Camera man #1 pulled

He basically pulled a girl back to the hostel. I assume she must be living there. He went into the room and saw roomates and freaked out. Ummmm…..dude use the bathrooms, wth. Anyways, it was a dry pull, but a pull of some sorts. But he is at a stage now he can pull from dates. This post is for one of the ugliest, creepiest, most sociopathic, narcissistic worst dressed fucks in Vancouver called Calvin. He said my camera man #1 had a monotone voice and wasn’t that good? Lol, he can pull unlike you. All these testimonials happened in the same few days. I have a lot more. Tbh, it took a ton of energy just to post this testimonial. I’m really burnt out on posting testimonials. I’m grateful, since other dating coaches will die just to have a week of my testimonials which is more than they get for an entire lifetime career. But there is something unique about our game that works. Its producing results. 80% of all my students have gotten pulls. 70% gotten laid.



What happens to the other 20% that didn’t get laid or pulled a girl? I call these guys hardcases or impossible cases. I created Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. The program is now early access but at this form, its ready to be sold. I have three modules so far and the first module is audio podcast type. The rest are all filmed like a bootcamp day purely on social skills. I find for hardcases, they should not learn game first, but social skills.

Grab a copy by clicking here. Its in the drop down list of programs when you sign up. Its a 30 day challenge social skills. Two impossible case thought it was easy. But they can’t even stack more than half the skills or a quarter. They have the Wayne Playbook but this course is built more for those who are stuggling. The Wayne Playbook is on sale until the end of the month. It comes with 4 Skype coaching instead of 3. A great deal. But that is not for hardcases at all. But more for intermediate to advanced level. Its the icing on the cake, but the social skills is the dry cake. You need that first. Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero is the foundational stuff or the prequel. The Wayne Playbook is the sequel.

Regardless we have sold 4 copies so far of the program for Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Previous students who were hardcases jumped at the opportunity and bought it right away. It was what they were looking for. You can still get dates and pulls with this course. Social skills is actually 70% of the daygame or social intellegence. Without this social intellegence, you become creepy, giving compliments, twirls, hi fives and asking a million questions in a row.

I’ll create a trailer soon for Wayne 30: as soon as I edit my infield. Trust me, editing videos or censoring them is not fun at all. Its taking forever.

-John Wayne


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