My second camera man 5 pulls. One HB 9/10. Better than Jan Lifestyle training.

Cameraman #2 girl he pulled, got a bj

My cameraman has 5 pulls, 1 lay, 2 bj and 2 pulls. The kind of girls he is getting is around my score. I get a lot of 8.5/10. He gets 9/10, which is higher than mine. He is 6’0 tall and stronger than me. This time the guy on the right side. Both got laid on the exact same day.


Let us be realistic here, Jan Lifestyle can only pull 4/10 or 5/10 or dry pull them. Then dates them for another 3 days because they wouldn’t fuck him in the same day lay. He just dry pulls. If he can’t get it in, treating her like a girlfriend Justin Wayne style. He just writes mean text to her. Tbh I never saw him on a date. I feel sorry for anyone getting mentored by him or trained by him. They don’t get any results. He thinks I’m a midget? well, I suppose not all of us are born tall, strong and handsome. Even if you are, you are going for girls half your looks scale. That isn’t game. He has a blind spot. I suppose quantity over quality.

That has to be a dude.
deformed Asian girl
Squared jawed masculine looking women

My cameraman was trained by every single big name in London. Think of 12 of the biggest name PUAs there. Who pops in mind, he was trained by 6 of the biggest names. But winged with 12 of them. He never got many results without alcohol before. His laycount was kind of low. But now with my training, he is getting 10X the results and now with an HB 9/10. He got a blowjob from her.

I’ll say something here. My cameraman is only one inch taller than Jan. They both are around the same looks scale. They both have muscle mass and some decent fashion. One guy is an East Indian so his SMV is higher by one point, being 2/10. But you compared two different people with the same archetype. One is superior. One can get 9/10 while the other can get 4-5/10.


Deepak Wayne said Jan Lifestyle has no game. He analyzed his infields. He said its all looks. Deepak is one of the best dating coaches and a PUA without advantages who bangs hot white women. chart-smv.png

Getting over that line, he shouldn’t be going for girls half his looks scale. That’s not really game. Just a Pokemon go battle of higher stats. Also, I hope one day he gets his first daygame testimonial from a student. If guys don’t have testimonials, its some type of privilege. Oh right, he said looks don’t matter. It’s funny how good looking guys always say that. Eat a dick Jan Lifestyle. Just keep scamming people like you did stealing everyone’s money in project Vancouver shutting it down. Also, your online product that doesn’t have the advanced boot camp module. Everything you do is to scam others. A pure psychopath. Luckily the dumb Asians trust you. But I say to others, why the world would you train with someone taller, strong, better looking than you? Are you crazy? you think that is transferable? Nope. Better the looks, lower the game.

Anyways I only mentored my cameraman for 4 weeks and one day. So far he is growing his skills at an exponential rate. One thing I noticed among him was he gets a lot of more compliance than I do. Obviously for the looks. Yes, looks can matter to hook girls. Height and muscle mass help too. He is re-calibrated by Wayne 30 techniques. You would see us out there a lot. We are just filming pieces for Wayne 30. So we can add some infield clips to it. If I say I will add something to the product, I would actually do it. Not written on the page to be uploaded. I didn’t want to talk shit about you until Tony TTT faggot started to write stupid shit like you are the best coach to Jan. But statistically speaking he is one of the worst daygame coaches. Having zero daygame testimonials doesn’t make someone a good coach. You are not a good dating coach. You don’t get people results outside of night game. Zero daygame testimonials, why? You don’t have any game Jan, just looks. Oh right, looks don’t matter…. Just keep hating on me. What a retarded fucking system, 3 vibes, commanding, challenging and fun vibe for 2 grand? Lol, all my students you saw in the summer boot camps teaching students too. Guess what Jan, they all pulled. I have recorded it all. What does your students do, get number closes and fail? Drop out of game and go to night game? Eat a dick. RSD scumbag. If you really were so well calibrated, you wouldn’t get kicked out of your university and every single mall. Lol, socially retarded, are you even aware of it? Also, you see everything as a business opportunity to scam people out of their money. Like some growth hacking, meaning how to get more likes, more money etc. How about actually learning how to actually help Asians instead of profiting from their dumb asses in Vancouver. Of course, if you say go natural and direct, looks don’t matter, it’s all excuses. I can see how its appealing to them. But they have no awareness of your privileges. Okay so you weren’t that good early on, that’s fine. But it was because you were a socially autistic psychopath, comorbidity. Eventually, you figured out enough social skills. You are still creepy and your students won’t get any results if you lived to be a thousand. You won’t get a testimonial for daygame. It’s your blind spot, you have to ask why? I’ll tell you, you are privileged in the looks category, height, muscles. Also, the Julian Blanc remix of game. Its just plagiarized and the white privilege game, designed for taller good looking white guys is foisted on bad haired, sociopathic, dumb Asians in Vancouver with no fashion sense. Of course, I don’t mean that for Asians outside of Vancouver. The ones inside Vancouver needs to use a new style of game. Direct doesn’t work here for most people. Not even my second camera man uses it anymore. Let’s take a taller guy, my London student in Vancouver. Has 4 fuck buddies and a girlfriend now. He’s out of the game. But you take a taller guy with white privilege and he uses our game. It’s unstoppable.

