General life advice, golden nuggets of wisdom

I don’t know how I should write this, so I’m just going to write it down. I have a lot of things in mind. This would be a brain dump of wisdom. Wisdom is attained by experience. Experience is attained by learning from your mistakes. I’m not as rich as those other PUA coaches who are cult-like and scammers. I’m purely a truth seeker, proof-based/results based thinking. Meaning my skills are transferable to just about anyone. There might be nuggets of wisdom here you can use.

If you are not first, you are last. What I mean by that was, if you are a dating coach. You are Asian, you really won’t last more than a year if you aren’t the top of the world. So many times, we have seen short Asian dating coaches who don’t make it past a year on youtube for daygame. I’ve been there for 3 years now, although I wasn’t famous before. You see ABCs of Attraction daygame videos? They all disappeared for daygame because they suck. You see guys like MingleWithMike who disappeared. You see Asian coaches dropping like flies here. This is a very cut-throat world and you have to be number 1 at a category or you won’t last. If you aren’t first, you are last. My world class ability is the ability to teach. To transfer my skills. If you don’t believe me, go look up every famous white dating coach in the world. Copy and paste their testimonials. The ones who pulled or got laid in daygame for students. You would see nearly zero because it will still take some students like a year to even get their first lay or not at all. With my company, my students pull right away and eventually gets laid during the testimonial period or near the training period. Better to be a big fish in a small pond like I am. Or a small fish in a big pond. My niche is helping minorities or giving powers in daygame back to the disadvantage.

Who cares if you are talented. If you can’t transfer your talent, you are worthless to students. There is this bullshit mentality out there. I think Justin Wayne has this or other guys who are privileged. Like white guys who are 6’4 and tall, big, protector status, preselection. If you can do it, learn from the guy who can do it. But somehow for some reason, most of his students get no results. If students get no results, its some type of privileged. Tall strong black guys are always preselected by blondes. Tall white guys with some bulk are always preselected by women. Can this be transferred to you? Can you paint your skin brighter or can you bulk up and grow taller like them? I tried with a muscle suit and heel lifts. Sometimes they are just the girl’s type. These guys don’t empathize with you. They are psychopaths. They will just tell you as an Asian be more dominant. Its UAR or some shit. Most Asians daygame coaches are either short with no results. Sucks to be them. Or they are tall, strong, handsome and on steroids. Is that game? or just privileges? It’s that transferable. Or is that just something else entirely? Trying to be her type? Is that transferable???

Okay, why not learn from the best? because you don’t have their privileges. You aren’t built for them and you don’t have their talent. I tried to do a fadeaway basketball shot many times, its tough. Michael Jordan can’t play baseball or golf well. So his mindset and skillset aren’t transferable.

There is another guy who is the worlds best daygame coach statistically. His name is John Wayne. He has more testimonials than anyone combined. All white daygame coaches or all Asian daygame coaches combined for daygame. That’s talent and something I will be honest with you. You can’t learn to teach like me. You won’t get this much results with students, or with this many consistently. One of my cameramen is dating a HB 9/10 now. Justin Wayne level girl but his Latina is prettier than Justin Wayne’s. I mentored him in real life for 4 weeks. Unlike Justin saying learn from the best, then whatever. Lol, I’m statistically the best daygame coach in the world. You can laugh and think whatever, but you can’t find any coach with even 1/50th of my testimonials. People even expect me now to post more testimonials, I have too many and I have a ton more. I’ll be fucking honest with you. My teaching abilities are god given talents or it’s not normal. I can’t teach you how to coach better. I really can’t, just like Michael Jordan or Michael Phelps can’t teach you to swim better. At least I’m honest enough to admit that. My last name is a Wayne. But grandfather Justin Wayne can’t transfer his results to his own coaches or most of his students. This is why. If you are a truth/results/proof seeker, ask yourself why it isn’t transferable? Maybe romance doesn’t work if she doesn’t see you in a romantic way. There really is a romantic sexual ratio depending on the girl. I talked to him about it, he dismissed it. But my field testing shows otherwise. My second cameraman is good enough looking for girls to see him as her type. So some more romance will be utilized in his training. But its rare for most students who aren’t positive stereotypes.

