London bootcamp student approach to girlfriend. 4 fuck buddies total 1 gf

My bald white student from London. He fucked 4 girls. He only trained with me 3 months before. First girl was blonde, next 3 were Asians. He hired me to get him specifically that. Now he decided to get out of the game and stay with an Asian girl. Is this normal other white guys goes to other dating coaches here and get these types of results? Absolutely not. He was trained to be a Wayne. He was forced to escalate like us.

His story again. He came to me for training because he didn’t have any social skills or friends. He only dated twice on tinder and he wasn’t happy. He wasn’t sure about me as most of you weren’t. He talked about or Yad wanted to train him. He even talked to Jan and found him to be a slimy scumbag. When I talked to him on the phone, he opened up. I talked about how Deepak and I are not like London Daygamers or RSD or Simple Pickup. I told him to watch our infields and he was hooked. He didn’t know if he could do all of that. I assured him he most definitely could run our game. That he did and he did that well.

gf 1gf 2

He is off the field now, he has a girlfriend after 4 fuck buddies, he decided on this particular Asian girl. His first fuck buddy was a blonde women. He also apologized to me for his yellow fever. Its okay, I don’t mind since he is such a cool guy. I have designed his entire aesthetics from the ground up. He will be featured in my future product which is ways away. Fashion Domination: For Game.

For now know, that there are only 10 more days you can get The Wayne Playbook that comes with 4 Skype coaching back to school sale. After this there will be more no deals on the product.

summer sale

Get it while you still can for this deal. Click here.

-John Wayne

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