(video testimonial) Asian student pulls 2 hot girls with John Wayne

Here is my bootcamp student. Hear what he has to say. I mean he did pull 2 really hot girls with me to his apartment. That shit ain’t normal in most boot camps. All my students with the exception of one pulled. I keep reminding that one impossible case student who didn’t pull since summer till now, how all my other students did. Maybe I shouldn’t say that but he finally bought Wayne 30: From Hardcase to hero. Regardless, time and time again, students are able to pull girls home. It doesn’t make sense to most people because their game revolves around compliments, number closes and giving validation. There are no compliments given. It doesn’t work in Vancouver. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. Maybe you guys should try a Wayne style, or John Wayne. What do you have to lose? If it cost more, but it works. Its worth it. Invest in yourselves. Stop acting like a bunch of RSD Nation faggots in Vancouver. Who won’t get daygame results if you lived to be a thousand.

vlcsnap-2017-10-31-02h29m26s050.pngI also want to say most white dating coaches are idiots. I’m not talking about the small name ones. I’m talking the big name ones. I shouldn’t just insult Jan so much or small frys. I should go for the big fishes. I’m on the NBA level. These other guys are just in high school basketball or college level.

As i’m saying about some big name white dating coaches. They have an extra 10 points of SMV or ethnicity. They don’t even need any level of game when they have looks. Its like SMV and looks maxing. However if they don’t have the looks, they obviously have a tougher time. For me its aesthetics like fashion maxing and game maxing. I can’t change my SMV or my student here. When minorities try to learn their game, who isn’t tall or strong or has privileges. It just doesn’t transfer over to you. I keep saying this time and time again, but Asians keep going to them. It’s the same with tall black coaches too. They have endless preselection and protector status with white blonde women. Giving advice to negative stereotype minorities. They have an extra 9 points, not 10. Tall strong Latino dating coaches has 8 points extra. You get the point? Even tall strong handsome Asian dating coaches who still has 1/10 for SMV, tends to use height, muscles and looks to looksmax on the left UAR side. I’m the only coach who doesn’t much of UAR, except a fashion sense. But I like to fashion and game max. You guys should try it sometime instead of depending on steroids or growth hormones. uar

Regardless, this student is a newbie. He only watched some PUA videos online. He never did daygame before. In the choice between Jan and I, he chose me. I said race matters, you have to compensate. He pulled 2 girls with me. He made the right choice. Jan is an RSD Julien clone since he learned from him. Its white privilege game. So he doesn’t have any student pull or lay testimonials for daygame. You idiots don’t realize it yet. You white coaches knows your students can only pull or get laid from night game. Why even put up coaching clips on youtube? Stop embarrassing yourself. Are you happy the student got a number close to a flaky number? Idiot.

Also, how the hell does every student pull on boot camps? Doesn’t make much sense. I know, what sort of sorcery am I using? Nothing, just good old fashion social intelligence. Mixed with stages of our game, the emotions or vibes, also the phrases. Phrases are not routines, but they are a short sentence I often use. It just unlocks things and moves past resistance. The girls won’t know you used them on other girls.

Regardless, if you are seeing this on Facebook. You see how someone claims I’m one of the top 2 best dating coaches in the world. Statistically, it puts me at number 1 in terms of students pulls or lays. You probably are shitting your pants now wondering why there are so many new testimonials. It is because I am playing the game without the SMV race advantage. Without the height or muscles. Not to mention purely maximizing my game. Most of you white coaches have no game. Just looks, going direct, like street tinder. Whoever has the highest value wins. Like a Pokemon Go battle. Its why you don’t show your girls. They are below your looks scale. It would embarrass you. In the future, you will hear more fro me. As you rip off impressionable, vulnerable Asian students giving them no results. I’m just getting started. Year one as a Wayne isn’t even over. I always wanted to be a Wayne. There are only 3 active daygame Waynes in the entire world for a reason. I’m one of them and the third generation Wayne is Asian. I hope that shits on your sensibilities.

Some more shit I want to say. I feel kind of angry because if all the students are pulling on bootcamps except one guy who has aspergers. Always that one guy, lol. You guys should pay me more. I am worth like at least 6-12 grand. Not $2100. Its like paying Gordon Ramsay so low to teach you. I’m teaching you how to make 3 start Michelin meals. While others can’t even get their Michelin stars or testimonials of students pulling and getting laid.

Also, I went to the websites of some other coaches. Of course I didn’t see any testimonials for white guys. Mostly only minorities can get a bit of testimonials for some odd reason. You can’t transfer white privilege or tall height, muscles. The PUA coaches who made the most money has the most simple sites. They had a white background and its boring as hell. Maybe I’ll try to imitate it. I’m not a marketer. Earlier in the summer if I claim I am the best dating coach. You can disagree. Now, in the fall, or getting into Winter season. There is nothing you can really say at this point without sounding full of shit. Then why am I not the richest coach? Then my second camera man who filmed me said because your marketing isn’t as good. Which made me realize, these white coaches, these bullshitters like RSD and other faggots who doesn’t get you much results in daygame. I saw their RSD Nation forum of results. For daygame, during a year of it, was only 6 random guys who watched youtube. They just lucked out with some average girl. 6 out of how many? 100,000 people? Get real, wtf is this shit?

I also think, I was so uncalibrated. It took me 35 approaches for the last same day lay 6’2 Russian. I was rusty as hell. I had to work my way back up. Usually Anastasia took 7 approaches. Normally for most it takes about 20 approaches. While most people might take 50 numbers to get one date. We don’t play by your inefficient rules. We are Waynes, we have a more efficient and effective system. 5 approaches to pull 2 girls is pretty fucking impressive. You can’t argue against that because I have 2 cameramen who can vouche for me. They saw it and counted the approaches apart. Also, must be freaky to the student my only demonstration on the second day lead to a pull. Must be mind blowing to them. It was text book perfect Wayne game.

For my attitude. I saw this Bruce Lee movie where he fought a Shaolin monk guy yesterday. I saw how Bruce Lee started too. He was arrogant as hell. But he brought martial arts to the world. I think I saw parallels to him. I’m trying to change the world. In the future every Asian daygamer will train under me. I’m here to disrupt and fuck up the natural order of privileges and shit down their throats. I’m going to show this industry everything they believed was right about game is wrong. Its all marketing and people are sheeps. Don’t be a sheep, sign up to my bootcamp. People didn’t like Bruce Lee at the time. He challenged everyone and talked down to them too. But he eventually made a unified theory of mixed martial arts. He was to some the father of mixed martial arts. People can say, you can’t talk badly about this, or do that. But you don’t see the overall picture or the end game. The world of daygame is about to change. This is my timeline. The world has seen the first demonstration. That almost every student pulled and some got laid after the bootcamp. They see the testimonials. I am put on the map.


Click here for the bootcamp page

-John Wayne

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