield. There is a lot of infields to edit. But you will learn a lot of textbook perfect game from this one.

The boot camp student was choosing between me or Jan. He chose me. So far he already pulled, got a number and an instadate in day 2. The first day he was a total hard case. He didn’t know who I am. He just liked my blog content when I said race matters. It was so brutally honest. He chose the right coach.

I told him to research Deepak and I so he gets an idea how the game works. Since my first approach of the boot camp demonstration. Pulling two smoking hot younger girl to his apartment. At first, he wasn’t sure if my game worked or not. Since he didn’t do a lot of research. Now he knows it works. I told him this is the fastest point A to B in the world.

Once again this student got my hairstyle suggestion. He even wore a grey blazer with the sleeves up like I do. It worked really well at night. He was hooking a lot of sets. He could have pulled this Latina a set before that one. I told him to go follow her home and walk her home. He didn’t listen and lost that pull. She was totally dtf. I yelled Gordon Ramsay style you have to listen to the instructor.

Unfortunately, my student had no batteries on his phone. We just use a lav mic and voice recorder. I can’t contact him. During his instadate to a bar, a white guy stole his white girl. White privilege won in that case. But my skills let me to instadate two white girls and pull them to my student’s apartment. Turning the tables. Was during the daytime, not night time. Turns out the blonde girl he approached was actually Asian. I guess she is appeasing the white gods or something.

We are teaching students in a new way to train. I’m the one who comes up with all the innovations. Recording yourself, drills, or whatever. These are not drills but exercises. He was a total hard case, but now he is growing exponentially. I know its wrong, but I punched him in the arm when he didn’t do things correctly during the excessive drills. But lightly, but it worked. Who the fuck thinks of things like this? I know it seems politically incorrect. He wasn’t hurt, but his mind is forced to learn from mistakes fast.

I have to look over the camera clips since this is the 12th infield. But, this is fucking amazing. These girls are young, hot and most dating coaches can’t get a girl like this. Just some 26 years old and calls her hot. These girls are in their prime. The word hot comes into minds. I find these two girls hotter than the two blondes I pulled in the last infield.

My cameraman saw everything. He filmed everything. So he gets to witness my skills. He even made a video filming himself while filming me. Lol.

Today was a good day. I’ll get footage and some screenshots up soon. I just wanted to write something. Here at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. We are the best dating coaches in the business. No one can teach daygame like I can. You have no clue how much better we are. We aren’t about getting number closes. We are the only daygame company in Vancouver who gets testimonials for daygame. Other coaches have none or one. None of their students pulls. People want results, not rhetoric or idealistic thinking. Not trying to be narcissistic or anything. But over the course of this year, its been proven over and over and over again. I mean, if I was seeing this from an outside view, I’m sure my mind would be totally blown, like wtf. But this is my reality.

You might think in most boot camps, nothing happens unless its night game or has a chance to. Nope, not for a John Wayne boot camp. It’s so consistent.

You might not like me, or how I behave. But you can’t deny, every fucking student has pulled so far since May till now in boot camps. Except for one impossible case. I’ll text the impossible case who still didn’t buy Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero yet. I hate to rub it in his face as that one student. Must be hard to be reminded as the only student who didn’t pull or get laid at the May till now boot camps. I never ask my clients to judge me on my winners. I ask them to judge me by my losers because I have so few of them.

Edit: the impossible case bought the product.

Are you tired of products that don’t work like RSD bullshit? Everything I do is turns into gold for daygame. Transferable to students. Get one of my programs. Invest in yourself, click here.

If you want to stop being stubborn and do exactly what I teach. So you get laid. Since this student was smart enough to train under me in Vancouver. I’ll improve the boot camp page soon. I just don’t have time, teaching so many students. Lots of students for Skype too next week. I think the PUAs are dropping like flies in Vancouver again. They get no results anyways, so I get it. They quit daygame and just approach when I am not around. They let me have Fridays to the Weekends. While they approach earlier in the week. Most disperse like cockroaches when I am around in every direction. I also want to say a big fuck you to Jan Lifestyle. The guy with zero testimonials. Every boot camp student you saw me teaching as you were teaching yours. Mine all pulled, idiot. Yours, nothing. No daygame testimonials of pulls or lays. Let me ask you idiots who took it. If he has zero testimonials, what are the odds of you guys getting laid? Zero, just do the math. He goes for girls half his looks scale. If you are like 4/10 Asian guy who thinks looks don’t matter. What are you going to learn? How to get half that scale? Like 2/10? Some fatties who looks like this? GTFO from Vancouver. You can only scam dumb Asians so many times before they wise up to it. So unrelatable.


So you want to learn from a guy who has zero daygame testimonials of student pulls and lays, where you get zero results? Also, someone who goes for girls half of his looks scale and censors their face? So you will get girls half your looks scale too? Idiots. Shitty game, RSD remix rehash bullshit.


Click here for the bootcamp page.

I might have to consider raising prices for boot camp soon. There are too many results from students. It’s too consistent. Almost seems impossible how everyone pulled except one since May or when summer started. I am fucking charging $2100 USD which may seem a lot. I should charge like $10,000 USD or something if it’s this powerful. I’m better than those other dating coaches that charges that much. Or maybe make some immersion program for that price. I don’t know.

Most people don’t know I teach 6mm or 6 months to mastery. It cost like 7 grand usd but you get 5-6 boot camps and Skype coached weekly for 6 months. I should have listed that on the coaching page. I just feel if I’m this good and my game is this transferable, I am worth more than this.

Future post will be either advice videos. Student Bootcamp testimonials. Or some rants about how I am charging too less because I am too good at teaching or some shit like that. I don’t know. But since I have the attention of the people who see my site from a student who got the same day lay. Might as well focus on testimonials. The only way other companies realize they are privileged and can’t teach those privileges to others is to see my student results. They often pretend they know the game. Direct is just street tinder for who has the highest LMS wins. Their game doesn’t work for girls above their looks scale. Always some type of privledge going on.

-John Wayne

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