Australian Asian bootcamp student finally gets laid

Mission accomplished, this student got laid. He pulled on the bootcamp and he pulled back home. On his third pull he finally got laid. Its a few months since his last boot camp.

Yes, it is that hard for Asian guys doing daygame. It is why most drop out of game in Vancouver. They have to use our style or they won’t get any sort of results. Unless you want to say hi you are cute, I had to come by and say hi for a year. Hoping something will happen. This student pulled on the boot camp like all the other students. Well, one guy didn’t since the summer of May till now. But all the other ones did. I’ll post proof in the future. Most Asians have been trained by many coaches in a revolving door as I said earlier. One coach after another. I’m always the last coach they have before they get results.

I also redid his video testimonial to reflect the new screenshot. He just got laid before yesterday. The video will show some proof of his pull to the hostel when he was training here. Yes, a lot of my boot camp students are from all over the world. In this case, he is from Australia. I might update all the testimonials if the student got more results.


Like the last page, that student, both were trained by RSD. So they became total RSD victims. They became very gamey, self-amusement and arrogant during the approaches. I had to do a lot of repair work. I told him if he keeps up with this RSD victim shit, he won’t pull on the boot camp.

jefyjefy 3jefy 2

This was him crashing RSD Jefy’s cult party. He was trained by RSD and knew their cult initiation word for word. All the tactics like insulting people who brings up if looks mattered. The whole presentation was tailored made to scam people. Jefy seems to know me for some reason. He called out the cult thing and referenced Germany. I didn’t crash his party, since I had people who sneaked me inside it. There was about 150 sheeps going to that party to be slaughtered. Jan Lifestyle uses RSD Tyler and Julien’s shitty style in Vancouver. He singlehandlily destroyed all Asians taking his course in Vancouver. He has zero daygame testimonials for students pulling and getting laid from daygame. Or it didn’t happen during the time period of his training. So he didn’t get any. If he has zero, then what are the odds of you getting laid or even pulling? The odds are absolutely zero. A big fat zero. Natural and direct, direct game isn’t compatible with Vancouver. It just doesn’t produce results or any results. I’m the only one with all the testimonials and student success.

At the last minute, he put his ego aside and just went for it. He was able to finally switch the correct state projections or vibes. He was hooking all the girls and he eventually during the last 2 hours pulled a girl to his hostel. I have this on video and I will post it and censor the face for the clip for the next post.

vlcsnap-2017-10-23-20h43m23s962vlcsnap-2017-10-23-20h43m54s185After his boot camp, he was struggling at home. I just released Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Which both of these students bought. He started to hook the sets again. Most Asians are hard cases btw. They usually have social calibration issues due to parents forcing them to be good at school. But at the expense of social skills. He is the second student to get laid off Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. I never designed that product to get people laid. It was more for getting more dates and maybe pulling. But people are hooking sets, getting dates and pulling a lot. I built the product to calibrate people socially. But then again I teach this stuff on the first day of boot camp. So they pull even if they didn’t fully learn the escalation ladder. I also believe that Justin Wayne’s personality course is similar to Wayne 30. They have the exact same components in it. I’m always innovative and I released the product first on the record. I guess I have a Wayne brain. But for Asians, you need more than just personality. You need a lot of other things like fashion and a dominant game style for negative stereotypes. Whoever has the most testimonials of students pulling or getting laid means their game works for even the most negative stereotypes. I do retrain a lot of Justin Wayne’s 6mm Asian students and East Indian guys who aren’t getting any results. It’s a total loss, like a car accident.

Also, another thing I noticed was I thought I was the only one using drills and exercises. You see me teaching it this way in bootcamps. I’ve been teaching that for years with the Wayne Playbook to students. Getting students to record themselves, doing drills and exercises. That product was released in late 2015 I think. I’m the first Wayne to release a product like that, same with Wayne 30 for calibrations. I didn’t call it personality enhancements. I released this one week before his course was released. But I’m sure he planned it longer than me. But I’ve been planning Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero last December. It’s been discussed internally with the company. It was a work of importance because I had so many hard cases. But it is very similar to his personality enhancement course. But I never intended it that way. It was more of turning guys into socially calibrated naturals. But I do have a Wayne brain. My entire thought process is like a Wayne. But I’m a very good teacher of daygame. I have the most testimonials for students pulling and getting laid in the world so far for daygame. Until someone can beat me, I don’t think its possible. I’m a natural at teaching. I can’t teach you to teach well. Its a talent and I admit it. Also, getting the right emotions to show through. I teach the students doing something to feel the energy of vibe on their face with the right emotions, with the right expressions. Meaning they can switch to any vibe accurately. Basically, I can teach his entire course in this paraeto principle technique. 20% of my selection gives 80% of my student’s results. I’ve been teaching it this way for months. Since Deepak taught me state projections. This is where I talked about having 5 particular vibes months ago. I already included it in my playbook months ago. To think I discovered all of these things on my own. I still think no matter how much you enhance your personality. There is a limitation being Asian. LMS does matter + game. This is only game. Listen if it works for me, it transfers to everyone else. If it doesn’t, then it won’t. It only works for the privileged. I think time will tell how transferable a system is. If it works, great, if not, okay not surprised. My stuff works already. People are getting laid from Wayne 30, even though it was never the intention outside of social calibrations. I still feel we have the best structure. It always worked even years ago without state projections and social calibrations. I’m just rambling.

