Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Available now. Why you need it.


I’m still editing my post, so check back.

From Hardcase to Hero, the greatest program on social calibrations the world has ever seen. Stacking 30 skills on top of each other like a virtual bootcamp. The program has been selling about one or two copies a day. The program comes with an inner game module to fix your vibe. The entire day of bootcamp is filmed for module 2 teaching my student who has some form social impairment. He still got a fuck buddy for 7 months that turned into a girlfriend from my first day of bootcamp training and using my Wayne Playbook when travelling. He struggled for his second day of bootcamp, I immediately knew he had some issues with social skills. While I have 80% of my students pulling girls home and 70% getting laid. I couldn’t figure out why in the world would the last 20% not pull. Out of all bootcamp students every single one pulled multiple times, got fuck buddies or laid. One guy didn’t. I feel the need to solve this super problem the world has. Only though my expertise and experience teaching, can I solve it. Game is great, but without social skills, you become creepy. This is the calibration in the 3rd module that reduces anything the girl can disqualify you with. Any uncalibrated body language, tonality, lack of eye contact, or asking questions non stop can disqualify you. Game is grate, but social calibrations is better. It is the secret behind why my students are always pulling girls non stop. Social intelligence. Remember, game is really about five components. 1. Getting over fear or social anixiety 2. Social skills 3. Building attraction or spicing 4. Seduction or instadates to pulling, bedroom escalation. 5. Being completely natural and authentic. You really can’t skip social skills. So if you have been struggling all these years with no results or very minimal results. Perhaps it isn’t just a game issue, its a social skills issue as well. I get it, some people doesn’t want to admit they have a social skills problem. They are in denial and want to inner game that shit, taking action and creepying out girls. But if you don’t admit you have a problem, you can’t solve it.

Also the Wayne Playbook has sold quite well this month too. It comes with 4 Skype sessions, back to school sale. Just mentioning it for now. But get the Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero program if you are even remotely interested. It will change your life forever. In about a week we sold 10 copies so far. There are a ton of people reserving it.

Okay now lets talk about the real honest deeper level stuff I always talk about. Not going to lie to you, almost all my hardcase students were diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.


Even if undiagnosed with it, they have all the symptoms. They even start to admit it, they have 90% or more of it. If it is impossible case, we are talking about full blown autism. The ones who are shifting blame, in denial, delusional thinking she is going to come out on date when it didn’t happen yet. They say it will lead to a pull. Or some really dark fucked up belief system like Elliot Rodgers like behavior.

The other types of people who can use it are Asians and East Indian guys. We have parents who tells us to do well in school. At the expense of social skills. You were taught that grades were everything. That leads into a good job, where they will get a car, a house and then a women will fall into their lap and you will get married. But it never happened this way. You are getting old and you have a career, without any social skills. Its why most Asians can’t do daygame. Or the shorter guys who are not tall, muscular and strong withers away. Most Asian daygame coaches withers away into obscurity because of this phenomenon and the rest just goes to night game. To hide their lack of social calibrations. This stuff was the secret why I can survive being a coach for more than 3 years now. Most short Asian dating coaches will wither away within a year. I have a purpose, to help my fellow Asians. This mission will hopefully be accomplished within my lifetime. I never intend to stop teaching. Even when I’m older. I’m just too good at my job and people needs help. No one else can really step up to the plate and do this. 51% of Asian women will marry a non Asian or white guy. 1/4 now, not 1/5 Asian guys won’t get married or have children. They are essentially wiped out slowly. They have no awareness of it either. Maybe they were the obsolete model. Kind of like how robots are going to take over a lot of jobs. Last years model, of works will be phased out. Luckily you can’t replace a dating coach or a good one at that. The ones who are not the top of the industry will wither away. Only the strongest survive. My point is, without the social skills or calibration, most Asians aren’t aware of socially uncalibrated they dressed or act. This is a big issue within my own fellow Asians. You will never see another good short Asian daygamer. That isn’t depending on muscles or some U.A.R advantage in looks. Unless Asians learn social skills. Wayne 30: From Hardcase to hero is that answer. I just named it hardcase to appeal to those who are struggling with game. In reality, its a beginners course, virtual dating coach 30 day challenge course. This is like a bootcamp in itself. If you go a few hours a day and practice. Even for an hour, you get a minimum of 30 hours of training. You can’t avoid this. I would suggest Asians and East Indian guys to spend a month mastering social skills. Game is great, but its put on top of social skills. Its why I have easy cases. They are just socially more intuitive to begin with.

Upon further reflections. I might of out did myself. The course is too damn good for its price. I can charge much higher for it and people would still buy it. I’m filming the infields for it now. I might use old infield clips that can demonstrate the skills. I really think if you take away the hardcase part. Its really the solution to the social skills issue. Even if you learned every game tactic. For your battle efficiency or numerical value of it. You will hit a brick wall, without learning social skills. This might even be the key of why some intermediates gets stuck at a certain stage. They need to get back to the fundamentals.

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-John (the brutally honest) Wayne

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