An impossible case East Indian guy pulls with Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero

This East Indian student isn’t just a hard case, but an impossible case. It was really difficult explaining game to him. He just resisted everything. He wanted to get the Wayne Playbook. I declined because I told him he needs to master the basics first. He got his first pull with Wayne 30. At first he botched things, when I talked to him. He kept doing high fiving gamey shit. I told him to start back on day 1. He went through some of it and already pulled in a matter of weeks. In the past, he couldn’t even hook a conversation, never had a date from daygame.

Maybe less than two weeks. So social calibrations are really important. Remember, for this personality enhancement course, I am the first Wayne to release such a concept. I never knew it was so similar to other types of courses. Except for one thing. Once again mine is field tested and brings students results. If the other one brings students results, great. If not, once again John Wayne is the best coach ever. We are all at a pro level PUA. We are all in the NBA of daygame. But who is the one who can transfer the skills the best in the world? Lol, me.

I never designed this program to get people laid. But to build a foundation so they can hook sets better and get dates. Maybe occasionally pull. But it has been already working very well unintentionally. Seems every product I made turns into gold. People who use it gets good results. Listen, people just wants to pull and get laid in daygame. They couldn’t care less what the coaches think or whatever theories or whatever. The bottom line is they want results. It seems people love the testimonials. I got so many lined up. I just don’t have time to post it all. It takes time to censor their faces.

I just got this testimonial today. I’m still censoring the faces from the other Vietnamese Australian student in the boot camp in Vancouver. The guy who got laid. It is taking a long time. I’ll post that soon. I have to put the logo. I have to think, should I put a commentary on it. My students pull all the time on boot camps. You will see proof of it. Unlike other boot camps who just number closes. Wtf is that? compliment and tinder swipe left and right street game? On who has the higher stats? Fuck that shit. Who wants to do that? Do what works, our system works. Its like point A to point B faster than any other system. I don’t know what else to say, but enjoy the testimonial. Even an impossible case like this can do it. So can you with the right training and the right system. A system designed for negative stereotypes, for negative stereotypes. If the system is designed for positive stereotypes, it would never transfer to you.

I’m teaching another boot camp now. I noticed this student is Asian and has hard case behaviour. I decided to teach him Wayne 30 style. This student has been unable to adapt due to a lack of social skills from a lack of social skills upbringing. My future course will be adapted. I give away either two Skype sessions or the playbook during a boot camp. I might even give away a third package. Which is Wayne 30 plus one Skype since this student needs it. I really think this course is one of the most important courses ever made. It solves a super problem.

-John Wayne

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