Learn from those at pro top level. But the most efficient. The Pareto principle means 80% of your results are from 20% of your selection. For this video, called total immersion swimming. I think it was invented by some dude who is on the Olympic level. He was older and he went from zero to hero. Meaning he wasn’t a born swimmer, but he figured it out quickly. This is some type of engineering kind of mentality. He figured out the shortest distance between point A to B. Without exerting more effort. But the same effort, the results doubled. Its the same with daygame training. Whether online, in real life, doesn’t matter. It’s the same game, the same results all around the world. Sure some have higher LMS, but with my game, they just get more results with their privileges. Do looks, height, muscles, fashion, race matter? yes, once you calibrate, you get a force multiplier. If not calibrated, they don’t matter because you are socially retarded. Doesn’t matter how good looking you are. In that case, get Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Just admit you have a problem and then you can fix it.

Who the fuck is Jordan Belfort? Remember the movie, the Wolf of Wallstreet? When he taught a bunch of losers how to sell? But he got in trouble later on making too much money? It means not only was his skills the Pareto principle. His skills were transferable to even the lowest common denominator. Watch this clip if you haven’t seen the movie, you will learn a lot. Tbh, I didn’t know shit about sales. I saw some Grand Cardone course. He closes fast, it kind of worked sometimes. I didn’t learn that much tbh, it only works in certain situations people wants a product. I studied Jordan Belfort’s sales tactics and I made more money last month than I did in a few months. I closed almost every single deal. Maybe the PUA skills or daygame skills translate well into sales. If you have an efficient system.

If something works, it better be transferable. I don’t care if this guy is a scum bag. If he is world class at something and transferable, I would like to learn. Don’t learn just from the best. Learn from the pros who skills are the most transferable.

In sales, or objections dealing. I can convert maybe customers into yes customers. Of course, they should be buying from me because I have the best courses that works. If the playbook is too technical and too advanced. I always have Wayne 30: From Hardcase to hero suitable for beginners and hard case newbies.

Direct game bullshit. No one has ever made it work consistently who wasn’t a tall strong handsome PUA. Since these guys lie through their teeth saying looks don’t matter. They have looks. I’ll be honest, I’m not great looking, but not bad looking. But direct game is like tinder. The girls either swipe left or right in real life. If you go direct, she judges you based on your appearance. You get positive reactions only and the number flakes. If you aren’t attractive, it becomes a huge spam approach number farming game. My students don’t number farm. Most of my students in Vancouver dates 4-5 girls a week. Yes, I have yelled at them for going direct for a week. All the girls ended up flaking since they were seeking positive reactions like number closes. When they went back to my system they pulled and got laid non-stop. They were dating multiple girls a week. The flake rate was practically non-existent. Then again these guys are both 6’2, so they aren’t short. I’m going to use their text for my future text game product which might drop in 2019. Fashion domination drops in 2018. My point is, like sales, there are maybe customers you can convert. There are maybe girls you can convert too. Since most guys using direct gets their equals or much lower. Like some shitty coaches here locally like Asian coaches who censor the girls face that is a 4-5 out of 10. When he is like 8.5/10. That isn’t game. That’s just tindering the streets. It’s like a Pokemon go battle, where higher stats are stacked against lower stats. My second cameraman pulled a HB 9/10 Latina. Got a blowjob too, he wayned it with the escalation ladder. She is higher level on the scale than he is. So what do these other people know?

rsd sheeps.png

There are some people my friends or students recommended to train with me. Instead even after they got scammed by Scam Lifestyle’s online product. Idiots, I wrote a review on why its missing modules you paid double for that said to be uploaded. Or another guy said he will train with Tom Tortero or whatever his name is. These two con artist. People are total sheeps. Once they get burned, they go to the next coach. It becomes a revolving door of different companies. People are so stupid, they get burnt. They keep going to one coach or marketer after another. Maybe one is RSD and the other is Justin Wayne or London Daygame. Lol, my second cameraman learned from Tom Tortellini whatever the fuck his name was. Lol, he learned from everyone. Most of my students, I’m always the final solution. Meaning they don’t get another coach. It’s here, this is where they find the game and stop. They work at it until they get their pull or lay. Maybe there is an issue of trust because I don’t look like the typical hero tall strong handsome coach they are used to. But is it their game or other factors giving them results?


