Both camera man got laid at the same day. Part 1: cameraman #1

I want to say, both camera men got laid at the same time. Both Wayne’d it. It seems no matter what, the only common denominator for my student or assistants success is the escalation ladder.


Having said that, don’t approach team Wayne Dating Lifestyle or my cameraman or assistants. I’m talking to the sociopathic Asians in Vancouver. Now we got that out of the way. I’m going to be talking about the taller guy. He was a hard case guy, really tough cookie to teach. In fact, part of the reason I released Wayne 30 was to help him and people like him. I want to write this article to thank him and give him some recognition he deserves. Without him, I wouldn’t be a Wayne. What I mean was, he filmed all 10 of my infields. I give him some advice here and there. Although I’m not sure if he always listened. Hard cases do take some time to learn the game. But he is slowly improving incrementally. When he got laid, I was very happy. He used my escalation ladder. I guess they are both my newest testimonials.

The reason he isn’t my cameraman was that of work. He has a new job I helped him get. He works very often, but I’m happy for his success. He no longer works for sociopathic Filipinos who keeps backstabbing. We always made sure there was less of them at every job he applied. I met him on a social media group. He heard a Skytrain and said holy shit, you are in Vancouver. When we first met, I was nervous about performance anxiety. I didn’t do as well. He was from a site where a lot of the aspie sociopaths hangs out. The PUA haters or the women hater types I made Wayne 30 for. Regardless, he defended me at the time. They kicked him out. I decided like a lost puppy, abandoned, I decided to teach him. It was really tough, I learned a lot about their theories. Or looks theory. A lot of those guys there will never get a date or get laid on that place. Its full of negative vibe and limiting beliefs. In my experience, they are partially right about LMS, but its LMS + G or game.

I just wanted to say, thanks, buddy. While he doesn’t film me as much, we are still friends. I still give him advice, I want nothing in return but his further success. He can pull now and get laid. Hardcase or not. I learned a lot from teaching him. In fact, a lot of what is in the program is field tested on him. I know what works or not based on teaching him and testing the material on him. Like I said, I have no theories, but all field testing. It’s a science, stats. People who said its an art usually gets girls at their looks scale or below. Too bad, be ignorant. Statistically speaking I do have the highest rate of testimonials of students pulling and getting laid in the world. Believe it or not, direct game for him in Vancouver doesn’t work for him. Either does it work for my other cameraman too? It doesn’t work for my other students who used it for a week when I yelled at them like Gordon Ramsay. Now one of them, the London guy with a bald head has 4 fuck buddies and one girlfriend. Out of all dating coaches, I’m getting so many testimonials a week. Our stuff works. I update our daygame system every 3 months. Then I brief Deepak on the changes I added. We both do some field testing. Now we are adding a stronger objections dealing system to daygame. Lately, its getting harder, the creative and artistic vibe openers isn’t working as well. It still works around the world though. It works here but not like a magic bullet like before in the summer. Now I teach more adaptive openers. We always have to keep up ahead of the curve. If we don’t, Vancouver would devour us. Daygame is getting harder every 6 months here. Its become super LMS, where guys with high LMS are getting girls lower than their looks scale. Or tinder has taken over Vancouver. I am not cool with that. Daygame at your own risk with direct game nonsense. It won’t work. Neither would natural and direct game in Vancouver. This guy is already quite tall and good looking. None of that matters in Vancouver. There are also very few Asian guy white girl couples now. It’s all white guy Asian girls now. This place is getting colder every year. I don’t mean the weather, I mean the anti-social vibe.


I like to think of Vancouver as the canary in the coal mine. It’s always the first time you see a change in the daygame world. Its anti-social and tough here. While my students are the only ones who can navigate it here. But I know what is coming and what to adapt to before the rest of the world has to experience it. You would never see a place with more resting bitch faces than Vancouver’s women. Why so serious???

In the next post, I want to blog about general life advice I have learned. It will save you years of agony. Then get back to the other guy’s testimonials. 5 pulls, one lay 2 bj, 1 normal pull 1 dry pull. All this in two weeks time period.


