European 5’7 Latino video Testimonial SDL. 5 coaches, who’s best?

He’s been train by Justin Wayne, John Wayne. Deepak Wayne, Jorge Eros and Venusian Arts. He thinks I’m the best coach out of all of them by far. That is a lot of dating coaches. A really tough student to train. But he pulled after my skype. He eventually got a same day lay. He also posted a link to my blog on his facebook. So thanks for the shout out. Yes, these testimonials are all real ordinary people getting results. I also have been told by my students or potential students. They love all the testimonials I am posting. I get about 10 per week now averagely more or less. There are a lot more video testimonials. This is just the beginning. I just have to edit them.


Since someone in a facebook said, we have to verify in the community to see if you are one of the best daygame coaches in the world. I don’t need your validation. I’ll go to your testimonial pages and put it in the section, my coaching vs the world. Then we will see who has the most student pull/laid testimonials. I’ll validate it myself. Most white coaches has zero testimonials for students pulling and getting laid because they love direct game. The student doesn’t get results until they spend half a year or more. You are not as good looking as the coaches. I’ll post most of the big name coaches. Not trying to make enemies, but trying to educate you. These bigger privileged cavemen didn’t realize, it is not their game. It is their height, muscles and race SMV advantages. They just need some minimum calibrations. That’s why it isn’t transferable. You will get it. Also in my newest infield, Deepak finally told the world I have this many testimonials. They finally know and are surprised. They can’t fathom how any coaches can get that much. It’s all real, even the guy who puts in a good word for me on his facebook is one of my testimonials.

Since a lot more people are looking at my site, it’s a great time to focus on testimonials. I decided I’ll post testimonials based on the race of coaches first. I’ll start with white coaches, then black coaches, Latino then Asians. I’ll still have more pull/laid student testimonials than all of them combined.

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-John Wayne

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