Student pulled 6-7 times. Lost count.


This student always had an issue with flirting. As with most Asians, they simply can’t flirt. Took a few Skypes to fix it. He was a boot camp student trained by RSD before and a few other companies. He is able to make it this far now. Getting her to touch his dick. Another issue with Asians is they either rarely flirt, make out, or they never whip out their dick. But at least it is not a dry pull, he tried to escalate. He is 5’8 and really light.

Listen he is getting slightly better, learning how to flirt. He had more time to work in the bedroom. To me, these are small victories. He is always one step closer to getting laid or a same day lay. Now his issues are different. He needs a better sexual state projection, objections dealing and how to overcome last minute resistance. So I have to teach him those skills. But a pull is a pull. It still counts.


Is daygame harder for Asians? The answer is yes, many times harder. That is just the way the world works. It is not a perfect world. 1/5 Asians men will never get married or procreate now. They are the lowest picked on tinder and OkCupid. What can I say? You need an extreme level of fashion extreme level of looks and game.


A white dating coach will have their SMV all the way to the top. 10/10, while an Asian will have it 1/10. So white people have 9 extra points of value. But his game is getting stronger and way stronger than most white PUAs. But on the left, it can be better. I told him to buy a muscle suit. Take it off in the bathroom and pull. He has some money too, decent job. He was very gamey before, but now I turned him more natural in terms of tonality. Daygame will always be harder for Asians. But him getting Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero helped him pull again and hook sets. He was losing his skills after a hiatus. I’m still very proud but this is the reality for some of my students. But he is getting stronger and stronger. He is so close to the finish line.

-Edit: Another Asian guy got laid. I will post his testimonial tomorrow. My boot camp student, former RSD victim. He was the boot camp student I brought with me when we were about to crash RSD Jefy’s meeting with new students. But I couldn’t because I had people on the inside that brought me in there. You will see. So even if its harder for Asian guys, it is not insurmountable. With our style of game. This other student was trained by RSD Julien and Alex Social at the time. I did so much repair work. So he is the second student who got laid with Wayne 30. My second cameraman was the first. Lots of pulls happened. So it seems both products are starting to create student results. 

-John Wayne

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