Measure UAR out of 10, money out of 5, status out of 10 (being black is 8/10 if tall/muscular) and game out of 10. = 35. But line of fuckability is 20/35.

White privilege gives you 10 points for the SMV. Black strong guy gives you 9/10, Latino 8/10. Asians 1/10. Let’s not kid ourselves. Being Asian without some UAR muscles advantage of having a good face or world class level game. Or world class level social skills. You are fucked. Like most Asians in Vancouver. If you think you can run an RSD style game which ranks low. Since looks don’t matter. Why do you think Jan or Scam, students all failed? No one got laid from daygame? Until they trained with me? Idiots. But you say race doesn’t matter? Looks don’t matter. Lol, only privileged people tell you looks don’t matter. If they are a higher race, like big black muscular guys. They say race doesn’t matter, I’m a minority. Lol, there are different levels of “minorities.”

I do want to add this to the post. Cameraman 1 is tall but skinnier and cameraman 2 is 6’0 tall and muscular. But is better looking. The tall skinnier guy was struggling more. Being tall and lanky is not preselected. So he wears a muscle suit to get back his U.A.R and he gets more compliance. He has a decent face, he is tall but too tall. He doesn’t have the protector status and the preselection is lower because he is too tall and skinny.

I find do looks matter? The answer in my field testing is complicated. I’m decent looking and I know another Asian PUA who is well dressed and good looking. This other guy isn’t muscular, but his UAR is higher than mine. His fashion is better than mine. He struggles at daygame, well he doesn’t have our game style. He is amazing at online game and night game. Don’t me wrong, but daygame, without alcohol, preselection, or having a club promotor status, its a struggle.

Cameraman 2 is really good looking. His U.A.R or universal attractive rating is higher than cameraman #1. What I mean by that is he is exactly 6’0 tall and muscular. He has light skin, so he doesn’t look like he is East Indian. So his SMV score can fluctuate for his race. People think he is either middle eastern or a Latino. Since he has more muscles, now the only difference was he used my hairstyle I suggested. He is using our game. He is getting way past the line of fuckability.

chart smv

I’ll be honest. For Justin Wayne, we had this exact conversation. My theory is black guys with protector status with infinite preselection towards white blondes. There is two type of black students I have. One is the positive stereotype, I have endless confidence and black. They just need to build comfort and stop escalating. The other type, are the unconfident, unsure, inner game issues and not as muscular or not as confident. They struggle more with game than the other ones. This brings the entire paradox thing into play. The conversation was, black people do badly in online dating. But then again I posted an article with tinder Asians does a lot worst, next to black women or worst. But if black guys approach and have some level of inner game and confidence, it works. But if a black guy tries game without the preselection, it doesn’t work. He would be treated like an Asian. Justin isn’t good looking for the face. But having some preselection as the type white women likes. Also, some height and some bulk, muscles. It matters more in my chart above than looks. I see a lot more black dating coaches out there. I think they are so preselected in cold approach, they don’t realize they have a superpower. Yes, looks help to some degree, but so does height and proportional to your body. If Justin Wayne is legit, let’s say for the sake of argument. He gets the same results as the last decade after some calibration. Then what changed? His UAR changed sure. People do get older as they age. I’m the only exception, I look younger, well I’m Asian. But if the results are the same, the bulk and height are there. The race didn’t change. There will always be some preselection to being a bigger bulkier muscular black guy. It’s just a matter of breaking your negative stereotype. For an Asian, he told me to act more dominant. But that isn’t enough for most Asian guys out there. You would need an additional mindset of value. He said something about the personality of Asians. But I’m pretty dominant before. It’s not a game changer. It just buys you one more minute. Its hard to understand me but all my students understand my struggle.

For me, I found the muscle suit and jacket. I lose my preselection to slim pretty girls. I get treated like a douche bag when I approach. But I hook sometimes a bit better with some.vlcsnap-2017-09-03-16h24m34s708

That day I was wearing heel lifts that boost my height to 5’9. That is a muscle suit as I am on steroids. But I found, it was a bit tough because I looked like a total douche. It felt like you had to go more direct with your intentions because they knew. So maybe building some muscles, but not this much for my circumstances will help.