Never hang around someone you wouldn’t want to have lunch with. This principle is important whether you work with someone or not. Are you the guy everyone wants to hang out with, that’s cool? Or are you the creepy PUA I would avoid like RSD Nation faggots are or the Superman Group? The creepiest mother fuckers or the biggest collection of sociopaths in Vancouver. This is a very important distinction. I mean would I even want to say hi to this person if they walked by in real life? If the answer is no, don’t work with them in business, the vibe is off. That is a good litmus test.

Always think win/win. Life and game are about an exchange of value. There are no free lunches. Even with PUA free advice, its offering value to value takers. Guys from India, some, usually monopolize my time. I often set boundaries for my students. Since I get like 2 new students a day, or sell quite a lot of products a day and coaching. My time is money. People who don’t have self-esteem, hard cases, are often not successful in their job. Their social skills are lacking and their fashion is lacking due to social intelligence. I never met anyone with mental illnesses or some kind of hard case behaviour, that dresses well. Its all like some correlation. Fashion domination: For game is due out maybe next year springtime around April maybe. Basically, your fashion reflects your social intelligence. Most guys who are socially uncalibrated often have really bad fashion. I don’t plan on releasing a lot of products. If I make a product, it better be a total 100% win/win for you and me. My products are the best IMO. People who take value, often need to learn how to love themselves so they can give value. Even for coaches who thinks they are entrepreneurs and daygame is a great way to make money. Thinking win/lose, you won’t last long unless you have a purpose to help others. Most are run of the mill and never will be famous. Too many copies and paste bullshit out there.


You give too much value people starts to resent you. They start to turn on you if they are value takers. These are shitty people on the inside. What I mean by that is, give something for free or too much free advice to value taker snakes or discounts. I have in the past, when I was starting out. I only had nothing but hard case students no one else wanted to teach. But now I know how to teach them due to the experience. But people will stab you in the back if you give too much value. You will know who is a person you should keep in your life or discard. I don’t associate with most PUAS, but the ones I do, have to think win/win. Otherwise, fuck off.

Also, you train people how they treat you. It’s purely discipline. I often won’t allow anyone to monopolize my time. The freer you are hourly or daily. They will ask for more advice. The more they will take you for granted. Then resent you when they succeed. You literally have to train people how they should treat you. I know this sounds awful, but it is how it is sometimes. Time is money, especially when you are worth a lot hourly or daily. The more value you give, but they take more than they give. Odds are they will betray you or drift away from you. This is an important distinction. People are shitty on the inside. Those who love themselves, forgives themselves, accepts themselves and improves themselves are able to give value back. Those who can’t will just take value.

How do you know who is a backstabber? This is the most important things I can teach you. If you work with others, you have to filter out trash very quickly. Don’t trust anyone who talks shit behind your back. Pretends to be your friend to learn you at the same time like a double agent. These are sociopaths. Once they learned enough they attack. Like a boxer who gives up the first two rounds to learn their opponent and adjust. Also, watch out for the eyes. I already can predict who will backstab and who won’t.

21621989_10214185776548081_443250461_nFor the first type, the low functioning dark tetrad sociopaths. They often have one eyelid smaller than the other one. The reason they have a droopy eyelid was that being sociopaths, their frontal region of their brain is damaged. Almost the entire Vancouver Superman Group has it for some unknown reason.main-qimg-d42a927714d8cf7070d455c70cd947dc



Not implying anything, but he eyes have the predatory stare, pointing both ways, lazy eye. With that scary look, they have. Below is the same cold scary predatory stare. He can’t empathize with you. Looks don’t matter, says a guy better looking than almost every Asian guy in Vancouver. This is something all psychopaths have. Its why Jan always turns to the side stonewalling you because his brain doesn’t fire up in the frontal lobe empathy centre. Yeah everyone notices this so it’s not like I’m saying something totally off base.


The second type of psychopath are these guys with intense eyes. You will see some PUAs wears sunglasses or they have very intense Adolf Hitler type of eyes. Or Charles Manson.



Not saying there is a correlation, but there might be one by the behaviour and multiple mental illnesses he claims he has. I call it comorbidity in Wayne 30: From Hardcase to hero module 1.

