Second cameraman finally gets laid

He has trained with every single big name London coach out there. He even trained with the so called best in Toronto. I’m sure they all recognize him. He wanted to do daygame without drinking. He wanted to game completely sober. He never got results that way even if he is quite good looking in real life. His UAR or universal attractive rating is above average.

In the last testimonial he got a blow job. Now he got laid. He flaked on one older women because he was kind of nervous. He always had these issues. I taught him how to overcome everything. He ran textbook perfect game on this younger Latina girl. In the first testimonial, he came in her mouth and finger banged her. I recorded the testimonial but I never had the chance to post it. Now I will update it with this testimonial and his newer one. I don’t know how he got laid exactly. I will film it and find out like everyone else. He is just a camera man and volunteered to help me out. He was the guy who helped me film Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. It looks very professional. But he got laid finally. Now he has new problems, the girl wants to turn him into a boyfriend, he doesn’t want that.

fucked her.png

Seeing is believing. He really just wanted to come here and maybe learn some indirect. Although its only 1/3 of what we teach. We go creative neutral direct openers if she is happy. If she is smirking we go situational or adaptive. If she is unhappy, we go indirect. So why not just go direct every time and show your intention? He tried that in the past, since he was taught by all direct game coaches without much results so show for it. Now he can calibrate to her state of mind. This is taught in Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Like Bruce Lee said, be like water. Basically learn how to adapt. The willow tree bends in the wind while the stiffest bamboo cracks in the wind. Also, going direct forces her to judge you on your physical appearance only. Also, it only staggers her slightly giving her validation. You get nothing but positive reactions. With more positive reactions, or pos reactions as I call it. The more likely she is to flake. Why not show your intentions and spice it though later setting the frame. Bypass the auto rejection. He will never go direct again in his life. Even if he is tall and good looking. He is still Indian after all, his SMV as I told him is not very high. Its higher than Asians here but not much higher. Now he uses situational openers forever.


For Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. We have sold 7 copies now, in 6 days it was out. We just started to sell this program but it seems lots of people needs it. They don’t need fancy shit or complicated shit. They just want to get the social skills or social intelligence down first. Then put game on top afterwards. This is the prequel to the Wayne Playbook as that is the sequel. The Wayne Playbook as I now realized is on the intermediate/advanced level. Its a bit much for some people who are beginners or hardcases newbies. Its also for intermediate level RSD circle jerkers who are creepy as hell taking action and self amusing. They have a lower level of social skills. There was one Asian guy Deepak told me to talk to. Maybe I can help him, I tried. He was burned badly by RSD. Or an RSD victim as I say. Now he doesn’t trust any products or services. Ummm, we aren’t RSD, we aren’t the tumor, we are the scalpel that will cut out the tumor they induced. We are the actual cure, not the bullshit treatment. I get it RSD helped you in some way or night game with their free advice. You are a value taking vampire and love free shit. Its easy to manipulate you, I get it so you defend their garbage. I get it, its like attacking their idols or false gods who hurt Asians and East Indians everywhere in daygame. Like I said, it works for night game, but daygame is a whole different story. When you see Todd Valentine sue RSD in court. More details will come out and you will finally break out of your self development or mental masturbation egotistical brainwashing. Then see what scumbags they really are. Of course i’d rather not talk about them. If they are a company that brings results I wouldn’t say anything. But its a systematic onslaught of minorities. Even Jan is RSD, or trained by Julian and Tyler. Of course that never worked, it destroyed the entire Asian community. No daygame testimonials has derived from it yet. How do I watch all of this and say nothing? Consider I was a product of Jan before. I took a one day bootcamp from him. I do now have an RSD background. Deepak was trained by RSD Tyler before. Got no results, from his negative stereotype Indian avatar.

I’m very happy to launch this product because now I can finally help those in the past I couldn’t help before. Sure I get more testimonials than anyone in the industry. But at the same time, what about the last 20% of students? Listen I hear you, I have the solution. In the past I had students who had severe aspergers who are basically unteachable. For two of their bootcamp it was purely social skills and the third was game. I never knew this was the solution I have created for Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. If you are struggling with game. Even remotely interested, you should just get it and stop with the self sabotage. For a measly $150, you are going to put yourself though 30 days of the most life changing social skills challenge ever. You will stack 30 skills together and get about 5 years of social skills you never had. But you have to put in the work. You can treat this like 30 day bootcamp for hardcases. Everyday or bootcamp exercise day is dedicated to one particular skill you stack on top of each other.

We just sold our 8th copy of Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero in less than a week. Even at like 5am. Just saying, there is a lot of people who needs this course. Its going to change the world. Its the only course of its kind. No one cares about social skills, its all game for some unknown reason. Turning people into RSD clowns.

Update, sold 9 copies. I sold one to my former bootcamp student who was an RSD victim. This will help his social skills.

Click here to find out more.

-John Wayne

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