SDL a 6’2 Russian brunette, another infield. Eat a dick Jan.

This woman is one inch taller than the other 6’1 one. At first, I met a really uncool 6’3 woman. She said your attitude works with women? But, she has no idea it works very well. But this one is much cooler. I instadated her, bounced her around and went to the Howard Johnson hotel again. Same as Anastasia.

Earlier I saw a bunch of RSD nation faggots who once talked shit about me when I started as John Wayne. Some of those faggots said don’t train with John Wayne on their WhatsApp group. I don’t think they do that anymore. I saw them approaching. You guys don’t stand a chance. Like I always say, when I’m in the field, get off the field. You did, so good. I told you guys not to approach my cameraman. You tried to recruit him before. I was worried some girls can get turned off if these guys approach. Makes my job harder. But we had a new refresh of women at more night time.

Let us see Jan Lifestyle pull off what I did. Which I kept doing over and over. He wouldn’t know how to if he lived to be 500. This time it only took about 30-35 approaches to do this. Spread out over 5 weeks. This is lower than my usual 7 approaches to lay with Anastasia or 20 approaches with other ones. I’m getting rusty after teaching so many boot camps back to back. My advice is sometimes you need to actually make more than a few approaches a day. I was fucking around drinking coffee too much and talking. I was a bit nervous to perform with the new cameraman. I only made a few approaches a day. In the first month, I was barely approaching with my new camera man. Only making a few approaches a day. Last time we tried to do 15, it was hard, I only made 14 approaches. I don’t spam approach. But once again I play the odds with my game, this happens. I was with my old cameraman and this happened. I’m always calm around him. During my first month, I was extremely nervous. But he is doing good. He is getting laid and stuff. Both cameramen will be in future advice videos.


From part of the date. But I have the audio from opening and closing. Still, have to assemble footage. This is just one of the pieces.


I have to see what footage I got and my first cameraman got. Then mix them with my hidden cam footage. I got what I could before the batteries were 4%.

Regardless, it was pretty much textbook perfect game. Things just flowed. I’ll post screenshots in the future as I get them. My cameraman #1 has to send it. More Wayne level skills. Business as usual. Now I have 11 infields.

I will assemble the infield as soon as I have all the pieces from my cameraman. I have to thank both of them very much. They both have greatly helped me to be John Wayne. Without the infields captured to some degree, it’s going to be tougher to do all of this. Unless I have to wear spyglasses. Which every girl can tell it is spyglass. No fucking way.

Oh right, you cheap Vancouver PUAs who can’t afford coaching. Here is my coaching page anyways. Put your ego aside. Also, you would of spend way more money anyways with multiple coaches. Just sign up to our boot camp and pull girls to your place, get your dick wet.

Bootcamp page click here


-John Wayne

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