In the future, you will see another East Indian student who pulled twice in Vancouver during his boot camp testimonial. On day 3 of his boot camp, he rather focus on drills and exercises instead of approaching. To each is his own I suppose. Also, you will see one of my best students, a white student from London. You wouldn’t believe how many times he got laid, how many fuck buddies and girlfriends he got in 3 months after the boot camp. Some guy said post proof of students getting results from the boot camp. Lol, almost every student since May got results except one impossible case. Some pulled, some got laid, some got fuck buddies, some got a girlfriend.


Someone said post proof of a student that got results from a boot camp. Or he didn’t think boot camp works. They don’t work for other companies here in Vancouver and around the world. But almost every one of my boot camp students has results like pulling and getting laid. I only said May because that’s when a ton of boot camps happened because it was summer time. Although I trained people for years. During the last two years, everyone pulled, got laid. In the second year, they weren’t doing same day pulls as much. More number closes, but still. This year they love to same day pull and it’s more emphasised in the third year. A lot of the testimonials are boot camp students and a lot of Wayne Playbook students. I’m going to update the boot camp page with screenshots from the boot camps. So you guys can have a better idea how the boot camp looks like. Everyone had a new haircut and new fashion makeover. They all pulled except one guy. I’ll even post the guy who didn’t pull. An impossible case I created the program Wayne 30 for.

I’m also using a grammar checker. I proofread a few articles before. I’m also going to update the boot camp page throughout the week with new screenshots. It takes a lot of work and I barely have time. I hope you guys are shocked but enjoying all the testimonials. I have so many I can’t even post them all. So look forward to some crazy shit that is out of this world this week. Listen, our style works for daygame. It produces endless results. We cracked the code and trust me, you don’t want to spam approach without getting results like other styles. It’s no way to live. It’s a horrible existence. Yes, being Asian it is tougher. Like Bruce Lee said, do not pray for an easy life. But the strength to endure a difficult one. We have the way, yes it’s a harder climb than a white guy. But its worth it. Only our style works. You do RSD shit in daygame or other direct game nonsense in Vancouver. You will be shredded into a thousand pieces from the women here.


Another piece of wisdom about direct game that doesn’t work for Asian guys. Maybe its time to discard it and learn something that does work. All around the world.


Click here for bootcamp page

Edit: I have noticed, doing a lot more infield analysis. It seems a lot of the Asian guys can’t get in touch with their emotions or portray it accurately. It sounds like a platonic conversation. It is why you guys are failing. She feels nothing. This would be an important thing to fix. It isn’t just facial expressions of the poker face you guys have. Its also the feelings you project behind it. Like Bruce Lee said again, don’t think….feel!!! It’s about emotional content too. Although I’m logical and an engineer of game. The world isn’t about logic, especially with women. Most people, especially women, think with feelings. If you can’t emote, you will alienate women. There are many issues besides that. This is just the first. Then you need to have the alpha mindsets too that I have. You have to be dominant. Being overly nice or chode game doesn’t fit into your personality or stereotype. It just reinforces it. Deepak and I have to be more dominant to survive the daygame world. While I’m a hybrid style, Deepak uses dominance. Justin Wayne uses chode game and sneaky game. You guys are using an invisible natural game. You need to learn how to spice it at times. If you have value, you don’t have to use push/pull and teases. But we as Asians don’t. You have to start using more tools and adapting. Which we will teach you. So for the more advanced tactics. I renamed it to 5 styles. Ninjas have 5 stances usually. Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Void. Our style is similar to Ninjutsu. Justin is more of a samurai and rigid. You need to learn different stances. For example, earth might be dominant style. Fire is hybrid, it attacks with all. Sneaky game which attacks at strategic points is water. Wind is chode game. Acting beta on purpose and keep moving things forward. The last one is void, which is natural, calibrated and not forced game. It moves up the escalation ladder smoothly.

What’s my point? All the Asians are using chode game, they should be using other stances or styles as a Ninja. Our style is very close to ninjas because our conversational skills are very camouflaged and get her invested. Then we spice or strike with ninja stars, blow darts. We can escape up the escalation ladder and deal with resistance better than a Samurai. Maybe this is more advanced mindsets, but I might have to teach this version to Asians to get them out of the beta mindset or chode game. I invented these 5 stances or defined them. I’m the first Wayne to for the record. Now they will be taught more in 2018 because I said so. I’ve cleared it by Deepak. I’ve even cleared a new text game and even new objections dealing system inspired by another big tall white PUA. We made it better. I’m always building new technologies. As I always said, in Vancouver, if you don’t adapt every 6 months, you will be left behind. It happened to the other dating coaches going direct. I’m sorry as an Asian you need this much skill. But it is our cross to bear. Unless you build a fuck ton of muscles or protector status. You have to play the game this way with excessive skills.

quote-don-t-think-feel-it-is-like-a-finger-pointing-a-way-to-the-moon-don-t-concentrate-on-the-bruce-lee-246218 (1).jpg

-John Wayne


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