Black Skype student, First approach, same day lay


1 shot 1 kill


He is the same guy I posted about yesterday Skyping a black guy and a Latino guy. Turns out he got laid from his first approach after one Skype. He knew he couldn’t avoid learning from me eventually and he didn’t want to put it off. Look what happened with one Skype? He told me he trained under Deepak for Skype before. Got laid a few times. But, he was stuck at the escalation ladder. He didn’t know what was the issue. He didn’t have anything good to say about grandfather Justin Wayne either. Most black guys are Justin Wayne fans and defend him. But my students aren’t. But why did it work so well? Simple, its the exact same game I run. Everyone learns the same game. Its just everyone has a different look (protector status, height, muscles). He’s tall btw. He has a good job, I told you being black a huge advantage. You guys who are big should believe in yourselves. Also, he had my game, recalibrated.

No matter what other coaches teach you on Skype. Nothing would happen. It’s not the same game. Yes, there is a value system and a line of fuckability. He has dressed well too actually. He got the same day lay, I have to double check of course. Regardless of the bragging. I’m the best dating coach in terms of teaching game. Why go with all these feel good, truth seeker, shit. It’s proof based and results based at the same time.

Like I said, for boot camps, now we are offering 2 free Skypes afterward to help you or one Wayne Playbook. Yes, there are more testimonials lined up of course. Tons more, since he will make a video testimonial. I think there is a point where you have to ask yourself. Instead of hating on me or laughing at me with a nervous full of shit laughter. Maybe I know something you don’t about the game. Maybe our stuff works. Yes it’s expensive, but I wouldn’t have such a high price if it wasn’t so effective. You know deep down inside. Especially Vancouver, that goes from one coach to another. It’s cheaper to start here and because you will end here getting results. Pulling and getting laid. Testimonials just keep happening over and over. It just doesn’t stop.

-John Wayne


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