Just keep hating. I got 10 infields and the next one is going to be posted soon. It’s a girl way hotter than what you can get. You get 4-5/10 daygame, 7/10 night game. In night game, social skills aren’t necessary. Just open every set and try to pull someone who is down. That isn’t game to me. What do you have? just shitty dry pull footage? You can only pull Asian girls in your shitty product of nonsense. The white girls are dry pulls. Aren’t you the idiot that said there is no escalation ladder? But all my students got laid with an escalation ladder. You are a fucking joke.


There is a ton of recording going on. But our game enables us to get women higher than our looks scale. I think my game is more geared towards higher scored women. For my equal, I usually don’t get women around 6.5/10. It’s always much higher or way younger or way taller. My new field test suggests from my new camera mans it’s about levelling. He is about 8/10 and got a girl 9.5/10 for that Latina. That means our game is capped off that high. Still prettier than Justin Wayne’s Latinas. I have seen several of them. But if you want to get a girl Jan Lifestyle quality. Like 5/10, just give her a compliment and square off. Did you notice my body language? I don’t exactly square off at all. Its creepy as fuck and levels you down to 5/10 game. Jan is tall and good-looking, but is playing 5 game. Our game is capped off at 9.5/10 for my cameraman and for me about 8.5/10. Its a bigger jump for me. This woman was 9/10, very elegant, well dressed. Shes with multiple guys though, regardless. I find if I approach girls with a lower score, my new theory is to change up the game to a lower scored game. If you start playing 9/10 game and you try it on a 7/10. She gets weirded out. Maybe semi-neutral direct openers are more helpful for lower scores. Higher scores require a ton of push/pulls, negs, teases and indirect DHV. Also, you have to be totally natural, you can’t try hard at all. You must spice it at the right times. You must also treat them with no value until they are sucking your dick.


Lol, a god damn 7.5/10 from an 8.5/10 Asian guy number close. Big deal. It’s not even game. Idiot. Learn to game. So approaching a 7.6/10 she gets put on Instagram as a dime? Most these girls I’m approaching are taller than Jan without his heel lifts.


I didn’t want to post these. It didn’t mean I dated these women. I’m just filming bits and pieces to demonstrate Wayne 30 components. Even if I got a number close on video. If I put it on youtube, people would be like wow, that’s so great. But number close videos in 2017? Who gives a shit. Stances, hand gestures, eye contact, vibes, stuff like that. I’ll edit in some infields into the product eventually. So you can see a demo of everything. I see products where a guy demonstrates in front of a girl that he knows. But I figured, why not show pieces of infield doing that to a girl you don’t know. It’s more realistic. At the end of Wayne 30, you are expected to demonstrate every piece of the program together. We aren’t here filming pull videos if you see us. We are only demonstrating pieces of Wayne 30. If we really have to get another infield, I would focus purely on that.

There will be a lot of video testimonials coming up. As soon as I can edit it. Even students pulling infields will be posted soon. I will never run out because our game is transferable. One of these days I will update my site with every single dating coach testimonials in the world or all the big names. You will see they have next to nothing for daygame. Especially white coaches.

-John Wayne

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