Most Filipino guys are sociopaths. They have this predatory death stare. It’s in Filipino men and women. It’s not just one or the other. They stare at you with a fake smile but they look like they want to kill you. My first cameraman and I were buying some stuff at a supermarket. We saw a Filipino guy try to sabotage us. He pressed the button to move the other guy’s groceries to the front of the cashier desk. We knew immediately there was a Filipino contamination. We didn’t buy the item since he wanted us to write a barcode on it. So we just threw it back in his face. My cameraman also threw back the mint at him which was funny. We knew we were going to be attacked before it happened.


When you see someone with a lazy eye, but even if millimetres apart, they are often psychopaths or trolls. Or it looks in two different opposite directions. Pretty sadistic people. I know it’s not politically correct to judge people by their physical appearance. But I do know you if we ever met. I am a professional daygame coach and can see everything. Body language, vibe, eye contact, social skills. Most of these guys have a short temper. Passive aggressive or their mask of sanity. Then they go crazy. I just act like myself without a mask. Low functioning sociopaths need a mask. I don’t and people around me don’t wear one.

Look you can filter people out this way easily before they turn on you. Its a giveaway. If something works but is politically incorrect, then use it. This has a very high rate of being correct. You can’t-fool me, I’m already sizing you up the second I talk to you and in a minute I can figure you out. It’s my job. I know how to profile people based on extensive years of experience and teaching experience.

People think with emotions instead of logic. The game is played in stages as the first layer. We don’t go direct, then some rapport with some push/pull shit. Then more deep rapport and number close. We actually have like a dozen stages or more as Waynes. We know women psychologically change gears. Is almost predictable to all my boot camp students. On top of stages is the vibes. We have different state projections. Women are not logical. Actually, lets be honest, you chose RSD not because of facts. But because you are easily manipulated. Even when some of my friends said John Wayne, go to train with him. You chose elsewhere. You’ll be back one day, I’ll be the final solution. After emotions, knowing when to use it. It is the phrases. Phrases are powerful and can unlock her mind or objections. I know all of Deepaks phrases actually. They are top secret to everyone except my boot camp students. Only they get to have a glimpse of his playbook. Tbh, Deepak and I operate under the win/win principle. Also, he doesn’t read my blog. I am free to operate how I see fit. Yes, it seems a lot of stuff layered on top of each other. This is not some direct game or natural and direct shit. Its a science, even the vibes. I have a timing to use it. Its all about manipulation. I always tell my students, when in doubt, manipulate, manipulate, manipulate, string her along. If she wants you to be a lover, go with that frame. A boyfriend/provider. String her along. Start dating her and string her along if you don’t want it. Friendzone, string her along and pull her when at pull location. Its better than being rejected for being yourself and being confident. I know this sounds horrible, but I’m results based. It’s win/win. The other way its lose/win. The girls don’t know any better. They can only lead the interaction into the ground. Women would almost always lead the interaction into the ground. So you have to lead.

We all have 6 human needs. The reason why some dumbass Asians choose shitty coaches like RSD or some local trash like some other shitty Asian coach is trust. It’s more than trust, its pride and ego. It’s being dumb sheeps and it’s being brainwashed. People are really stupid in reality. Most of my students are intuitive. They see race does matter and muscles matter too. They know direct doesn’t work. But some who are not so intuitive did go through the revolving door many times.

The 6 human needs are a certainty or knowing what would happen. The second one is uncertainty or excitement. The third is significance or importance, ego pride all that shit. The fourth one is a connection. The fifth one is growth or self-development scam RSD uses. Most people forgave RSD saying because it works for night game. But not daygame. Or they felt some small free advice nugget helped. They are the Mcdonalds of pickup, the lowest common denominator. The last thing is the contribution to improve the world. I have met most of my human needs. I do contribute positively to minorities lives even if I have a ton of white students. I have some significance as the short Asian relatable coach guy who has more testimonials than anyone. But having a community and the self-development is really a code name for therapy for the sociopaths who join the community or cult. This is why people are susceptible to brainwashing and cults. It appeals to the human needs. I’ve been researching a lot about cults. You might think its just guys who want to better themselves. People need certainty, someone to follow. It’s herd mentality. But the sociopaths are strong enough to stay in the game. Most wash out. The truth is the majority washes out of game. They don’t make it past the beginner’s hell, or the initial hump. If they can make it past 6 months, they are a PUA for life. 4% stays, but are mediocre. 1% is world class. The stats are 4% of the population is low functioning sociopaths and high functioning 1% psychopaths. Remember in my research, most psychopaths or the smart ones work in Wallstreet, government, surgeons, etc. It’s not always criminals, like low functioning ones. It’s about winning at all cost or total domination. Yes, most guys over 94% will drop out of the game lifestyle. But they will usually find another coach. Then the revolving door process happens again. It’s madness. I’m here to stop all of that and be the final solution. You can’t keep people in bullshit chemotherapy to make money. Someone has to find the cure or cut out this free advice self-development cancer RSD and other white privileged systems introduced.

