(Video testimonial) Black student gets laid, first approach after Skype

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Back to back testimonials as if it seems impossible. Nope, its just our game is transferable. Watch the video already.

So it seems to be a game of conversions and skills. You take a 6’2 black guy who has protector status and preselection. With absolutely no consistency. Who very rarely get laid and it was the only way he was able to keep seeing a girl. Who botches every instadate. So I solved his entire issue in one Skype. He wasn’t sure, but he told me he was going to eventually train with me. He couldn’t avoid it, so he decided to try it out.

I saw some London big nose faggot claiming it is all a numbers game. Umm, no it isn’t, idiot. Its a game of conversions. Who the fuck gets laid from his first approach? Something about our game works and most likely is the closest thing we have so far to a magic bullet. No one else knows how to teach game outside our company. We have endless student results. Yes, its all real, it’s this consistent. Look, no matter what you think of stupid shit like eye contact, or down-talking or some beginner level shit. Or going direct or statements. We are a tactical company and strategic one. A logistical one and one with an escalation ladder.

Stop training with these other privileged faggot coaches. Who has zero game and keeps bottlenecking students with no results or pull/lay testimonials. Our stuff is all real, it just keeps flooding the site with testimonials.

Oh right, for some reason, some of my black students don’t only go to Justin Wayne automatically. They go with the proof and results of the student. My 2 blonde 8.5/10 infield will be released soon. It will change the way you view game.


I’m introducing different styles of Wayne style game. I never taught anything manipulative before, just genuine. But I’m experimenting with different styles. Would I teach you this with my current products? Nope, this is more on the advanced level. I won’t teach my clients this either until they reached the advanced level. But I can give you a general overview.

1. is called sneaky Wayne Game. Its all about adapting and giving up the first few rounds and strike. This is demonstrated in my infield. I’ve been doing this and both my cameraman the people who are closes to me does this. It’s nothing new, a guy with a Wayne brain can figure these things out. Its an advanced level of game to deal with no girls. This style of game does everything it can to move forward.

2. is called chode Wayne game. Chode Wayne Game. Its already used by another Wayne. To act beta on purpose and keep moving things forward with touch. It’s self-explanatory. You can even get into her friend zone and make the move at the pull location. Deepak and I can’t run this because we are Asian and East Indian. Our value is considered lower. If we try to run this style, we are defeated before we even started. If you want to get to the next checkpoint. You physically force it if you can’t do it from her investing.

3. Dominant Wayne game. This is the default style of Deepak Wayne. It works for negative stereotypes minorities. By being dominant for the personality, it builds value and attraction. Having alpha and dominant traits. This style is the opposite or chode game. It requires a lot of conversational skills to get her invested. Once she is invested, then you escalate. This style has a more natural tonality with spicing. The escalation ladder is moved up slowly and naturally. Not in a game script mechanical kind of way.

4. Hybrid Wayne game. This game is purely John Waynes game. He uses all styles together and adapts it at the right times. This takes the most skill. A huge amount of social calibrations seen in Wayne 30.

My point is something you have to be hard, or dominant. Sometimes you have to be soft. Either way can get you over the checkpoint.

It’s pretty similar how the Jedi has different styles of fighting. Still, I figured so many students are growing their skills so fast. Some needs another level. I have so many testimonials to post, this is just the beginning. I have to censor the faces of the rest.

-John Wayne



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