There is a big guy who does night game. 6’4, exactly the same height as my first cameraman. But way bulkier, with a worst looking face. But he already has preselection being white and protector status like a big caveman. Women are already attracted. He has a level of game above most white dating coaches too. He is good at dealing with objections. I talked to Deepak about it and I updated our system. I discussed it with Deepak, he gave me new tools. There are 3 ways to deal with any objections. I won’t discuss it and it isn’t in my Wayne Playbook. Its only for Skype or boot camps. Yes, i’m a real truth seeker, I field test all the shit out there in the industry. It didn’t work for me being a short Asian guy. She needs to see the value in you already first. Its the same with Justin Wayne. Some women might be scared, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t already attracted to a well dressed, muscular, well-spoken breaking negative stereotype expressive black guy. I know all this shit, I’m a dating coach. I know everyone’s game and tactics in the industry. I’m older than I look, I had time to field test and study the entire fucking PUA world. I play the game on extreme difficulty. I don’t give a fuck, so what if women think skinny Asian guys are low value. I always bang a woman way above me in value. Does race play a role? yes of course it does, it all does. Fuck all these theories, fuck all these marketing. If you were a truth/results seeker. Put your ego aside, your sociopathic opinions as facts. Take it all out of the equation and just look at the science and stats, results. I produce student results. Even the ones they call truth seekers, might not be able to transfer their game over to you.

The new theory is about positive or negative stereotypes. What creates a stereotype? Its race, which plays a big part. Its height and muscles relative. If you dressed well, is that a positive stereotype? If you had muscles, is it a positive stereotype? Its really about typecasting. With it, you can play the game on easy mode, normal, hard, very hard or extreme. Lately, I am feeling like I’m playing extreme. But even if I don’t always get the average girls with big hips and average faces. I always get the overly tall, or the overly attractive or overly young, or someone totally outside my subgroup. It doesn’t matter to me. Its called privileged game, most dating coaches besides myself or privileged. So that is why you keep going from privileged coaches, one after the other.


I’ve been mentored in natural and direct from tall unrelatable white guys in the past. He didn’t know his height, muscles and race played a big part. He was getting girls below his looks scale.

17353222_731809380333058_589173022433123164_nI taught models and actors like this guy before. He got 4 pulls, one bj, two lays, one pull during his first day of boot camp with a black woman. But didn’t get it in yet until later boot camps.


I taught guys who have Aspergers syndrome. Who ends up dating runway models and 3 girls at the same time. Lol, he looks a bit like Arron Wayne dude before. You don’t think I know my shit? When I talk about stuff like this? The amount of field testing that is involved? I am starting to resent guys with privileges. I don’t like facing an uphill battle or playing the game on extreme difficulty. But thanks to it, I was able to transfer my skills to so many students. 80% of them pulled, 70% got laid. But, sometimes a girl doesn’t like you for your game, they like you for other factors involved that are not game related. Game puts you over that line. These concepts will be discussed in Fashion Domination for game. My next product. I’ll release it next year around spring maybe. I don’t intend to release a lot of products. I might release a free product. I heard RSD Max is now copying me and making a program for hard case. He is filming it now. I’m coming for you Max and your white privileges. You might have looks, you have white privilege. But you only have one approach to lay video. I am posting my second one very soon. I have 8 more videos after that. You just don’t have the height, so it affects your results. I get it. I’ll release a product for free to counter Fearless. It doesn’t need so much fluff and it’s more field tested with all of my boot camp students. They get over approach anxiety in a day. Not months.

The only way to bypass looks is either preselection, like lifestyle or a good vibe. I’ll talk about that in the future. Its how the naturals do it, with a good vibe. I’ve been trained by naturals or mentored. I’ve been mentored by a bunch of people before. They all had some effect on me. I absorbed their thoughts. Like Bruce Lee said, absorb what is useful, discard what is not. Add uniquely what is your own. I had to discard a lot of privileged game. I’ve been teaching for 3 years now. But I’ve seen way too much in the game, too many privileges no one else knows about. It’s time to call it out and rebuild the whole industry.

-John Wayne

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