I’m tearing all this shit down. I’m tired of dark triad guys running the daygame industry with tall height and good looks, muscles. Remember, if you are a daygame coach, you have dark triad. I already know. I can tell. Nothing gets by me. Your days of not getting students results, scamming them and taking their money are over. If you hurt Asians, you will answer to me. Since 51% of Asian women will marry a white guy. 1/4 Asians won’t get married or procreate. I’m here to save the world or a part of it. Might seem like a lofty goal. But it didn’t stop me. I sleep well at night knowing I made some difference. Who else will step up to the plate? It’s always some Asian night game system. We won’t be saved in the clubs were we just escalate with loud music, alcohol and not learn social calibrations. Most Asian guys have almost zero social skills calibrations. Or the only socially skills like Filipino guys are wearing a mask of sanity where they attack people who aren’t part of their race.

Train people on how to treat you. Set boundaries basically, very strong boundaries so people don’t monopolize your time. I get a ton of people contacting me for leads or free advice. Even if they are students, they expect nothing but free advice. You keep answering them too quickly, they will keep asking questions. It ties into the vulture behavior or value taking behaviour. Yes, train people so they understand what you will tolerate or not tolerate. I know that sounds fucked up, treating people like dogs that can be trained. But I can’t think of a better way. Don’t give too much free shit, or they will take you for granted and backstab you.

Have a purpose in life, go with your heart. What I mean by this was, I was teaching daygame for a long time. I even taught it for free the first year for experience. It was something my family didn’t approve of. Like wtf are you doing with your life? But I had a passion for it. I was good at it. I learned the ins and outs of coaching. I field tested every style. I can’t do any other job if I don’t like it. I can’t understand how people can go to university and do a normal boring job. I was a university student before too, I know. There might be something you really want to do in life. Tap into your talents. For me, my world-class ability no one can beat is teaching daygame. It’s not for everyone and most coaches will wash out quickly and become irrelevant. Not with me, I have a mission. I believe we all have a world-class god given talent. You must not waste it but find it. Too many people go through life being mediocre working in a dead end job they don’t like. I have students who just want to be a better beta provider. Make more money, but I say practice game too. Its social intelligence and can help you. There are a lot of rich older Asian guys being better providers. It’s your parent’s retirement plan actually, don’t be stupid. They want you to take care of them. You lose your ability to learn social skills without game. If you think money is more important than social calibrations, you will get old with regret. For these Asian guys get Wayne 30.

You must of have a world-class ability and something you feel makes you happy. If you can’t do a job for 4 hours, you are in the wrong job. You must love your job so much you can even do it for free for 14 hours if you have to. Of course, my time is money. I’m worth at least $200 USD per hour just to Skype for my advice. While I’m not liked in Vancouver. I’m loved by the rest of the world. People will fly in just to train with me in boot camps and pay $2100. To give you guys more value. I will announce I will either give you my Wayne Playbook after the boot camp to keep you going on your journey. Or two Skypes free which is $400 value. Since $2100 is a lot more Canadian. Our dollar is worthless. Still, all my students in Vancouver got good results. Most pulled, got laid a lot, multiple times. You actually save money going to me and not going multiple coaches like a revolving door. Well, that’s my brain dump. I feel better writing it. I think you might learn things that would save you years of agony and bullshit. In the next post, I’ll post my second cameraman getting a blowjob. He got one from a HB 9/10. She looks better than Justin Wayne’s Latina. He is trained by John Wayne. Stay tuned.

-John Wayne

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